Well going off of Austins Thread in the forums, I figured I could blog some goals and achievements I would like/hope to accomplish in the next 5 years. This btw would make me 35

- would like to have a full investment plan in action, which would net me over 1-5 million in a 10 year span.

- would like to be settled at an airline that I could see a bright future. I would like to be able to put in a career somewhere.

- would like for myself and my buisness partners to be in process of creating our club/lounge that we have discussed for years now

- not completely sure where I would be living, but I am sure it will be on one of the coasts. I really miss living in the NE

- for the first time in my life I can honestly say that I would like to be married to a very understanding wife, and have at least one child.

- I would like to see myself taking more vacations to destinations that I don’t normally go

- all in all I just want to be happy and have a great quality of life!

What up my mofo’s, been a while since I have wrote a blog. Usually my blogs have to do with places I am at and some pics I have taken. Well for good reason I haven’t been able to do that for a bit. As some of you may or may not know I started training for Captain upgrade about 2 months ago. It truly was the absolute most stressful, tiring, mind blowing, exhausting and toughest thing I have ever been through professionally. It started with 2 weeks of pre-studying at home and a 100 question ATP written test. I also had to go get an updated 1st class medical examination. Then I had a week and a half of ground school which consisted of 8 hours of class a day followed by 6-7 hours of studying throughout the night (15-16 hours a day in the books). During this ground school we took several written tests and ended this wonderful experience with a one on one oral examination with the Feds. This lasted almost 4 hours of straight questioning in a all different sorts of knowledge points. Gladly I can say I passed it!
Next I was sent to Montreal for 2 weeks for simulator training. This was an extrememly stressful situation. You get 6 sim sessions with an ATP Type checkride on session 7, which by the way if you mess up just one thing on the checkride (flipping a wrong switch) you fail immediately. The sessions are meant to bring you to the brink, test your decision making skills, test your stress levels, test your captain authority and test your flying skills in all sorts of situations. Only if you pass all 53 levels of tests are you then recommended to take the checkride. My checkride lasted about 2 hours and went extremely well, thankfully! At this point when I passed I was then considered a Captain.
The next step was to do 25 hours of OE (online experience). What this is, is basically flying the line with a line checkairman who sits First Officer for you and supervises you and guides you during real world experience. I had to do this in 2 different aircraft because I am typed in 2 aircraft. This has all gone extremely well. Last week I had to take a line check with my company which is basically an on line checkride where a company checkairman sits jumpseat and watches you fly a leg of your trip and critiques you at the end. After this I had to take an FAA observe ride with the Feds because they like to watch the new captains fly before they are released on their own. This also went well, except there was bad weather that day at my destination and I had to hold and shoot my approach down to minimum conditions.
But after all this testing and such not I have been completely signed off as an airline captain and I must say I am extremely thankful the training is over and has been passed. Now I can go about my life and my job like usual again.
Well thanks for all of you who decided to read this lengthy little blog about my last 2 months. I just thought I would brighten some light on what I have been through recently

Till next time

What up my Mofo’s!
Just a quick blog here about some icing that I incurred coming into Knoxville, TN a week back. Now I will start off by saying that icing IS a normal occurance that happens in the clouds at certain temps while flying and we do have anti-icing equipment to conteract the build up on our leading edges of the wings and engine inlets. What is odd about these 2 pictures you are seeing (top & bottom) is the amount. It is rare to see a build up of 2+ inches or rime ice on an airplane on the ground after landing. In the top picture you are seeing that build up gathering on our windshield wipers as we broke out of the clouds. Now in the second picture you are actually seeing a picture that I took of the static wicks that have an approximately 3inch circle of ice surrounding them. This picture I sent to the head of my training department and to some people at Boeing, and not one of them has EVER seen ice build like that on a static wick. So this could be a very rare picture that you are seeing.
Oh and to answer any of your questions, the plane did start to shutter on the decent to landing at 350knts. It was a little shaky and somewhat disturbing to fly but it all ended well!
Well I just thought I would share some of these pictures with my fellow mofos, to show you something you may not normally see……..ever.
Talk to you all later
And as always………..Good Times!


So I was heading out to the airplane this morning when I saw this! I just had to take a picture of it because it fully defines irony to me. That is an escape probe on the bottom of the plane that lets the very hot overflow water (potable water, not toilet water) drip out to maintain equal pressure in the water tanks at altitude. If this doesn’t show how cold it was in Charolette NC this morning, then I don’t know what does!

