polar plunge

It’s that time of the year again when many of the citizens of Indiana forgo common sense and jump into the Eagle Creek Reservoir in the cold of winter. But put your mind to ease; there is a good reason for this temporary departure from sanity. The event is the annual Polar Plunge supporting the Indiana Special Olympics.


The Bearded Ladies from 2014 (read recap here)

This year is the 16th year for the Polar Plunge and it continues to grow larger and larger each time. Last year was a record-setting year in terms of number of participants and money raised. The Mojo team has also been pushing to improve their personal fund-raising efforts as well.

First time participant Kaleigh Bowers talks about her thoughts going into Saturday.

KaleighSince I HATE the cold, I’m terrified for this. I keep telling myself, “It’s for a good cause.” I’m really excited for it, though. I’ve been wanting to do it for years, but I always chicken out. So this year, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and going all out. I’m even dunking my head under!



This previous Sunday, March 1st, the group hosted a Mario Kart tournament at Moon Dog Tavern. The event saw twenty participants battling it out old-school style on the Nintendo 64. Braving the snow in making the trek out to support the Mojo Team, the racers raised over $200 to add to the team total raised for the Special Olympics.


Its neck and neck at our Mario Kart tournament at Moondog Tavern!

A video posted by IndyMojo (@indymojo) on

JimFor the new jumpers I say don’t stress out about the temps. I’ve seen people get all out of shape – from nervous energy to straight fear – before the jump. They need to try and relax and enjoy the party because that’s what it is

– Jim Alley, veteran jumper


Special Raffle – This Thurzday Only!

There have also been numerous raffles leading up to the event to help raise money. It is my pleasure to be able to announce a new raffle this Thursday, March 5th only.

For $1 a ticket (or six tickets for $5) you will be entered into a drawing for a ticket to MojoStock 2015, with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place raffle participants winning a ticket to Infected Mushroom, Excision, or a custom-etched lighter from Naptwon Etching.

This is sure to be a big drawing, so make sure to grab a couple of raffle tickets to increase your chances of winning. Also, it’s for the kids!

How you can help (while staying warm and dry)

Last year the Mojo Team wore dresses and beards as they made plunge. This year, keeping with their Nintendo fundraising theme, the group will be going as characters from Super Mario Brothers, with a wide-variety of confirmed characters.

This year the team is hoping to get more support the day of the event and need YOU present to help cheer them on in the costume contest.

Get up a bit earlier than normal this Saturday, the morning of the Plunge, to support your team. No need to get wet or cold; just show up! Besides donating money to one of the team members, your support the morning of the event is the best way to keep the team warm on their aqueous trek.

This is the kind of event that is important to Indy Mojo. We know how to put on a good party and entertain the masses, but we do not stand isolated merely as a music and event promoters. We are part of this community and strive to do our part to give back to it. So whether it is – through your time, money, or presence at Eagle Creek Reservoir on Saturday – get out and give back!

Polar Plunge benefiting Special Olympics Indiana

Saturday March 7

Eagle Creek Reservoir

Schedule of events:

Registration: 8:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. Eagle Creek Beach

Early Bird Plunge: 8:30 A.M. (First 100 Plungers to designate online)

Opening Ceremonies:
10:00 A.M.
power Plunge: 10:30 A.M. Eagle Creek reservoir (MOJO WILL JUMP AT THIS TIME)
power After Splash Bash: rick’s boatyard

champions together high school Plunge: 12:30 P.M. Eagle Creek reservoir
champions together After Splash Bash: colts pavilion


Dust off your red shells, polish up those bananas, and stretch those thumbs. This Sunday IndyMojo is hosting a Mario Kart 64 tournament at the Moon Dog Tavern. This is a fund-raising event for the Special Olympics’ Polar Plunge, all money raised will be added to the IndyMojo team’s total donations. Doors open at noon on Sunday, entry fee for racers is $7. The actual tournament will start at 1 pm.

rainbow road

The tournament will consist of two brackets with the winner of each bracket going head to head in a championship that will be sure to shake the hollowed halls of the Rainbow Road. Players will face off for a chance to win a number of prizes including; gear from the Magic Bus, Tickets courtesy of the Vogue, and more!


