Sometimes there are times when you just have to vent and let things out! That is what I am going to do now. I am not a guy who likes to keep things in or not say what is on my mind. That in itself is something that bothers me….not saying what is on my mind. I think people get a very direct perspective of what I am about and in the end have some sort of respect for me…..or on the other hand can think of some choice words to call me. Either way, it is the way I am and it will not change.

One of the things that drives me nuts is watching people take for granted what they have. I see people get lazy all the time because they are use to other people being there for them when things go wrong. I know how this is because I have been there myself before and I didn’t like it. Knowing that you always have someone there to clean up your mess, have your back or take care of you when you screw something up is laziness. In these situations I don’t know who is more at fault, the person who is getting lazy or the person who “Enables” them to be lazy. Regardless, it doesn’t benefit that person in the end.

At some point those people need to be able to do things on their own, clean up their own mess, and actually work for what they want. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs help at some point and help is good, but that is all it should be. It shouldn’t get to the point where they rely only on your help. For instance, if your child wants to go to the movies every week and you give them money to do so every week then all of a sudden you say nope….you have to earn it. What do you think is going to happen? They are going to look at you like you are crazy and say, earn it? How? And because you have always just given them what they want they have not learned how to get it themselves.

The purpose of this was to let out some of the frustrations I have built up inside me. People, understand that no one is going to just give you want you want or need. You have to go out and get it. If you don’t someone else is going too!!! I know I am hungry and I have the determination to get what I want and that will never go away. My passion leads to my success and that passion will always be there for me. So don’t get in my way!

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As I sit at my desk listening to the activity surrounding me-calls to clients and candidates, talk about the Holiday and Christmas Season, jokes at each other’s expense, and congratulations for a multitude of things-I am amazed at what a few people of like mindedness are able to do. There is that old adage about the three types of people: making it happen, watching it happen, or wondering what happened. This is proven to me again and again on a daily basis.

This keeps running through my mind as we have a new person in the office. She is our first member of the stronger sex (sorry guys, truth hurts) and has acclimated incredibly well to the culture-maybe the lack of- in the office. She has also demonstrated that effort and action produce results. In her short tenure here, she has shown on repeated occurrences how this is true. There is something so profound in watching someone execute a plan and see the wealth of success. From a personal perspective, I truly enjoy seeing my guys realize this success more so than I do by doing it myself. Something to be said for teaching someone a very simple formula and watching them excel at it.

The opposite is unfortunately also true. I have witnessed some very talented people who had literal tons of potential fall off due to inactivity. Sedentary workers…not stuck in a chair, but stuck in a paradigm that produces nothing of value……are a cancer to an organization. They are a succubus that take the very life from an organization. They stick out like boils, and should be lanced. The unfiltered truth as it were, based on where I sit. I have seen this in the recruiting world as well as industry-People that on paper were perfect for their role, but would not execute. Notice I said would, not could. That one letter makes all of the difference. Could is the physical ability…would is the choice you make when you get out of bed in the morning.

I think the other catalyst for this thought is the time of year. We have committed to assist a couple families through the holidays. We are committed to giving back for what has been a great year. I say this to most assuredly NOT toot our horn, but because we are morally and characteristically motivated to do certain things. The point here is that there are certain people that through life circumstance are in a position where assistance is needed. That is something I can support. Those that are complacent and content on doing nothing to better themselves make me want to gouge out my eyes. It is that “would not” attitude that establishes this as a baseline. These are the people that wonder how they arrived at this destination and frankly garner animosity rather than sympathy.

At the end of the day, it simply is a matter of choice. You choose to get out of bed and make it happen…whatever that “it” is, or you choose to wallow in your predicament. There was a tweet this morning from Matt Hunckler (@hunckler)..and I will not quote verbatim…but the gist was that there is no pill, app, or similar that replaces hustle. Simply stated, get off your butt and do it. The sentiment there is so spot on.

So for this holiday season, my wish for you is a huge, heaping dose of hustle. That you take that dream you have, and execute a plan that takes you to where you need to be. That you find that internal motivator that nothing will be allowed to stand in your way.

Oh…and a copy of the Call of Duty “Black Ops”….great way to release tension and kill some time (and bad guys).

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With the NFL season quickly approaching the end of the season, when doesn’t it move fast, I am going to break down the NFC conference, division winners and which team will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Let me know if you disagree.

