Ok, so I know this was an internet sensation months ago or something, but I just saw it for the first time. I cheesed the whole way through because it was freakin’ amazing. I love musicals anyway, and it had some of my favorite actors and actresses in it.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Song Blog

If you want to know what it is, you can google for the wiki or the videos on hulu. Unfortunately, Hulu.com will be removing it in a couple days, but I downloaded the whole thing and the soundtrack too.

Check this out in your free time. It takes about 45 minutes to watch, but you will want to after you see Neil Patrick Harris sing his first song.

I wrote this in response to a forum post by someone talking about EHarmony.

Ok, so my dating life is pretty much non-existant. I gave up on it for a while so I could focus on my health and getting into shape. That will make me feel better about myself and make me more attractive to date.

BUT, I have been on all the internet dating sites at some point. Being that most would probably be considered much better looking than me, you have a shot on some of the sites, but most of them are meat markets.

E-Harmony: I paid the membership fee for three months once. They kept sending me overly religous women, single mothers looking for a daddy, and VERY large women. I am monogomous, at the time not interested in dating women with kids at all, and I may have a few pounds, but these ladys were unhealthy. I only spoke to two, and one ended quickly due to religion, while the other, single mother, was supposed to call me to make a date, because her schedule was hard to get around, and she never did.

PlentyofFish.com: This is free, has some decent looking ladies, and can be for looking for something less serious if you want. I personally wanted serious. I have spoken to a few ladies. I went on a date with one, who continued to talk about her weight watchers and counting calories, while I was trying to overlook a little weight she had. No go. If you are decent looking, you can try this, but as someone else said, every site has its wierdos.

Match.com: The pickings are best for lovely ladies here. Alot of them even fill in a decent profile. Unfortunately, like all the other sites too, you get Russians trying to find a husband, so watch for the broken english messages, especially when they try to give you an outside email right away. Another BIG problem with match is that they have to be a paying member as well to read and respond to your messages. Since they don’t tell you which ones have paid, you never know if you will get a reply.

Cupid.com: They do the local speed dating and Lock and Key events. I met an ex at an event, but the site itself isn’t very useful. She was a good girlfriend, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Meeting in person is always better in my opinion, and with the events you know the others are looking for a date too.

There are other, kind crappy ones too. Try to stay away from these:
Singlesnet.com – mostly russian brides respond.

OkCupid.com – not to be confused with Cupid.com, many people just join for the stupid surveys, so it’s not so great

CleanSheets.com – I think they just screen scan other sites in my opinion, because one girl I knew I saw on there, I met in real life and she said she didn’t post there, she posted on another site

I just don’t think Internet dating works, at least not unless you look good enough to attract the attention of a mate you would be attracted to, or unless you don’t look good and you get the attention of someone who thinks you are just as desperate as they are.

Good luck. I would rather meet someone through friends… but most of my friends are here on Mojo, and many single mojo people are just …”Having Fun” with each other, or have been screwed over and don’t date in Mojo circles anymore. My forays into meeting women in bars have been absolutely horrible so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed though.

I was sitting at work, trying to avoid actually doing anything big, while I get caught up from the holidays. Suddenly the Internet connection went down. It was down for about an hour. So, I did what anyone else would do, try to find something to keep busy. But everything I turned to do just about, ended up requiring Internet access.

My Pandora radio died. I couldn’t visit Mojo. I couldn’t read the news (no news paper here). I thought, ok, I will work on my coding skills, but I needed the microsoft library to figure out some coding. I couldn’t chat because my messengers were down.

At this point, I was thinking, crap, I am going to have to go get another Work Order ticket to work on. NAAAAA! I have too much pending right now to start a new project. I was just waiting for an email from an internal user, which I should still get on the Intranet at work.

Panic was setting in. I had no books to read. I had nothing.

Finally, I decided, I sit on my ass all day anyway in front of a PC, I will go walk on the treadmill a bit (too cold out).

What would we do without the Internet? We would cut off much of our communication, learning, and entertainment. I think even as a Programmer, I am too dependant on it. If we had a major worldwide event and all satelites and much of the power was lost, how would we ever survive? I kind of envy guys who know how to do things like carpentry, fixing engines, survival in the woods. I can’t do any of that.