Fans are welcome to come cheer the karters on free of charge, but of course donations are welcome to support the cause. The games will be projected throughout the tavern for all to view and enjoy. There will also be music provide by G-9 Collective DJ’s. So make sure you stretch your thumbs, practice your timing on the starting block, and be ready for lots of laughs and possibly a bit of smack talk.


What: Mario Kart 64 Tournament


When: Sunday March 1st from Noon-5pm


Where: Moon Dog Tavern, 4825 E 96th St.


Why: Support the IndyMojo Polar Plunge team as they raise money for the Special Olympics

New York has their thin-crust pizza. Texas has their BBQ. Chicago prides itself on a different, but equally tasty, pizza pie.

Different parts of the country have different foods they are known for. In Indiana, the pork tenderloin reigns supreme. Just about anywhere serving food in the Hoosier state has an option – from the small, local joints to the more established upscale, and you can’t forget the state fair either.

As with any dish, there are many variations on the theme. In this, a special two-part inaugural edition of Mojo Munchies, we are going to be exploring just a few of the best choices across the city. Ignore the Food Network and any other “expert” that has only tried the thin, dry excuses for tenderloin you’ll find at the “classic” spots; these tenderloins are the real deal.

Fellow foodie and new Indy Mojo contributing writer Erin Gobble and I visited four different establishments from different areas of the city. (Throughout the article Erin’s words will be featured in red, like so.) In this first part we are going to the Tie Dye Grill on the east side and Big Daddy’s on the near south side.

Big Daddy’s Bar & Grill – 2536 South Meridian St.

If you are looking for a thin, fear-inducing tenderloin this is it. This is what I consider the mama bear of tenderloins. It is thin but not too thin. The size is impressive, but you don’t loose out on the taste of the pork or the juiciness that makes for a good tenderloin.

Tenderloin for Two

Tenderloin for Two

We ordered the tenderloin for two. It comes with a separate plate and bun so you can garnish your meal how you choose. Prepare yourself because this sandwich is meant for two – the tenderloin comes out the size of a flat basketball, but still maintains some thickness. Even now my mouth is watering thinking about the cornflake crust seasoned to perfection with a slight pitch of heat. The sandwich crunches as you bite down, and as always my eyes were bigger than my stomach, but my taste buds left me wanting more. Perfection.

Add a slice of cheese if you want.

Add a slice of cheese if you want.

If you go on your own the Tenderloin comes in at 8.99 and includes kettle chips. The tenderloin for two that we ordered adds two dollars; however, between the chips and the sandwich itself, two people will most likely still be taking food home with them. The atmosphere is your basic sports bar; prepare yourself to be packed in if you go during any Colts or Notre Dame game. Outside of those high-traffic scenarios, you can normally get a table pretty easy and the food comes quick.

Big Daddy's

Big Daddy’s

Tie Dye Grill – 1311 N. Shadeland Ave.

The next restaurant holds a special place in my heart. I trace my love of cooking and exploring food back to the year I spent employed here with a good portion of that time as a line cook. Have you ever known someone that works at a restaurant but would never eat there? This is not the case at Tie Dye Grill; they have become an east side institution and the reason for that is their attention to the quality of their food.

