The NCAA has dropped a charge directed at Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez, a person with knowledge of the ruling has told The Associated Press.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because no one is permitted to comment on the case until the sports governing body announces its decision on Thursday.Moncler

The NCAA accused Michigan of five major rules violations related to exceeding practice and workout time in the wake of a Detroit Free Press report last year. The report led to investigations by both the school and the NCAA.

Michigan challenged one allegation — that Rodriguez failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance with NCAA rules. The school accepted responsibility for the other four allegations regarding practice and training time.HANDBAGS

Michigan announced in May that its self-imposed sanctions included probation for two years and reducing training time by 130 hours over two years, doubling the amount of time the Wolverines exceeded NCAA rules.

The school also reprimanded seven people, including Rodriguez.

The Wolverines started this season 5-0 but have lost their last three straight. They play Illinois on Saturday.

Darfur rebels clashed with government troops in South Darfur on Wednesday, marking a resumption of fighting after heavy rains had largely subdued hostilities in Sudan’s war-torn west.Moncler coats

In the Sudanese capital, the government intensified a crackdown on Darfuri activists, arresting a journalist from the independent al-Sahafa daily, the editor said.

Darfur jumped onto international agendas after a 2003 counter-insurgency campaign sparked one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

More than 2 million people fled a campaign of murder, rape and looting dubbed genocide by Washington. Khartoum denies any genocide took place.Discount Moncler coats

Round after round of peace talks have failed to secure a lasting truce because of rebel divisions and continued military operations.

Sudan has gradually reasserted control over much of the region and led a rapprochement with neighboring Chad, isolating pockets of rebel forces largely cut off from support.

“The rebels attacked a commercial convoy…and the Central Reserve Police protecting the convoy engaged them, suffering several losses,” Sudan’s Ministry of Interior said in a statement.