Oui, Oui… ‘ze mojo french kicklers got their first victory of the season.

After 2 weeks of rain cancellations, we got underway in a slightly overcast broad ripple afternoon. The weather was chilly, and we were hoping the rain would stay away (and actually the SUN came out during the mojo misfit game.) Horray!!! Some of the team couldn’t make it today but we had some great fill in action out in the field. We played as a team, and the CCA season is now underway. Stay tuned for more updates on the teams, the league, and any awesome events that we take part in. Cheerleaders are ALWAYS welcome at the games, and JK even busted out his camping grill and grilled up some wieners, with a full condiment bar too! There was a nice selection of classic rock playing from the tailgate after the kicklers game and during the misfit game. Everyone played GREAT and lots of smiles were passed around.

French Kicklers 1-0, I think our victory was 5-1… Bravo gang!!!

well gang.

week one was a little rough on the ole gang… but week two was a whole new story. we got our team shirts, and i got crap for the color. hot pink. frankly i think boys look hot in bright pink shirts, so i was in heaven. but, honestly i think it might have made them play a little harder; made them defend their manhood if you will.

we came out strong, on fire, take prisoners sort of ‘tude, and that kept up the whole game. everyone played great, and as a TEAM, which is my main focus. hup wasn’t the first one out every game, dj didn’t scream at the other team for getting someone out, mike g didn’t throw the ball 400 feet higher than their tallest player, steph just didn’t stay there and smile she did make some stellar catches and hopper wasn’t completely sloshed when he came to play.

over all give this team an A- for the final grade.

check out the happenings calendar for the rest of the season. (games played every friday, minus our bye week on the 15th of feb.)

My gallery from The Spot gathering is now up and posted, check em out. I am sure Hup and the rest of our cheerleaders that took photos will have theirs posted soon as well!

Until next friday…

well…we had our first game, and our first loss. shocking since last year we only had 3 i think, BUT we had a blast. i love my team, everyone works well together and although some show up semi-intoxicated we still worked really hard. next week will be a new game. some highlights from last nights opening game.

*natetastic showing up with 8 bowties for the team.

*kpet in his wicked sexy cheerleading digs, but unfort. he forgot “spankies” and all of his man goodness was everywhere.

*mikeG showing up a bit late, but still rocking out his first dodgeball game in 13 years

*having a stellar show up at the spot the newest bar partnership with cca sports.

*man boobs

*myself wiping out after jumping the wooden fence at the spot.

*denny’s: trying to win Steph a pink furry monkey, 205 pieces of rye bread and 4 meals later drew is full, maybe he will run 800 miles today, are you a dipper or a smother-er?, and no jk you really don’t have man boobs.

Stay tuned for updates on the rest of the season, and jump on the LIVE group to find out when the next games will be played so you too can come watch TEAM MOJO throw balls around.

The Rest is History

What can you learn from a 5 cent plastic bottle, that you spent over 40 dollars on? Well, I have this slight obsession with philosophy products (often found at nordstrom, von maur, sephora) On some of the bottles, i.e body lotions, bath gel and such, they have a definition of the product name. My fragrance of choice just so happens to be… Falling in Love. I use the yum yum, perfume and the lotion. But please, don’t get me started on the variety of lip shine I use.

So, I have read my lotion bottle 1,000 times, but maybe not with the intent that I read it this morning. I figured this was blog worthy since I thought about it for more than 5 seconds.

My bottle reads…

falling in love

philosophy: when it comes to love you need not to fall but rather surrender. surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another. you must absolutely trust yourself before you can absolutely trust another and you most importantly you must accept your flaws before you can accept the flaws of another.

I know I’ve heard this “advice” a million times. You must love yourself before someone else can love you, but still… to think. Maybe thats why it has taken me this long to even be ready for love. For so many years I thought I had just loved who I was, maybe I didn’t. Maybe I appreciated myself, but didn’t LOVE me. I was thinking too to myself, do I really have flaws, I thought I was so close to being perfect… yet, then I thought about what someone must accept about me. My weird, outgoing personality, the fact that I can be loud and laugh too much, the fact that I TRY to cook, but often fail (until I take cooking classes), the fact that I am not the tidest of people, (meaning I clean, then I let things get a bit messy, then clean again) But hey, we all have our flaws. So maybe this corporation has inspired at least one person to look a little deeper within themselves and learn to love themselves for the crazy, big haired person they might be.

And to think all this came from a 5 cent plastic bottle.

of course: the visual aid… had to add grace since that’s my most lovely middle name. :)

hey crazy mofo’s


we’re playing dodgeball again. i, frankly, am so excited to play with those red balls again. i had a freaking blast when we played a couple months ago, and we also got a stellar workout.

i have already received an amazing response via hot box and the forum post. this is the deal.

*12 player roster

*keeping 3 as a on-call list (in case we need you)

*if we can get a 2nd team then awesome, if not we NEED you to come cheer on these killas.

*20 dollar cover charge for the season, includes a tee and some beer at the ox after the games.

*games are played at lifetime fitness on friday evenings, game time varies from 7p-10p.

yeah, we are getting close to being full. please let me know if you want to play or want to be one of the 3 subs or WHAT! if not we BETTER see you guys with our number one cheerleader on the sidelines. we’re gonna be a little stricter on the roster so we don’t have a mixed team every week, just to save on the madness for our CCA organizers.

i love dodgeball and so will you.

Stay Tuned for more blog updates and NEWS flashes for our team.