Driving up to this restaurant, I didn’t know what to expect, but I soon realized I was in for a real treat. The restaurant is decked out with a 60’s theme, the staff are dressed in tie-dye and the food is served in red baskets that gives the feel of an old soda shop. First up: the fries, covered in bacon, scallions, cheese, and Shayne Salt. Next up: the main attraction: the tenderloin. As it arrives at the table, you can tell it is grilled to perfection. The tenderloin is normally only a Tuesday special, but we were able to pull some strings to get one on a Saturday, which is why it was grilled instead of my preferred breaded version. After the first bite, I didn’t mind it being grilled; the bold flavor of the well-seasoned tenderloin was satisfying. Shayne Salt is the right kind of flavor and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that secret. Shayne Salt is the special seasoning that the Tie Dye uses on many of their dishes, the seasoning is a secret of Tie Dye owner Shayne Dye.

The Tie Dye Tenderloin grilled to perfection.

The Tie Dye Tenderloin grilled to perfection.

As mentioned above the tenderloin is normally just a Tuesday special at TDG, as can be imagined Tuesdays end up being an extremely busy day. The Tie Dye Tenderloin is everything I think a tenderloin should be. They don’t abuse their meat and beat it thin. However you want it prepared it comes out juicy, flavorful and with just enough hanging over the bun to scare small children. If you are hankering for this masterpiece, make sure you plan ahead; they have been known to sell out. At $7.95 for just the sandwich the price is comparable to Big Daddy’s, but it’s worth a couple extra bucks to throw in for the fries as well.

Tie Dye Grill

Tie Dye Grill

With that, we conclude the first part of our Tenderloin Excursion, but be sure to check out part two coming up soon. If you have a favorite tenderloin spot, leave us a note in the comments!

Also be on the look out for more foodie goodies as the Mojo Munchies are just getting started! Stay hungry, Indy.


On any standard night in Broad Ripple, it is normal to see a staggering, mindless patron wandering the streets, however that normally isn’t at 7pm. That will be the case on October 25th as the streets of Broad Ripple will be overran with mindless zombies. That’s right – Indy Mojo is bringing back the Broad Ripple Zombie walk benefiting Gleaners Food Bank.

Matt Ramsey falls victim.

Matt Ramsey falls victim to a truly terrifying zombie.

The outbreak will begin in the Kroger parking lot at 5pm and with a number of festivities before the walk actually begins. As in years past, Gleaners will have a truck setup to collect the food donations for the walk. Walkers are asked to bring five lbs or 10 cans of food to donate; for this, they receive a Zombie Walk t-shirt (while supplies last).


The horde begins to amass last year prior to the walk.

Live music from Rudy Kizer will provide the soundtrack to the day, while The Tricoci University of Beauty Culture will on site to helping turn everyone into zombies. Also returning this year will be a number of fire spinners providing “hot” entertainment. All of these activities will keep the adults entertained while waiting for the walk to start, however the Mojo crew has something in store for the kids as well.

Zombie Group

Survival for Zombies is best achieved in a group. Bring your friends!

This year a new addition to the Zombie Walk is the Zombie Carnival. This event will feature a number of traditional carnival games, but with a zombie twist. Everyone participating in the games will receive a raffle ticket that will be used to win one of three grand prizes.


The terror becomes real.

At 6pm everyone in attendance will be invited to participate in a truly special event: a glorious zombie wedding that will unite two undead for all of eternity. Bring a handful of brain chunks to shower the bride with!

After the walk is finished be sure to swing by Hopcat, one of the walk’s sponsors, for good food and drinks.Immediately following the zombie feast, all zombies are encouraged to attend the Zombie Prom at The Vogue Theater (21+ only).

If you can’t make it to the prom, head south to Nightmare on Edgewood where any costumed zombie that mentions Indy Mojo will get $5 off admission. Read our review of Indy’s most intense haunt here and check out our special behind the scenes interview with our favorite haunt in town here.

RSVP and engage on Facebook here.

Zombie Walk Poster 2014

Spend a little bit of time driving around Indy, especially on 465, and you will see them. The creepy billboards for Indy Scream Park. Although technically the haunt is in Anderson, not Indy, it is one of the best-advertised scary attractions in the central Indiana area. A group of Mojo Spook Staffers recently made the short trip up to Indy Scream Park to see if it lived up to all the hype. Using the standard Indy Mojo starting point, The Mousetrap, it is just a quick 35 minute drive into the countryside around Anderson.