NFC East:

In the NFC East there is a tight race for 1st place. The Giants are 8-4 and so are the Eagles. You have the Redskins, who have a very slight chance, but I believe they are all but out!!! Sorry Cameron! I see the Giants coming out of this one as the division winner. I don’t know what it is but they either start off fast and fail towards the end of the season or they do the exact opposite. They have two straight wins under their belts, even though they have the tougher schedule ahead…I think they pull it off as much as I hate to admit.

NFC North:

Another tight race is going on in the North between Da Bears and the Packers. The Bears hold a game over the Packers, plus having beat them once already, is leading the head to head match-up. They both have some difficult games coming up, as well as playing each other once more, which is in Green Bay at the end of the season. It is likely this will be a very important game and who wants to play in Green Bay at the time of the year? Brrrrrrrr. However, the Bears are on a 5 game win streak and I see them coming out on top!

NFC South:

To me the toughest division this year! You have three teams that have winning records, one on the downfall right now, but nevertheless, still in the mix. Even though this is a really close division I think the Falcons have the easier road here. They still have to play the Panthers…twice, who by the way has only won a single game. Its hard to go against the Saints but I believe they are beat out in this division race this year. Falcons come out on top.

NFC West:

From the best to worst in the conference, this division has two teams that have .500 records and they are on top. When teams inside a division are so close with their records, but suck…it makes it hard to decide who will suck the least! I can rule out the 49ers because they play the Chargers still and another game against Seahawks who killed them early in the year. So that would leave the Seahawks and the Rams and in the end, the division winner is only going to have a 8-8 record. Since the Rams have a half a game over the Seahawks already and they still play at the end of the season, that game will go to the Rams as well, so the Rams come out the winner. However, it will be short lived since they will be beat in the 1st round.

Wild Card Team:

This one is a little easier to pick since the Eagles and the Saints were left out. I think these two teams are the wild card teams and to be honest will end up making noise in the playoffs!

Conference Winner:

I dont think the Saints will repeat this year and the Eagles will start playing unbeatable football. As long as Vick stays healthy they will be the team to represent the NFC this year. Vick brings more play making ability to the field than most quarterbacks in the league and he has my vote this year for MVP. Taking his team to the Super Bowl will only solidify that to me.

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Ok…I don’t know how much more I can take of all these BS calls this year or even in the last couple years. All these rule changes about being too rough in football???? I mean please!! This is a rough sport, people get hit and they get hit hard! What is next?? Are they going to turn the NFL into a touch or flag football league? I am getting fed up with seeing guys fined when there is no reason they should be and then see guys with a similar play or hit not even have a flag thrown!!

Ndamukong Suh for the Lions was fined 15K for a hit he made on Jay Culter of the Bears this past week. Now I know 15K doesn’t mean much to him and that’s fine…..but this is a ridiculous call from the NFL. Cutler is the QB for the Bears and on this play he was forced out of the pocket and started to run down field. Suh came across field and reached out as Cutler was leaning HEAD first and Suh caught him with an forearm that extended out to be more like a push. I watch the replay over and over and it was not to his head, it was to the back of his shoulder pads! If this would have been in the backfield, I would say fine….good call, but Cutler was a runner at that point and he knows the rules just like everyone else. You slide, they cant touch you…you have giving up, but dive forward or put your head down and you are now a runner and fair game.

I just think its getting ridiculous how football is turning into this ” you hit him too hard” game. Yes I know the game has changed! The guys are bigger & faster, but the equipment they wear is better as well. Overall, I still enjoy football with the passion, but things like this just make me wonder where the sport will be in 15 years.

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say “I’m not interested, I’m happy where I am at now,” I’d be a really rich guy. Don’t get me wrong, I get it to a certain point as I love to shop and the equivalent to that leave me alone phrase is “no thank you, I’m just looking right now.” I use this phrase every single time I walk into a store when a sales rep asks me if I need any help or am I looking for anything specific. I’m quite confident that I can locate & choose my own style and size so I don’t need anyone’s help right?!?! Well…

With that being said, the last few months I’ve started to hear an opposite response when I call an individual who’s currently working or who’s even a passive job seeker. I’m encountering a smaller number of people who give me the above “no thanks” comment and just want to get off the phone. Instead of this, I’m starting to speak to people willing to listen and obtain more information about the role, my client, salary, location, etc before giving me a quick “peace out.” Business professionals today are starting to see that while the grass isn’t ALWAYS greener on the other side, it is sometime a lot greener! A better culture, commute, newer technology, company direction, salary and learning more are all possibilities these days but you have to be open to this idea in order to see the “greener side of the fence.” So instead of telling me “no thanks” within the first three seconds, these passive job seekers are now willing to have a conversation with me to figure out if the role I’m working on would be good for their career path or not. If it’s not, that’s totally cool, but tell me someone within your network who I should speak to about this specific role.