Whats up my Mofo’s!
So the other day I was in “Bang’n in Little Rock”(obscure title from an HBO special years ago). I had a 22 hour lay over and decided to take in a couple sites downtown. I was by myself and had no crew that wanted to go out, screw em’ I had a great time anyways!
The top picture is of a 50mm, 3inch barrel gun. Which if you look closely, you can see a little Mojo tagging on it. Also which I thought was the coolest part of the picture, in the background is the U.S.S. Razorback submarine. You can only see the top of it with the flags flying! Its America, Russia and IndyMojo baby!
The bottom picture is of the trolly that goes throughout downtown. I just thought this was a pretty cool picture. I ended up taking several pictures of my little adventure, I posted them all in my new photo gallery “Banging in Little Rock”.
I finished up by hitting this cool little pub called the Flying Saucer. Actually its not very small and appartently this joint is opening up in different cities. But they had 75 draft beers on tap and over 100 different bottled beers. I ended up drinking a $11 dollar glass of beer that was served to me in a snifter. 10% alc by volume, I was buzzed after 2!
Until next time my Mofo’s!
Good Times!

So this is what happens when I am bored in Philly with a 2 hour layover and nothing to do. I sit in my seat and start reading, then I notice I could care less what I am reading. So I try to be productive and program the FMS (Flight Managment System) for the next leg. This doesn’t take me to long but I notice that I am getting tired. Not good considering the passengers will be boarding in 15 minutes. So I get up, go out the jetway, find the nearest coffee stand, over pay for a cup of joe and down the coffee. Nothing………. So I head back to the plane, look around for a minute and then realize “Holy Shit, I forgot about the oxygen!”. So I pull out the mask, decide it looks a little bland, throw a IndyMojo sticker on it, put it on and take a pic! I also wake up pretty nicely because 100% O2 definetly awakens the brain:)

Legal Garble:
This was perfectly legal and broke no FAA regulations. I was using it as a training aid to assist me in case of an emergency. The sticker was for asthetic value only and was taken off as to cause no harm to the mask or valve operation. The oxygen was operationally inhaled as to test for quality and to monitor pressure indicator values.

A.K.A. sometimes you just have to make sure this shit actually works!:)

So yesterday (New Years Eve, as if you couldn’t read the title), I had to fly to Washington DC and back again that night. I truly have never gotten a good picture of what we fly past everytime we go into there. This time was different though, because it was actually a beautiful day outside and I had a nice new little camera phone to play with! (Thanks again IndyMojo!) So as we were coming in I reached over and took several photos of the scenary HOPING something would come out. And I’ll be damned if I didnt grab one of the coolest photos I have ever taken! Obviously the photo is of the Washington Monument, just check out the reflection in the water! And yes this is actually how close we get to all this stuff when we come in and land. Pretty crazy, right?
Anyways, this picture and a bunch more can been seen in bigger form in my new Scenic Photo Gallery I just posted. In there are just photos I have taken and will continue to take of just great scenary.
Thanks for checking out the blog!
Talk to all you Mofo’s later
Good Times

Ok ok ok ok………….
I know these types of photos are getting a little old but I just like the way the backround came out. This is what happens when you arrive over 30min early and have nothing else to do until they start boarding the aircraft. This was taken in Augusta GA, and it was just an absolutely great night temp and weather wise. So I decided to do a little more tagging and came up with this (the one with the Mojo sticker). The other pic was just a cool shot with some other jets in the far background. I couldn’t tag this one because TSA was watching Oooops hahaha!
Talk to all you Mojoers later
Good Times!

Well hello again to all Mojoers!
Today I happen to be hanging out in Ashville NC, which is a beautiful and rich little town. I was sitting in the hotel room all morning chating on here with some friends when I decided to venture outside for a long walk to take in some scenery and lunch. Now there is really not an incredible amount of stuff to do where they put me up for the night but since it is around 75 degrees out here I figure a walk couldn’t hurt me. I have to say this is a great spot if you ever wanted to venture out this way just to take in some sights, camp or whatever. The picture is just off of an overhang near my hotel that looks into a vally near the airport. I threw a Mojo sticker on the tree just to make it “Official”. I couldn’t find anything that said Ashville on it, but trust me I am here.
Until next time
Good Times!

Ok, so I haven’t posted on here for a little while but I really haven’t had any good places or chances to take Mojo tagging pictures. Right now I am sitting in Birmingham Alabama at the airport. I am supposed to fly up to Philly today but because of all the snow and ice up that way things are getting pretty delayed and backed up. I am sitting in the corner of the airport right now on my computer with my head down and headphones on trying not to be recognized in uniform. People are walking around all pissed off and I have already had 4 people “try” to yell at me for the situation they have been put in, like I can help the weather and part the damn clouds!
Well I thought I would just post something real quickly to make myself look busy. I have to go play planes now and make it look like I am doing something.
I posted a picture on here from Akron OH at the airport, it isnt’ great but thats because Akron stinks and thats all there really is. Oh and the Mojo sticker is the little black one in the middle of the frame

Talk to all you Mojoers later!
Good Times (I think)