Mojo ISP Crew

Indy Mojo Spook Staffers Eric Graul, Kayleigh Dye, Alex Rodman, Colin Caffee, Kaleigh Bowers, and Oakley Gianakos are all smiles before entering Indy Scream Park.

As you approach the Indy Scream Park destination, you experience a norm for Indiana residents: going from developed land to straight-up farmland in the snap of a finger. Pulling into the park you start to get an idea of the sheer size of Indy Scream Park. When we arrived, it was already dark and about half way through the Saturday night haunting hours. Despite it being very early in the season, there was still a steady stream of cars pulling into the park. As we made our way up to the ticket booth, we could hear faint screams and shouts of the victims already in the various attractions. It is obvious that the organizers were prepared and organized, as we had our tickets within minutes and were in the Monster Midway immediately.

OakleyI didn’t know what to expect going into Indy scream park, but as soon as saw an actor dressed up as what looked like Jeepers Creepers and hissed in a man’s face, I was scared.

-Oakley Gianakos

The Monster Midway is the central hub to the park featuring various concessions, the bathroom facilities, several places to get group photos and a large area with plenty of seating for everyone to stop and get some food (or their wits back) after being terrified in any of the attractions.

The midway also featured a number of wandering monsters making their presence known and focusing especially on the more squeamish guests. There was also a paintball zombie shoot which feature a couple of brave zombies that would slowly approach the shooters; hopefully they were getting hazard pay.

Our group made our way to the first of the three indoor attractions, Brickmore Asylum. The Asylum features a cavalcade of creepy scenes from inside of a loony bin. With cages, operating rooms, experiments, and plenty of crazies running around it is sure to make you never want to visit a doctors office again. Capping off the Asylum was my favorite part of the haunt, which featured electricity and awesomeness.

RodmeowThe scariest by far was the insane asylum. Very detailed, each room unpredictable, and something was waiting for you around every corner.

- Alex Rodman


Next in line was Bedlam 3D. Donning 3D glasses as we entered this brightly painted haunt, it was clear we were in for some absolute craziness. Never knowing if something painted in 3D was just paint or someone ready to pop out you, we were constantly on edge.

KaleighIt was so colorful and vibrant.The clown theme is always a good idea.

-Kaleigh Bowers



The final indoor haunt Nachtmahr, which is German for nightmare, was more of a traditional haunted house. I would recommend going to this one first, because while it was good after seeing the first two, it seemed not quite as scary or exciting.

After finishing the indoor haunts, we took a quick break before heading to the outdoor attractions to end the night. First we entered Infected, which featured a corn maze peppered with a couple of military-style tents and also a farm house littered with bodies and signs of a bloody struggle. This was also where we finally found the giant flame tower that would periodically explode a huge burst of fire above the field.

Finally we arrived at the last event, Backwoods. As its name implies, much of this event is spent in the woods. A fun twist to this is that there is hardly any lighting on the walk through the woods and the only light you get is from a single glow stick given to one of the members of your group. My only complaint about this one was that as we were walking through we ended up getting very close to the groups both behind and in front of us, so some of the surprises were not as effective.

Kay and EricBackwoods always gets a few really good screams out of me just because of the desolation factor.

-Kayleigh Dye



Overall, Indy Scream Park definitely is worth the trip and the money. It is obvious that the proprietors of the haunt are dedicated and put a lot of money into making it not only scary, but also highly detailed. The outdoor events could have used a few more random people strewn about the corn fields and forest respectively, but it was still a fun romp in the woods. If you only go to one haunted house this year, I would highly recommend this one.

Special Note: For this weekend October 3rd-5th if you purchase either a General Admission or VIP Pass  you will receive unlimited entry to all five attractions.