To take this a step further, I want to talk a little bit more about why reaching out to have these conversations with passive job seekers using the good old fashion way (picking up the phone) is so important. Simply talking to people is so much more effective than these companies who honestly think the really talented, impact players of the business world are looking at job boards. The most talented, passive job seeker isn’t going to rely on Monster, CareerBuilder or any type of cheesy career website to help direct their next career move. They do what we do at my firm… which is network. Reach out to new people, keep in touch with them and touch base with former colleagues, clients and vendors. Networking keeps this world rotating, in both the professional and personal venues of our lives.

In closing, the rock stars & athletes of the business world still aren’t aggressively pursuing new roles in general, let alone on the internet. These professionals still need to have a better opportunity displayed in front of them to actually get their attention. “I’m happy where I am”… that’s cool but what you’re really telling me is those blinders you have on are preventing you from seeing that thick, rich, fresh, green grass on the other side of the fence.

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I’m not the type that sits down and writes New Year’s resolutions only to forget them after the first week of January. I am constantly reflecting on what I can do better or what I can change about myself. There is some benefit to reflecting on the year as a whole and seeing how much progress you have made. What did I accomplish, what did I let pass me by, and what could I have done better?

This year I’ll try something different…so here are my resolutions. Short list, but important and reachable nonetheless.

Make sure that those who have helped me get to where I am today know how much they are appreciated.

Continually strive to learn from mistakes so that they are not repeated.

Communicate more directly. Cut out the dancing around a topic or pre-framing.

Work hard to be an asset and make those around me better.

I came across a blog by Pam Moore “The Marketing Nut”. I’m not sure if the nickname is self-proclaimed or by reputation, but if you visit her site you’ll see it’s very fitting. I really enjoyed her blog Green Eggs & Facebook: 15 Social Media Tips from Dr. Seuss. The list in the blog wasn’t meant to be New Year’s resolutions but many of them easily could be. They fit my 3rd resolution. Dr. Seuss had a way of being repetitive and pointing out the obvious, however, the obvious is sometime overlooked or forgotten.

Rather than making a ridiculously long list of resolutions, 90% of which you won’t meet because they were unreasonable or simply forgotten, focus your list to the things that really matter in your life. Some people make one list for work and one for personal, coincidentally, mine is fitting for both. Many of our clients are gearing up for the New Year rather than waiting to see how the last quarter of the year ends. We should each be doing the same.

So after averaging 3.5 yards a carry and a league worse 79 yards/gm rushing, the Colts have decided to bring Dominic Rhodes back for another try. I think this is a good move considering we have no run game. Do I think he is going to make a drastic difference??? NO! But what he will do is give the offense a boost of confidence and a change of speed.

If you look at Rhodes stats, his best year was in 2001, which was the only year he went over 1000 yards. Yeah….I know he has always shared carries with someone else, so you have to take that into account. However, I don’t think that his rushing is what is going to help. Rhodes is a pretty good receiver! If you look at the RBs from the past that Peyton has played with you will see that they all know how to catch, which is huge for him. Being able to throw to his receivers is a big part of Peytons game and right now he just isn’t confident enough to do that!

Rhodes is going to bring some experience to a young backfield of the Colts and probably just enough to get them a little more production in the running game. That will allow Peyton more options early in the game and allow us to use some clock later in match-ups. Overall, this is a good move for the Colts, on the other hand, it probably couldn’t get any worse right now.

On a side note, it looks like Bob Sanders is being put on IR. I personally think there should be some movement done here, but in reality who is going to take him now?

So do you think Rhodes will make an instant impact? Will there be any improvement? What should the Colts do with Bob Sanders?

