Each week, I have fun searching through the local music scene to find the coolest shows each week. Usually, this takes a fair amount of effort. This week, my job is really easy.

The Broad Ripple Fall Music Fest is the brainchild of Jeb Banner, one of the forces behind the excellent local music archive musicalfamilytree.com. In the void left behind by the Midwest Music Summit, the BRFMF has sprung up. This Saturday, Broad Ripple comes alive.

Here are my choices for the best bets at this year’s BRFMF:

Amo Joy
6:00 pm, Vibes

The best of the early shows features the psych-pop of Amo Joy. Check out their eclectic sounds as you visit the brand new Broad Ripple location of local independent record store Vibes.

Sump Pumps
9:00 pm, Alley Cat

These Bloomington guys sound like a punk rock band from the future. Their songs are energetic, well-written, and funny. Check out their song ‘Space Camp’ for a perfect example of their particular brand of awesome.

The Peggy Sues
11:00 pm, Melody Inn

The Melody Inn is host to one of Indy’s best up-and-comming rock/punk bands, the Peggy Sues. Their last big show was an opening slot for Girl Talk, and they follow that up with a prime spot for the BRFMF.

1:00 pm, Spin Nightclub

Closing out the night is the premier Indianapolis hip-hop act, the Mudkids. They have the experience under their belt to close the night out right.

It is gonna be awesome. Make sure you clear you plans this Saturday. See you out there.

-Punk Rock Night Music Awards
Saturday, Melody Inn, $8 advance, $10 at door

The Melody Inn on Saturday nights is the only sure-fire haven for the local music connoisseur. Greg Brenner always finds four quality local and regional punk bands to make you pump your fist. Doing that roughly 52 times a year means that an epic amount of rock passes though the tiny Melody Inn door in 2006-07. To commemorate the fine year it was, The Mel hosts the 2007 PRN Music Awards. Evil Beaver and King Deuce provide the tunes, Brenner provides the awards. Bring a tux.

-The Mudkids
Friday, Mousetrap, Free

Indy’s best hip-hop group kicks it for free at the Mousetrap. They are supporting their excellent local release “Basementality”. Check out some samples on their MySpace page.

-Shiny Toy Guns
Sunday, Birdy’s, $12

Los Angeles area indie-electro-pop-ers Shiny Toy Guns light up Birdy’s like a disco. Beta Male, a local band in a similar vein, open the festivities.

That’s it. Have a good week, and support local music. Cheers.

Here are my picks for the best live music this week:

-Everthus the Deadbeats, Red Light Driver, Loretta, Those Young Lions
September 27th, $7, The Vogue, 9 p.m.

It is hard to argue that the Vogue isn’t the best music venue in town. It is the perfect size, the sound is usually good, and it looks really cool. That is why it is so sad to see the noticeable lack of live, local music at the venue. On the heels of the excellent Rev Peyton show, two great local shows are happening at the Vogue this week. First up, on Thursday a killer line-up of four of my favorite bands invades the Vogue. If this show goes as well as the Rev show did, local music could once again become a fixture. If you have any interest in seeing music thrive in this city, you MUST come out. That is an order.

October 1st, $12, The Vogue, 6 p.m.

The second local show at the Vogue this week should be a barn burner. Local rock band The Elms might be the most polished rockers in the city. Waltz for Venus, Wonderdrug, and Pennycuff round out a solid lineup.

-Everything Now!, Hands Down Eugene
September 29th, $5, Locals Only, 9 p.m.

When Everything, Now! released “Bible Universe”, I was highly impressed. I immediately put them at the top of the list of bands I needed to see. But before I got that chance, they went out and released a second excellent album in 2007, “Ugly Magic”. The rate at which these guys churn out outstanding music is amazing. And, from what I hear, the live show is an insane experience not to be missed. Hands Down Eugene has a strong reputation in their hometown of Nashville.

Go see some live local music this weekend! Have fun, and I’ll see you next week.

I was in Denver last week, so no FlavaDave Thursday post. Sorry about that. It was a crazy time. I got an eye ulcer, I was peed on by a dog, and I was in a car for a total of 40 mostly consecutive hours over two days. However, I was able to see beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater, I got an alligator cake for my birthday, and I saw terrific sets from Spoon, the Flaming Lips, Art Brut, the Rev, Margot, and more. I’m really glad I went.