Have a passion for photography? Performance arts? Comedy? Local painters? Sculptors? Musicians? Bands? Electronic Artists? All of the above?

If you fall into any of these categories hopefully you made it to Oranje last weekend. For the past twelve years Oranje has strove to “share the talents of a growing creative scene in Indianapolis” and it has succeeded with resounding success. One is always hesitant when approaching an event for the first time that is so hyped. However, the event definitely lived up to the hype. Hosted in and around the Centennial Building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, the event featured three floors of art exhibits, one music stage on every floor and two outside.

DJ Hollow Point

DJ Hollow Point opened the All-vinyl stage in the Record Lounge.

Each artist was given a certain amount of space to which they were able to do whatever they wanted with the space as long as it didn’t damage the existing structure. As you can imagine, giving artists this type of free rein results in a vibrant and exciting landscape for the night.

Many of the artists had a standard setup with their art displayed on temporary walls. Others took a more interactive approach. For example, artist Quincy Owen who works with many different mediums brought his work in the form of hundreds of drink coasters. He then laid the coasters out in a grid and placed a number of empty drinking glasses sporadically in the grid. You could then pay to take a number of shots with ping pong balls in a beer pong-type fashion. Make a ball in and you get a coaster for free; however, if your attempt was unsuccessful you were, of course, able to purchase the coasters as well.

There were also artists that created their own personal viewing rooms for their work, such as Iggy Arana. A lot of Iggy’s work revolved around using 3D paint on flat surfaces to add another dimension to the work. In order for this dimension to be viewed correctly, part of the exhibit was in a room with special color changing lighting that, in addition to the 3D effect, added a slight moving effect to the pieces as well.

One of my personal favorites was Philip Ramilo a local tattoo artist and painter. Three of his featured works used red and white acrylic paint on a screen similar to what you would see on a screen door. His other paintings on display were very striking and the use of colors and realism made some of the work haunting, even.

Philip Ramilo Screen

One of the Philip Screens featuring accrylic paint on a black screen.

The lower floor of the event played host to a new part of Oranje, the Record Lounge. Local record stores Indy CD & Vinyl and Luna brought in a selection of vinyls, including local artists, for sale. In addition to this the area also featured the all-vinyl DJ stage. From the word “go” this stage featured some serious heavy hitters in the local DJ scene: DJ Hollow Point opened, followed by DJ Indiana Jones, Indy Star A&E reporter David Lindquist moonlighting as a DJ, Cool Hand Lex, and Jin-XS, who closed out the night.


Jin-XS brought the Vinyl Stage to a close.

The music stage on the main floor was much more compact with each artist getting half an hour to do their thing. Having spent a lot of time exploring and meeting visual artists, I was only able to catch bits and pieces of some of the sets including Anita Vokill, Bangs Nicely, and Indigo Child. The top floor featured a wide range of acts from singer/songwriters to spoken word and comedians.

GypsyMoonshine Oranje

Local Group Gypsy Moonshine on the Accoustic Stage.

Outside on the main stage I was able to catch most of the Shadeland set. Shadeland is a local band that consists of vocalist and guitarist Allen Kell, bassist and vocalist Tony Vibbert, keyboardist Jacob Zimmerman, and drummer Brad Hudgins. They are a true local band that has been active in some form or another for at least 15 years. This writer remembers seeing them at a battle of the bands event at the Fountain Square Theatre under a different moniker sometime around 2000, long before Fountain Square had been built up to its current state.

Bringing a close the main stage, Midwest Hype brought the same high caliber of performance that they are known for. By the time their set started, the crowd had started to die down a bit, but the energy was high and those still in attendance got down to their funky, powerful sound.

Check out our review of Midwest Hype’s latest album The Time is Now here.

Midwest Hype

Midwest Hype closing out the Main Stage.

Ghosthouse on the tent stage brought amazing energy as witnessed by their pre-performance huddle session reminiscent of many “hands in” moments you see prior to sporting events. Closing out the night in spectacular fashion, duo Mutiny had the crowd with them until the very end.