Maybe it’s time to learn….I think I will look them up on the Internet!

So, Magen posted a forum entry telling about the fact that the porn industry is asking for bailout money. Forum Post About Porn Bailout

I had heard the Casinos had put in for bailout money too, so why not the adult industry. I think it is a good statement to make, that they are just giving away our money to save companies who screwed themselves up. If a company does not continue to come up with new better products which will continue a revenue stream, then they fail, which is what happened with the auto industry. The porn industry is just saying as long as you are being frivolous with our money, everyone may as well ask for some.

I don’t want my tax money going to save any of them. If they want to keep them running, to keep the economy going, then just have the government buy them out, and regulate them all. While the government is not much better about this, maybe they could regulate the salaries of the Board members who are paying themselves too much. The UAW is taking a cut, but the Board members just get rid of a few minor perks. I heard some of them then proceeded to give themselves raises to make up for it.


All we are doing is giving them money. The auto industry can continue producing cars they charge too much for and not alot of people can buy right now. Banks can charge us interest, not to mention American Express becoming a Bank Holding Company so they can continue to charge us 24% interest on a credit card. And what about hard working people who are struggling just to get money for retirement when they can’t work anymore.

The world is a toilet right now. The government just sprinkles it with money, and in the end, it all gets flushed down the drain. Change MIGHT be coming (keeping my fingers crossed he can actually do something), but it won’t be quick.

Fuck it! I am moving to Australia.

Many of the wonderful people I met when I joined Mojo welcomed me warmly to the Bahama party at Landsharks Wednesday night. It meant the world to me seeing how they havn’t heard from me in a long time. I also met some newer Mojo members who made me feel truly welcome as well.

I havn’t been to any events in several months. I had to stop going out so much for several reasons. First was my health. I was told I would be diabetic if I didn’t get my blood sugar under control and my insulin levels. I had to start exercising alot more, and eating right, and most importantly cut the drinking. I have only drank more than one drink in a night maybe four times since he told me that. Now, not all mojo events are at bars, but on top of the medical, I also had to start focusing on some financial issues.

I had to start focusing at work, and getting enough rest to be in at 8am fresh and ready. I have a dream. Assuming I don’t meet that special someone to settle down with here, I want to live outside the country for a few years. I am aiming for either Australia or Germany right now. I started building my career, saving to pay off all my debt by March of 2009, and then I need to build a nest egg to survive while I find work there. In the event of going to Germany, I have started learning German. So, saving money has been important to me as well.

I want to try to start making it back to some Mojo events again now. At least the occasional movie premier and weekend events. I have two weeks off from this weekend to the 5th of January. So, I hope to see more of you all soon.

So, I won’t be out much this week because of two reasons. First, I am in a conference downtown all week for work and it is pretty much from 7:30 am to 8-9pm each day. On top of that, I am sick. I havn’t yet recovered from the amazing King’s Island trip Sunday.

So, I am really trying to get better, because Friday night at the Rathskeller is Polka Boy, and they are terrific. Saturday is Here Come the Mummies and I have never gotten to one of thier shows.

Nyquil and sleep, and taking Thursday and Friday off.

That’s life
That’s what all the people say
The reason and design, the small amount of time
Given to each of us
Why waste what is given, or make haste to throw it away
Take time, and solice in every single day.. minute.. moment…
Don’t fall into trappings, running through your mind
Dark clouds forming, rolling, slamming your soul
Fight back against the darkness, rage against the cold
For this is the only thing that rage is good for

That’s life
Tell me what you mean
To be, to see, to live and love
To hold so dear, so close, one you become
Have fun, relax, don’t fight it, collapse
Flow from one day to the next
Not me, I can’t
I watch and wait and anticipate
Worry on my face, and in my hands
and in my heart
I dare to grasp, hold fast, as I gasp for air
Nothing’s there
Giving up won’t solve your plight,
It only delays it..for..one.. more.. night

That’s life
It’s the same both here and there
You’re told this time and time again
If it’s true, you just can’t win
It’s not, I hope,
I close my eyes
and wish on..some..bright..star
in some..bright..sky
I don’t know what to say or do or be
but…that’s life
You move through cautious or fast
but either way, your time will pass
every moment reserved for a memory
every minute you waste you regret
take hold of all the good things you can
be you woman or be you man
holding a woman or a man

Ok, so Prom night is over. Smiley Prom that is. I have a million thoughts about last night, but I will give you just the surface ones.