On to the live music picks of the week:

- Everthus the Deadbeats, Red Light Driver, Loretta, Those Young Lions
Thursday the 27th, @ The Vogue, $7, 9 PM

It is hard to argue that the Vogue is the best music venue in town. It is the perfect size, the sound is usually good, and it looks really cool. That is why it is so sad to see the noticeable lack of live, local music at the venue. On the heels of the excellent Rev Peyton show, a killer line-up of four of my favorite bands invades the Vogue. If this show goes as well as the Rev show did, local music could once again become a fixture. If you have any interest in seeing music thrive in this city, you MUST come out. That is an order. I can’t wait.

- Early Day Miners, Marmoset, Creepin’ Charley & the Boneyard Orchestra
Saturday the 22nd, @ Radio Radio, $5, 9 PM

It might surprise many Indy residents to hear that one of the most respected Indie labels in the country calls Bloomington home. But that is the case for Secretly Canadian. Hopefully, the secret will be leaked a little bit more this Saturday night, as label mates Early Day Miners and Marmoset share the stage. Creepin’ Charley, an Indy favorite, supports.

- Indianapolis Metal Fest
Saturday the 22nd, @ Birdy’s & Knights of Columbus, $20, noon

The name kinda speaks for itself here. Come break your neck at two adjacent venues with a full day of tr00 kv1t metal. Bands include CLEAN UP, DAVID LADUKE, OBITUARY, REMAIN, DAATH, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, BENEATH THE SKY, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, HEMLOCK, TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY. They are so brutal, I couldn’t type them in lower case letters. It just wouldn’t seem right.

- Masterpiece in a Day
Saturday the 22nd, @ Fountain Square, free, all day

This is an awesome event that challenges strangers to come together to create art, music, and more in just a few hours time. It’s like capturing an epiphany in a bottle.

From the website:

The music competition, which randomly pairs two musicians to create and perform a song that day, pays $700 per musician for first place, $300 each for second and $150 each for third. The winner of the music competition will be selected by judge and audience vote during the live competition that starts at 4 p.m.

Check these events out, or find some other way to support local art in the city this weekend. Have a good week; I’ll see you ot there.

Here are my picks for the best concerts going down this weekend:

-Art vs. Art After Party
September 7th, Radio Radio, 10 pm, $5
Art vs. Art is one of the coolest cultural events on the Indy cultural calendar, and now it has a kickass concert to match. Dodge over at My Old Kentucky Blog has wonderful things to say about Louisville Psych-rockers Wax Fang, and I can personally attest to local rock heroes Those Young Lions. This show cannot be missed if you are hitting up Art vs. Art, but feel free to skip it and head straight to Radio Radio if you have to work late.

-Hey Hey Melodica/The Delicious
September 8th, Radio Radio, 9 pm, $5
This show features two Indiana bands on the rise. Hey Hey Melodica is a folky indie-rock band that is something of a cross between Wilco and the Flaming Lips. The Delicious are out of Bloomington. They sound like a healthy mix of Of Montreal, They Might Be Giants, and (hey, why not?) The Beatles. Their music is crazy addictive. Soon, they will be huge. Hop on the bandwagon while you still can.

-Shady 80’s
September 12th, Birdy’s, 9 pm, $5
A huge helping of local original bands come together to play short sets of 80’s covers. It is rare to see musicians of this skill playing covers, and the song selection goes much deeper than 80’s cliches. The only time in my entire life that I’ve enjoyed a Rush song was the absolutely spot on version of “Tom Sawyer” that was played last year. Even if you weren’t a child of the 80’s, this is great fun.

-3rd Annual Hip Hop Summit
September 8th, Martin Luther King Service Center, Noon, $5
B-boy battles, spoken word performances, and a kids showcase co-exist with performances by Twilight Sentinels, blackSoil project, The Philosophy, and Blackberry Jam. Show up to get a crash course on some of the hip-hop Indianapolis has to offer.

I’ve been meeting with Jeb and PJ (Musical Family Tree) about the upcoming Broad Ripple Fall Music Fest. They started it up when they heard that the Midwest Music Summit wasn’t happening this year. They are stepping up to the plate and volunteering their efforts to make sure that Indy has at least one day of jam-packed local music mayhem.

The BRFMF is going down October 13th. Where, you ask? Well, virtually any place that has a stage in the greater BR area (like Spin, Locals Only, Birdy’s, the Melody Inn) and some places that don’t (Alley Cat, Hot Box Pizza, Indy CD & Vinyl).

The bands are pretty much set (sorry, we aren’t accepting submissions), and the lineup is pretty killer. We hope to announce a lineup in a few weeks.

Jeb and PJ have been doing an outstanding job and, like I said, they are receiving zero cash money for their efforts. So give them a pat on the back when you see them and don’t forget to check out www.musicalfamilytree.com.