My only small complaint about Oranje was that there was so much going on you were guaranteed to miss something amazing. Although that is not even close to being a bad thing as you are going to be completely inundated with all the culture you could handle in one short five hour period. If you missed Oranje this year make sure to be there next year. It will be worth your time and money.

The celebration continues this Saturday as Circle City IN Pride concludes their week of events with the Cadillac Barbie Parade and Circle City IN Pride Festival. These events continue a long tradition of supporting the LGBT community in the Central Indiana area. Prepare yourself for bigger and better events as Pride continues to grow with each passing year.

Cadillac Barbie Parade Saturday June 14th

See parade route below

Parade Map

Courtesy of Circle City Indy Pride

The first Indy Pride parade was a small event, consisting of one float, some classic cars, and a couple of walking groups, including the Bag Ladies. That was in 2005, now nine years later the parade is a bit more involved than that.

The name was changed to the Cadillac Barbie Parade in honor of one of it’s founding members Gary Brackett’s drag queen persona (for football fans, not that Gary Brackett). The parade this year will feature over 100 different groups ranging from floats to walkers to other vehicles. Some notable groups from last year include; the Indy Gay Pride Color Guard who received an award for the best walking group, the winner of the best float the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus, and the Men’s Motorcycle Club who took the award for best vehicle group.

The parade this year will also feature not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Grand Marshalls. To list them out kind of sounds like it could be the start of a joke: a drag queen, a professional basketball player and two political activists walk into a bar. However, their commitment and dedication to the LGBT community is definitely not a joke.

The originator of the name Bag Ladies, Coby Palmer is a long time supporter of the LGBT community and HIV/AIDS education and awareness. He has been instrumental in guiding the Bag Ladies into the tremendous force that they are, having raised over $1 million dollars over the past 34 years.

Coby Palmer

Photo from Robery Scheer of the Indianapolis Star.

Indiana Fever Guard Layshia Clarendon is just a few games into her second year as a member of the team. However she already has an established career with Team USA winning a gold in the 2009 U19 World Championship. She comes to the team hopeful to make an impact on the court and in the community.

Layshia Clarendon

Photo courtesy of the Indiana Fever.

The final two Grand Marshalls were instrumental in the successful fight against HJR-3 this past year. Megan Robertson is the Founder and campaign manager for Freedom Indiana, a bipartisan coalition of businesses, faith leaders, civil rights and community organizations, and individuals who united against HJR-3.

Megan Robertson

Megan Robertson addressing protesters during HJR-3 vote.

Rick Sutton is the Executive Director of Indiana Equality Action a coalition of statewide and regional advocacy and lobbying groups, focused on amending Indiana’s Civil Rights law. They continue to fight not only for marriage equality, but freedom from discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity, as well as many other LGBT issues.

Rick Sutton

Rick with his long time partner. Image courtesy of nuvo.net

The parade starts at 10 am and it is heavily suggested you get there early and spread out across the entire parade route. But, don’t forget the parade is only the start of all the fun.

Check out the preview of the festival itself here.

Check out our previous coverage of the events that led up to the parade and festival:

Pride Week 2014 Nitty Gritty part 1 by Alec Steinmentz

Pride Week 2014 Nitty Gritty part 2 by Colin Caffee

Prepare your face for smiling, laughing, and general non-stop shenanigans. The biggest celebration in the LGBT community is ready to spill over into the American Legion Mall this Saturday. Gates open at 10 am and will continue the entire day.

The festival contiues to grow and this year features three entertainment stages; the DeKuyper Main Stage, IndyMojo Second Stage, and I94 Third Stage. There are also over 200 vendors, and over 15 different options for food.

