Slavery still exists in America
Only this time a different race was chosen
And you probably see them at work every day
They’re the Mexican people
Mi personas
Chained by the hopes of a better life
For themselves and their families
They are beaten by the protests and insults
Of the same people who benefit from their presence
Every single day
Oh they’re taking our jobs
They are destroying our neighborhoods
They are bringing drugs and violence here
They’re no good to us
Only a burden
They can’t even speak our language
They don’t belong here
Go fuck yourself
The jobs were there because you didn’t want to work them
The neighborhoods were already fucked up to begin with
The drugs and violence weren’t exactly new
And if we are so worthless
Then why the fuck are you all giving us jobs
The Mexican people make up many a vertebrae
In the backbone of this country
Kick out all the Mexicans
Hell, just kick out the illegals
See how many fucking restaurants
Landscaping and construction companies
Not to mention farms
Stay up and running as a result
And who are you to say
Who does and doesn’t belong here
What language is the

I want that junior high/high school love
That nothing can ever happen to us love
That get off the phone and call right back love
I want that love I had
Back when I was na

I cannot take full credit for this poem
Because your eyes looked into my mind
Found the extent of my vocabulary
Searched for every analogy and metaphor I could muster
Then sent your beauty to my hand
So it could transcend the ink in my pen
So that I could write a picture of you
The paper in front of me shifted and reshaped itself
To resemble the softness of your skin
The light in which I use to write this poem
Glowed brighter and warmer until it became your smile
The chair I’m sitting in embraced me
Becoming your loving arms as it hugged me
My drink fell over and the liqueur inside poured across the table
Moving in anything but a straight line to resemble your curves
And the thought of you messed with my mind
More than the alcohol
But damn did it make me feel drunk with love
I felt the room spin
Shifting into whatever last scene we spent together
Basically, what I’m trying to say
Is that since I started feeling for you
My whole world has become altered
Into some glorious mosaic of you and me
The thought of your magnificence has crept into my writing
So that when I search my mind for inspiration
You keep popping up over and over again
But you see, there’s a problem
You don’t exist
I am yet to find a woman who can touch me in this way
This poem is a soul searching experiment
To try to figure out what in the hell I want in a woman
Because I just can’t seem to find one that makes me happy
Then again, maybe I just fuck things up
And it’s all my fault I haven’t found that girl for me
See, there I go again
What I need to do is find a grown woman
And not an older girl
Quit with the bars that are the hot college hangouts
Clubs full of the

A man is defined by his actions
But how long do those definitions last
A month, a year
10 years, a lifetime
Does every decision, mistake, and good
Last forever with us
Do they become some irreversible suit
That we can never take off
If that’s the case
I’m got one hell
Of a multiple personality disorder
I’m a boyfriend, a lover
I’m a fianc

Whoever said that you are a product of your environment
and it pre-destines your personality
speech, and mannerisms
is a dumb ass
some shit is just engrained in you from birth
and the outside world
don’t have a damn thing to do about it
let me give you an example
I spent 15 years of my life
in southern indiana of all places
yet when I ax if youse can break a dolla
it’s cause I’m sick and tired
of having to repeat myself
every time I say quwarta
why I was the only latino in my high school
I was surrounded by rednecks
yet I’ll turn down bud lights and bbq
for barbacua with cilantro and a dos aquis
every day of the week
and twice on sunday
why I play soccer over football
because while football is fun
soy mexicano y italiano
y futbal es numero uno wey
pinche Tom Brady
and yes, I mean

if there is anyone who is interested in doing some spoken word/open mic/poetry slam type event, let me know. i’m in the process of getting a place to do it at. i know of a few that are already running, but i’m trying to start my own. hit me up if you’re interested.