So tonight is the big night: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is back in town. I can’t even remember the last time they played on Indianapolis soil. It is a rare treat indeed.

I heard that they were back in town, chillin’ at their folk’s house in Westfield. When I took my daily bike ride up the Monon, I realized that I was pretty close to the house, so I decided to go the extra mile (actually, the extra eight miles) and ride to the house. Man, Carey Road is hillier than I remember.

I finally got there, and the Rev and I decided to walk and get some ice cream. We walk to downtown Westfield, and the ice cream shop is closed. In fact, every single store is closed. It is a ghost town. Kinda sad; Westfield ain’t what it used to be. We grab some Jarritos from a Mexican restaurant and head back.

We stopped by a little creek at the mouth of his parent’s subdivision. The Rev talks about the seasonal eating habits of the minnows as we wait for the muskrat that lives in the muddy banks to appear. It never does. His dad used to trap muskrats, so the Reverend knows alot more about them then I ever would have guessed.

The Big Damn Band is planning a huge event for the show. It is rare to have local shows at the Vogue, and they want to make the best of it. Many songs planned have never been heard by Indiana ears, including material from their new gospel album, a song called “Mama’s Fried Potatoes”, and a never-before-heard-anywhere song written specifically for the big day. Oh, and the Rev bought a brand new outfit, too.

So be there. I promise that it will be the best Indianapolis show of the year. We NEED to pack the place.

(Special thanks to Jayme Peyton for giving me a ride back to Broad Ripple when I got a flat tire)

Upcoming shows:

-Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band w/Murder By Death Thursday @ the Vogue $12.
-Indy Label Festival Volume 2 Friday @ Locals Only $8
-LITTLE VOICE in store performance Friday @ Indy CD & Vinyl Free
-The Dream Is Dead/Harakiri/Wasteland DC Saturday @ the Emerson $10

About two weeks ago, I caught wind of an upcoming show featuring Those Young Lions and the Peggy Sues. This was great news because I’m already a fan of the Lions and I’ve been meaning to catch the Peggy Sues.

But then I saw an announcement for a show with Girl Talk on the same night. Girl Talk is a mash-up artist from Pittsburgh known for his energetic, egalitarian live shows whose debut album Night Ripper was #27 on Spin Magazine’s list for 2006. I had to go to this show.

So I was bummed. Later, I was talking to one of the Sues and mentioned that I couldn’t make their show because I was going to Girl Talk instead. I got a weird look as she said:

“Ummm….you realize that they are both the same show, right?”

Woo hoo! All my problems are solved.

I was also excited to hear that the show was at Talbott Street. I had never been, but I heard it was a killer place to see a show. So I Google Mapped it and headed down there last Thursday. As I walked down Talbott, everything was quiet. No sign of a venue. Two girls from the neighborhood passed by me in front of what seemed like a vacant building.

One of the girls said “What’s that?”

“Oh, some club for gay guys,” responded the other.

So I turned in front of them to go in, and they gave me a weird look. I thought about telling them to go to hell, but decided it wasn’t worth it. Actually, I decided that I was to chicken to cause a scene. But whatever. The important thing was that I found the place.

After I settled in, I went to the bar and got a Newcastle. I cost me $5 bucks after a tip. Dang, I only brought $12 cash, and I didn’t want to start a tab. So on my second trip, I asked the bartender if they stocked PBR. I got my second weird look of the night. So I settled for another Newcastle and had to con my friends into buying me drinks for the rest of the night.

During Those Young Lions’ set (which was superb), a dude starting dancing. Spastically. But it was kinda awesome. He looked like he was being shocked by a defibrillator. It was a solo mission because everybody stood back, mesmerized by his random convulsions. It is rare to see people dance at local rock shows, and this guy was going for the gold. He took a break and continued through the Peggy Sues’ set.

Girl Talk was as advertised. I was exhausted. I can’t really say I was dancing, just moving around in an enthusiastic manner. Hey, it is the best I can do.

I got home at 3 am. I showed up for work bright and early at 8 am and barely scraped by.

That night I was all set to go to the Red Light Driver/Beta Male show at Spin. But around 9 pm, the couch felt a little too comfortable and, already drained from the show the night before and an early day at work, I fell asleep against my own will. Thursday shows are murder.


My picks for the best of live music this weekend:

-Marmoset CD Release w/The Playboy Psychonauts @ Radio Radio $5 9 pm
-BRAZIL, Everything Now!, Everthus the Deadbeats @ the Melody Inn $6 10 pm

-Lay Flats Arts Festival w/Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind West Lafayette $10 all day
-Virgil w/Lines of Nazca @ Birdy’s $5 9:30 pm