Looking first at the main stage there are a variety of acts ranging from new singer-songwriter Steve Grand, DJ and Producer Dave Audé, Canadian rock band The Cliks, and local drag group the Indy Pride Bag Ladies. The main stage is sure to offer plenty of options for all different tastes. At 11 am the National Anthem will be sung by Holly Petree followed by opening remarks for the festival.

Bag Ladies

Courtesy of Circle City IN Pride

Looking to the second stage, IndyMojo will continue our tradition of bringing quality local acts to keep the party going. During what could have been a preview of his performance for Pride I recently caught Jackola on First Friday in the Upland Room. He mentioned that he had recently acquired a varied selection of hip-hop/pop tracks to get the day going right. With sets from DJ Deanne, Action Jackson vs. Lemi Vice, and a closing performance by breaks-boss Jeremey Daeger, the day is sure to be packed with plenty of dancing and- dare I say it- sick beats.

Action Jackson vs. Lemi Vice

Courtesy of Lemi Vice and Action Jackson.

Jeremy Daeger

Taken from the Jeremy Daeger Soundcloud page.

Local radio station i94 will produce this year’s new third entertainment stage. While the list of performers is a little shorter the effort put forth for a first time stage is well done. The stage features a number of different acts including Jessie and Amy, folk artist Megan Maudlin, rock group Mardi Belle, and long time groove performers Blue Moon Revue.

The schedule for all three stages is available here.

Don’t think that music is your only option for the day; there are over 200 different vendors who will be in attendance. Covering a range of interests as wide and varied as the attendees themselves, be sure to look for the Naptown Roller Girls, High on the Hill, the Indianapolis Public Library, the Indianapolis Kink Society, and a vendor named Get Flasky (sounds right up my alley) among many, many others.

A full map of the festival and list of all vendors is available here.

In preparation for your day of music, fun, and people watching let’s discuss a few quick rules.

  1. No outside Alcohol.
  2. Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed, however they must be in their original sealed container.
  3. Coolers are allowed this year however with other bags they will be subject to search. Outside food is allowed for personal use, no grills are allowed.
  4. Pets are allowed however, keep in mind it will be extremely hot and a large crowd; all pets must be on leashes at all times.
  5. This is an all ages event, so keep your clothes on! While that may be how you would like choose to express yourself, think of the children, man!
  6. The festival is free; however, donation buckets will be out.
  7. Don’t be a dick.

Good, now we are set to enjoy an awesome day celebrating diversity and the LGBT community. Now get out there and have a blast!

Check out our previous coverage of the events that led up to the parade and festival:

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Pride Week 2014 Nitty Gritty part 2

Circle City Indy Pride: Cadillac Barbie Parade

Welcome to part two of the IndyMojo preview of the week of festivities celebrating the Circle City Indy Pride Festival and Parade. These events featured vary from physical activities outside, to cultural experiences on Mass Ave, and a first-time Friday event that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. So strap in and get ready, this week is going to be chock full of adventures!

Rainbow 5K Run/Walk – Saturday, June 7

Talbott Street Dance Club

2145 N. Talbott Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Rainbow Run

Image Courtesy of Circle City Pride

It can be easy when celebrating Indy Pride to go out and just have a good time, enjoy all the wild parties and activities. However, it is also important to remember the communities we are celebrating. The Rainbow Run achieves this by raising funds for the IndyPride Resource Center Fund and HIV education through the Indiana AIDS Fund, a program of The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis. Last year 560 participants raised over $15,000 dollars, thats a 57% and 87% increase respectively. This year let’s see if we can do even better. You can register the day of the race at Talbott Street starting at 7 am, the runners start at 8:30 am with the walkers starting a few minutes later.

Community Picnic and Bat n’ Rouge Softball Game – Sunday, June 8

Garfield Park Corporate Shelter

2524 Conservatory Road, Indianapolis, IN 46203

Community Picnic and Bat 'n' Rouge

Image Courtesy of Circle City Pride

Free food and drag queens playing softball? If you need anything else for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon I’m not sure where to find it. Be sure to be at the Garfield Park Corporate Shelter at noon on Sunday for a free picnic provided by Café Patachou. After the food head on over to the softball diamond for the 6th annual charity drag softball game between the Circle City Pride Softball League and the Indy Pride Bag Ladies.