Frustrated, Still…

I don’t understand some people’s thought process. As someone ages, wouldn’t you think somehow they would mature? It seems to me that some people have the common sense of their shoe size. Why would someone want to brag about being kicked out of a bar, or throwing up in massive places, or punching someone and getting into fights? Granted a couple weeks ago, I went out for my bday and it got a little out of control. But, I rarely ever drink, due to my responsibility to make it home alive and not hurting myself or others.

I just don’t know how someone can’t have that guilty feeling inside their gut for acting like such a fool. I have not been out for over 2 weeks, because my body (although just 26) can’t handle going out to a smokey bar 6 times a week. I work 2 jobs, plan on going back to school, and LOVE the fact that I have a life outside of mojo. Back in May when I joined the ball of fun-ness that is mojo, things were so cool. Now with so many members (which is the whole plan of this thing, I know), I just feel like “relationships” can’t be found. No, not the boy/girl, lets make out and date relationships, but those personal ones (otherwise, called friendships). I get frustrated because I don’t personally want to be affiliated with fighters, drunks, and well whatever.

I don’t want to be pointing fingers, because not everyone acts like a total douche bag in public. (What you do in your private life is your choice). I do a lot of work with inner city groups, I like the fact that I am a role model to young peeps, and I don’t want my name completely tarnished for stupid things I do. If anyone is wanting to help me out with some of the stuff I do with these groups, I would love it if people wanted to come. Actually have one of those few mojo activities that doesn’t require skimpy clothes, alcohol and drama.

This blog was not intended to offend anyone, maybe just have people think about decision making skills. I love all the people I met on mojo, but sometimes being one of the good girls doesn’t get much respect.

I feel better.


So, as some of you might know, I am an artist. A crazy messed up creative soul lost in this corporate world. I have though, been thinking. Yes, me thinking, a rather frightening thought, but it happens. I am not satisfied with my life right now. I work at The Indianapolis Star, I work at Starbucks, I go out with Mojo People every once in a while, and I pet my dogs. Why, might you ask am I blogging about such an odd, random topic? Because this past week I have found out how my life isn’t being fulfilled right now. I am standing still. Not going forward, not going backward. I need progression. I need to change lives, I need to make an impact on just ONE person.


You see, I have decided to go back to school. Like spending 7 years for an undergrad and a minor wasn’t enough. I am going to get a post-bacc certification in Elementary Education with a dual license in English as a second language. Spank right? Today I re applied for a 2nd degree, spoke to some fin aid people, and hope to send a check for 42 bucks (for my evaluation) —exactly I have to pay for someone to evaluate me? shouldn’t be the other way around? — and then hopefully I’ll be off to the races and back in the classroom in January. And then I’ll be that much closer to having my OWN classroom with little brains to mold.

I would love to make kids smile, learn, and grow (even in their little 9 year old bodies), and help them become a step closer to the awesome gift that God created them to be. I want to try new things, explore the arts in the regular classroom, realize that not every kid thinks alike. I mean somehow I made it out of “regular” classes and passed with might I add a rather decent class rank. These kids will be mine, and on my first day of class I will put an apple on everyone of their desks, because they are just as important as the teacher. I need them, just as much as they need me.

How’s that for some inspiration, who wants ME for a teacher??? :)

Yeah, just what the title said. I’m just making a note to myself to do this soon.


Well guys…

I take full responsibility for the failure of a game friday. I got cocky and figured we would destroy this team too, so for once I didn’t drive and had a few beers BEFORE the game. Well backfire. I couldn’t catch a ball to save a life, and when I got nailed in the face at 300mph it actually hit the stupid boobs first then up at my face. I started to get mad because some idiot hit me. Well. My boobs didn’t say sorry Molly. I even got nailed by like 50 balls, and granted normally I wouldn’t be complaining about that, but these balls came at me fast and hard and were more than a handful.


Then, the team we played we’re worse than 4 year olds lying about writing on their parents wall. If they got hit, I guess that means to stay in. I got mad, dropped one too many F Bombs, made fun of the whole team, and lost. There goes the leadership I thought I had. Well, next week will be different. I won’t be any corndogs at the Spot and I won’t be drinking before the game.


I even spoke with the director of the whole sha-bang and he was like “Why didn’t you just beat them up?” Well, not the exact answer to the problem, but I said I tried, I made fun of them a lot. No respect. I want respect.


We WILL win next week, maybe Hup and Rob will show up and we will regain our confidence. I was proud of the newbies Karrie, KC and DJ, and we even had a great support system. Without them cheering us on, it would have been a complete disaster.


Let’s not fail to mention the conversations at the Ox… Those were something else. I won’t drink again in front of people. Too much Molly information was revealed and for that I also apologize.

Let’s have a great turn out next week and get back on track!

Hugs and Kisses,

Your Captain.

Hello Fellow Lovers of Balls-

I am happy to announce (as if you didn’t already know) that Team Ramrod was victorious TWICE last Friday. Some intense moments throughout the game, but we prevailed. I didn’t think we were going to play a double header, so it was quite the surprise when CCA officials noted us of that.

Highlights of Course:

Rob getting aggressive, tearing off his shirt and winning one of the games for us. Simply amazing.

Nate going into party boy mode and not only scaring are Ref, but also the rest of the other team. Not sure if anyone thought it was sexy.

Me perhaps spilling my water across the whole back court between games. Yes it was sparkling water.

Shawn and Nate wearing girlie Pink Mojo shirts. Scary.

Jingles running around like a scared duck. Funny.

So stay tuned for the weekly Team Ramrod Updated blog. Next week, even if you don’t play we would LOVE to have cheerleaders, male and female. Click on the LIVE group and join! You never know what mo’fos are going to do. We tend to keep you on your toes.

2-0 baby.