I spent part of game night on a conference call for work, so I missed alot of that, and work kept lingering on my mind all evening. I get to PF Changs, the assigned meeting place for the big Mojo group going, and not only is it packed and I can’t find my group, but my group isn’t coming!!! A bunch of people bailed on this, and maybe some didn’t but we couldn’t reach them, no phone number. So it ends up being just me and Amanda (sWell). So, we go somewhere less busy, O’Charleys. I started drinking to try to loosen up. On one hand, despite what I am telling her, I am a bit nervous about the evening too. On the other, I am wise enough by now not to give two shits about what anyone other than my friends thinks, and at times I want to tell them to shove it.

Her brother DD’s us over to this shindig, which I owe him big for. Damn, I am so glad I didn’t pop for a limo for the Mojo crew, what with no one being there.

I think we were there about an hour before finding IndyMichelle and some of her friends. That was all the people I know at that thing, and oddly enough, I had met Michelle once in the past, which I may or may not have hit on her…not sure.

Everyone at this thing looked great. Of course I looked even better =P. Most women were wearing black dresses, with the occasional red one. Of course I am with the most gorgeous girl there, and the only one in a white dress, so I barely noticed anyone else…pssst, yes, I mean sWell here.

BTW, guys, this thing runs about 3 girls for every guy, and at least 1 out of those three, looked to be single, looking, and hot…just for future reference. I’m just saaaayinnnnng!

One note for next year, bring a bottle in my jacket, or a flask. They had mostly well alcohol there, and I mean the cheap stuff. Ya, you avid drinkers and bartenders know what I mean. Deej’s was a high dollar night club compared to …. not a good comparison, cause Deej’s liquor selection is just baddass anyway. You get my drift. So, we did a couple shots of rotgut tequila early, and vowed not to try that again. I asked for Patron, but no dice. So, I need a flask of Patron, and a water bottle of either Pink Lemonade and Vodka or Miami Long Islands.

I got Amanda to dance a bit, which made me feel better about the evening. I think she would have regretted not dancing. Wait, no, she was dancing with me so it’s a regrettable experience either way…DOH!

We end up calling it a night a bit early. I didn’t mind. Michelle and her roommate had already left, and we had Amanda’s bro come pick us up. We go back to the house and watch some…what was it, South Park, while we sober up. She is tired and ready to crash…mhm…which is why I see posts on the forum after 3am, huh =). So, she takes me back to my car, and it is only about 2am. I stopped at a little bar about a block from my house to show off my suit a little. No, I didn’t drink more. I didn’t need liquid courage anymore. Then it was home to bed.

Ok, so at Landsharks, I was trying the text board. I couldn’t figure out what to put as my name. My account was set up with kNIGHT0wl, but that is something I only use online. Since I am actually meeting you guys, I put my last name on my profile instead. I followed my brother through school, so I got called Estes alot. I still answer to Brian, but that is too common.

Ok, so Boston Boy got me started, and I have really needed to get out a little more, but after last night at Landsharks, I need recovery time.

I didn’t drink more drinks than usual, only stronger ones. Magen and Jingles tried to warn me about that bartender, but no, I didn’t listen. I sat at Qdoba till about 5:30 am before I was sober enough to drive. Needless to say I got up late for work this morning. My roommate woke me on the couch….problem is I went to sleep in my bed.

I don’t drink much and already got drunk twice this week. I will still come out, but if anyone needs a DD, I am sticking to water for a while.

I met a couple of really great people, despite the alcohol. Scion, Magen, Jingles, Erin, and many more. I am just sad I was so gone I couldn’t really dance, since I actually like to. Next time.