Honda Music and Movie Night – Tuesday, June 10th

Lawn at the Firehouse Museum

790 Mass Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Honda Music and Movie Night

Image Courtesy of Circle City Pride

Mass Ave will come alive with music and a classic movie on Tuesday. The Pride of Indy Concert Band and the Pride of Indy Jazz Ensemble will be performing a concert starting at 7 pm on the lawn next to the Firehouse Museum. This is their 9th anniversary concert as a featured event during Pride Week at it is sure to be a great show filled with some great summertime sounds. Following the concert at 9pm will be a screening of the classic Wizard of Oz, in honor of both the movies 75th anniversary and Judy Garland’s birthday on that day. Come ready for food as well because some of Indy’s great food trucks will be present for your culinary delights.

Diversity Night with the Indiana Fever – Wednesday June 11th

Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

125 S Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Diversity Night with the Fever

Image Courtesy of Circle City Pride

No this is not a night all about an old old wooden ship, would that draw a very fun crowd? In an attempt to broaden the scope of Indy Pride’s events the Indiana Fever have joined forces for the first ever Indy Pride and IE Action Night with the Fever. The game starts at 7pm as the Fever take on the Seattle Storm, afterwards there will be a courtside chat with members of the team and community. Tickets are available at http://fevergroups.com/indypride. Come out and show your support for the partnership that helped take down HJR 3!

Pride Concert with Indianapolis Men’s Choir – Friday, June 13

Marian University Theatre

3200 Cold Spring Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222


Video from Indiana Men’s Choir website.

In a break from tradition Indy Pride is pleased to announce a concert with the nationally renowned Indianapolis Men’s Choir on Friday night. Under the direction of Greg Sanders the IMC is sure to put on a powerful and playful performance to end the festivities leading up to the Festival and Parade the following day. For anyone that has never had the privilige of seeing an all male choir perform you are in for a treat. There is something amazing about large choir performances and the variety they are able to achieve. More info on the Indianapolis Men’s Choir is available at their website.

Hopefully you will get a chance to attend many of these events as they are all sure to be great experiences of the local culture and open attitude of our community. If you missed it, you can see the first part of this series here. Be on the look out for a preview of the Parade and Festival in all of its glory coming soon.

Fitness? Beer? Helping out the community? If you are into any one of these three or all of them, then the Tap N Run is where you want to be on Saturday June 21. The Tap N Run is currently looking for volunteers to help out with their upcoming event. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community and have a good time doing it as well. Easter Seals Crossroads has a strong history of 75 years of giving back to Central Indiana and they will continue this tradition with your help.


Tap N Run is a ridiculously fun 4K beer race held in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, June 21, 2014. Easter Seals Crossroads, a local non-profit organization that provides services to children and adults with disabilities and special needs, has been chosen as the charity partner for this year’s race and will receive a portion of the event proceeds. “Volunbeers” are needed at packet pick-up and Chug Stations (like water stations, but with beer!) on Saturday, June 21.


Packet Pick-Up – 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Kilroy’s Bar & Grill on Georgia Street


Chug Stations – 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. (21+ only, Volunteer Pouring Permit required – which Easter Seals Crossroads can help you get)


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All volunteers will receive a “Volunbeer” t-shirt to keep and wear during the event, meal(s) while volunteering, access to the event After Party/Awards, free beer at the After Party (21+ only), and knowledge that your time and efforts are making a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities and special needs.

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To sign up as a volunteer and for more information on obtaining a volunteer pouring permit, please contact Tessa Barnard at tbarnard@eastersealscrossroads.org.


If you are interested in volunteering get with Tessa and get signed up. If you are interested in participating as a walker follow this link.