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So everyone has had those phone calls, either late at night or early in the morning, with someone trying to sell you something or telling you why you have to have what they are pitching. Seeing as I would consider myself a “sales guy” , I catch myself listening to them, regardless if I am going to buy what they have or not. It’s always interesting to see what they are going to say or do to convince me I need what they have. So it inspired me to put together some things that I think are important in the sales call/process.


Regardless of what kind of call or sale you are attempting to make, there needs to be some sort of prospecting involved. You would be wasting you time if you were calling someone that didn’t have a need for what you were selling. So you need to determine if there is a need. Once they are QUALIFIED you need to do all the research you can about the prospect. Then determine your sales approach, what services or products are best to pitch, etc. Prospecting is an important step in this process because you would otherwise lose out on valuable time that could be spent on a prospect that actually needs the service or product.


This one is very, very simple! It’s one of the most important steps in this process, because people buy from the people they like. If you come across as the “used car salesman” type then you are probably not going to make many friends, which will result in no sales. When you are pitching to a prospect there has to be some sort of trust involved- Side note, this amount of time depends on where you are in the country… get a lot less time in N.Y. City than you do in Nebraska- Just saying! Ways that you can build trust are through small talk, talking about your experience, or talking about references that you have. Just remember this is a step that can’t be skipped!


This is the part where you get to show what you have and why the prospect needs it. This could be considered the “fun” part of the process. Couple things to remember during your presentation; Do not be afraid to be excited about your product or service. I mean, if you are not passionate in what you have then how do you expect someone else to be passionate about having it? Something else to keep in mind during this step is to make sure you show what kind of value your product/service brings to your prospect. If you can’t show a benefit or a return in their investment then why should they buy? This is different from showing them the features and can be confused with benefits, so be careful.


Objections are just a part of the sales process. Don’t be turned off by the prospect telling you that they already have something like this, or that it cost too much, etc. An objection can actually just be the prospects way of letting you know they need more information. Some tips…..Remember a good sales person is also a great listener. If you don’t know why or what the prospects concerns are, then how are you going to address them? Make sure you are compassionate to their reasons why they are doubtful. Do not ever just blow them off like they shouldn’t feel that way. Restate their reason and tactfully respond to the objection. If you have to contradict the prospect in order to be honest, then so be it, but remember to make sure you have factual information so they can see why they have misunderstood.


This to me is the best part of the process. You have qualified the prospect, built a rapport, showed value in the presentation, overcame any misunderstandings, and now it’s time to make the deal! Let’s face it, this is where the good sales people stand out over the rest. There are signs throughout the process that we are given by the prospect that they are ready to buy. We have to be able to spot them and close them when they are ready! So many people miss their opportunity to make a deal because they feel they have to go through the whole process and in reality you don’t. It is different in every situation and at any moment a prospect could be ready to pull the trigger and we have to be ready to ask them!

So when I catch myself listening to the sales guy on the other side of the phone I try and catch every step and see what they are doing that I could include in what I do. The best sales people are always learning from others and trying to get better. I enjoy those phone calls, regardless if I am going to buy anything because I get to see how good or bad the sales person is! In the end, the best advice I could give anyone is to truly care about your clients and always have integrity even in the hard times and you will build relationships that will last through anything.

Just my perspective!


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ast night we had our football banquet for the Indiana Generals at the Crowne Plaza near the Indianapolis Airport. It was great to see everyone together again since we haven’t been together as a team since the 51-14 domination of the Battle Creek Blaze. The night started off with a break down of the season then moved quickly to highlight film ( I will have it posted soon). I am going to go over some of the awards that were handed out.

One of the best things that came out of last night was the fact that Josh Terhune is coming back next season to coach for another season! Things definitely look like they are lining up for another run at the I.F.L championship again next year.

I am going to start with the defensive awards. The Indiana Generals defense was the best defense in the league, only allowing 43 points in league play. They are the heartbeat of the team and the attitude that this team needed this year.

The first award that was handed out was Special Teams Player of the year. The award went to Dustin O’Neal. If this guy would have played on the kick-off team all year, with as much as we kick the ball off, due to the amount of points we score, he would have easily led the team in tackles.  He is one of the fastest guys on the team that has a little “crazy” in him, which makes him a perfect fit for this award!

