The Mousetrap Bar & Grill in Indianapolis has been a successful local spot for many years. But it wasn’t until last year that enterprising promoters IndyMojo started hosting a weekly DJ night on Thursdays that the place seemed to really stand out.

The first “Altered Thurzdaze” event launched in August 2010, and quickly became the go-to spot for those interested in the local music scene. Resident DJs include Kodama and Hollow Point and often feature other local DJs from the Indy metro area.

The bar offers drink specials, the most popular being their $3 craft pints (Gumball Head seems to be the local favorite). There is almost never a cover, and when there is, it’s usually no more than $5 and is reserved for special events. This was the case for this show, at what was undoubtedly the largest “Thurzday” at the ‘Trap to date.

A typical Thurzday draws around 100 people; attendance is fairly consistent. The formula for this consistency is simple: Take a few talented local DJs, a couple passionate promoters with their ears open for the latest and best music, and a venue willing to house the whole operation. Add a stellar sound system, friendly staff, those drink specials, and lots of promotion. Lastly, just add people. Watch the party ensue. Repeat.

Thursday Sept. 15, 2011 was a particularly magical Thurzday. The energy was electric as the crowd grew, anticipating the epic performance forthcoming from major headliner Eliot Lipp (featured at Movement 2011, Wakarusa, Electric Forest) and supporting talent Samples, Shy Guy Says and resident Hollow Point, who kicked off the entire night by opening with a drum n bass mix that primed the already excited crowd.

Next, Shy Guy donned his familiar outfit and kept the dance floor grooving, delivering a bass-driven set peppered with hip hop and breakbeat elements, executed with style. Finally, the much anticipated main act took the stage.

Eliot Lipp’s set brought the house down, with a combination of electro funk, broken beats, and a live drummer, emphasizing the already knocking bass. The venue was packed with patrons enjoying the rhythms and their beverages, some bobbing their heads, many dancing. Lasers bounced around and lights pulsated, upping the intensity of the show.

Samples closed the night with a powerful dubstep set, including many remixes and edits of popular ’80s tunes, one in particular being a Bon Jovi remix that sent the masses into a frenzy; a perfect end to an amazing evening.

As sweaty, but satisfied partiers eventually made their way outside into the chilly night air, the consensus seemed to be: This was indeed the best Altered Thurzday yet.

On just about any Saturday night, you can find Tru Nightclub‘s resident DJ Jin-XS behind the decks, spinning a lively mix of new and old top 40 hits. But that’s not all this talented local plays, in fact, it may be his least preferred genre.

Jin-XS (Nate Cancilla) started off the way many aspiring DJs tend to: Spinning tunes in the comfort and safety of their bedrooms. He had already fallen in love with a broad spectrum of genres including hip-hop, house, industrial and drum and bass, and started off spinning old school hip-hop – typically defined as having been produced between 1984 to 1993. As his skill and his love for the art of mixing progressed, his sets expanded to include downtempo, funk, trip-hop, electro, top 40 and dubstep. These wide variety of influences coupled with his passion to ever improve has led to Jin-XS becoming one of Indy’s most versatile DJs, who is comfortable spinning almost any genre, any time, any place.

Today, Jin-XS enjoys his residency at Tru Nightclub in Broad Ripple, where he can be found most Fridays and Saturdays. In addition he helps out with Juxtapoze, a weekly EDM night by DJs, for DJs, on Tuesdays at the historic Melody Inn, and has spun at many other events including goth / industrial dance night Revenge! (Tru Nightclub), Altered Thurzdaze (The Mousetrap), and many others in and around Indiana and Kentucky.

You can check out Nate’s mash-ups and mixes on his soundcloud, and hear firsthand the many styles of music that have intrigued and inspired one of Indy’s most underrated local DJs. His latest DJ mix / concept album “Nostalgia” is also available for download here, and his next live performance will be a radio broadcast from a local tattoo parlor (Ink Fusion) on Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011 starting at 10pm.

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