Linebacker of the year went to Bobby Asbery. One of the best athletes on the team that played middle linebacker. Seeing him cover ground from sideline to sideline is like watching a corner run sprints. This guy has a nose for the ball and when he gets to you its fast and hard!

Defensive lineman of the year went to Ryan Harris. At 6’6″ 360 pounds it was almost impossible for any team to run up the middle. Arguably the best DL in the league, once this guy got a hold of you, it was impossible to get away! I could not mention Harris and leave out his interception that he returned for a touchdown! Try tackling that guy!

The biggest award of the night for the defense went to Monsanto Love A.K.A “June”. June plays safety and again probably the best safety in the league, unless you ask Gary Cooper! It was amazing to me to see teams in the league throw his way. On the other hand, if you threw the ball it was impossible to throw it away from him. June was able to be in what seemed to be more than one place at a time. With 25 interceptions on the year and 3 of those coming in the championship game there is no doubt why this guy won the MVP of the team award.

Now on to the offense. We have already covered that the defense as being the heartbeat of the Indiana Generals. This might be the case, but the Indiana General offense was the most prolific scoring offense in the league. Scoring 327 points in 8 games, opposing defenses came into every game biting off more than they could chew.

Anchoring the best offense in the league was the best offensive line in the league. Winning Offensive Lineman of the year was Matt Childress. A very intelligent veteran of the game and protecting the outside with his 6’4″ 320 frame, Matt was the leader of the OL. However, if you ask Matt, he will tell you that there is no one person that is more important than the other on that line.

Wide Receiver of the year award went to Antawan Mack. Catching everything that came near him and racking up over 1000 yards receiving on a very talented, if not the most talented WR squad in the league. Mack the leader of the WRs that included so many talented players like DeJuan “ochocinco” Self, Jimmy Adams,Casey Pierce,Chris Spencer, and Kyle Ragan (I know I missed some). Just watch one game, or even one series and it’s easy to see why this guy was the best!

Two of the most talented, but different running backs, to play are Bobby Burton and Darren Douthit. Bobby the bruising, most punishing back I have ever seen, was the only 1000+ rusher on the team. Nicknamed Bobby “truck stick” Burton was given to him because it was impossible to hit him and not end up on your back. Darren the speedy, 0-100 in one step, back was the guy that gave us a different look (not that this guy couldn’t put you on your back and I know this from experience! I still owe you!). Darren is the hardest running, running back I have seen play and is the type of player that leads by example….On the field!

The top award on offense went to the QB of the team….Jeremy Hebbeln. With just under 4000 yards passing and 46 touchdowns, Jeremy is by far the best player on the team and the league. It wasn’t his ability to throw the ball that was the most impressive, it was his ability to read the defense and know exactly where they were going to be, before they did. A true leader on the team and just a great guy overall. Make sure you check out the Ben Davis Giants and you will see Jeremy on the sidelines coaching!

Overall, there is something to be said about winning an award on a team that has 50+ guys and the best in Minor League Football. What is funny though, most of the role players on this team could start for any team in the league. What makes this team so great is not just the starters on the team, but the guys who come to practice every week and work hard just to be ready to contribute when the time comes. These guys are the players that deserve the awards!

We are just a group of guys that came from different backgrounds to become a family.  This might not mean much to most but to us this is our NFL and we are having fun!

Go Generals!!!

So we all know that the Colts haters are out there laughing it up because of the 6-5 “mediocre” record that the Colts have so far this year. Everyone has gotten use to seeing the Colts dominate. All the fair weather fans would be worried and to be honest, probably for good reason, but if you look at what they are doing with what they have, it is impossible to not be amazed.

With a 6-5 record and currently in 2nd place in the South I dont see any reason to worry. They play Dallas this week (easy!), at the Titans the next week, where they usually get torched by Vince….oh wait, isnt Vince out? Then Jacksonville comes here and I just dont see them beating us at home! Then we go to Oakland and this one is the game I think we should win, but we probably will blow it and then we are back here for the Titans. I see us sweeping the Titans, beating Dallas and Jacksonville, but I think we let one slip away in Oakland. This would put us 10-6 overall with a 4-2 division record.

Obvious wild card game, but in the playoffs and in the hunt. Its amazing how many fans are all about them when they are killing teams and then are all “moody” when they start losing.

So I am curious on what your thoughts are. Comment on what you think they will do with the rest of the year and explain why you think that.