For those who somehow come across this — um, hi! — as you can tell from the dates of entries prior to this one I hardly come here anymore.

Nothing against the Mojo, circumstances haven’t gelled to where I really need it. I work weeknights now, and have friends that I do stuff with on weekends, and my theatre reviewing does take up a lot of the free time.

And when I’m online, I have other places I hang out. I highly recommend Smaller Indiana (whether you see me there or not) as a great networking tool and way to meet interesting people. There I’m under my real name (John Belden). My daily life is more featured on my Facebook page (jbelden) and LiveJournal (beldar). I also have a Twitter (indybeldar) that I use occasionally and a MySpace account I almost never go to.

So that’s what I’m up to. If I find myself doing stuff here again, I’ll delete or modify this. See ya around…

In today’s Thursday edition of the Greenfield Daily Reporter I placed a big story about IndyMojo on the “@ Your Leisure” page. I didn’t write it (staff reporter Noelle Steele did), I just edited the page. It includes pictures of Mofos havin’ fun. Hopefully this will help enhance the Mofo population of Hancock County. Eastside represent!

I also put a good word in for IndyMojo on my blog at

Time got away from me, I guess. Been busy with projects at work, and most of my online posting has been with the far-flung friends I have on (I’m “beldar” there as well).

I’ve been getting out around Indy some lately, including the Irvington Halloween Festival and the “Be Well Red” Edgar Allan Poe reading at Easley Winery on Monday. This weekend will be the “procrastinator’s Halloween” party with the Circle of Janus sci-fi/fantasy club (click on the CoJ link on

But tonight, I’m hosting Trick or Treaters at the house. With work tomorrow, I can’t do the till-3a.m. Mojo party.

I suppose y’all watching the Colts game and through NFL opening weekend noticed the “C” patches on various quarterbacks’ uniforms. It puzzled me, until during the on-air commentary it was noted they stood for “Captain,” much like the “C” on hockey jerseys.

I frankly don’t like this for two reasons:
First, its superfluous, as anyone who knows anything about American Football knows that the quarterback is the leader and “captain” of the offense. Identifying him on the field is ridiculously easy, with his lining up under center or in the shotgun, and being the first person to handle the ball (aside from center). The first thing you learn when watching football is who the quarterback is, explain that position to a newbie and he or she can follow it from there.
I’m not sure if the defensive team Captain gets to wear patch as well. It’s not that important to the appreciation of the game to have him readily identifiable, but it would be interesting; but I’m indifferent on this, except for:

Second, this detracts from the concept of a football team as a team, a single unit rather than a bundle of individuals. From junior high, players are hammered with the concept of TEAM, TEAM, TEAM! As a small-town paper sports editor, I had problems getting coaches to nominate a “player of the week” as they didn’t want to put the spotlight on any particular player. The back who runs for 200 yards, or quarterback who completed 20 passes, got dynamite blocks from teammates you don’t even look at twice on the roster. Peyton Manning already has fame, name recognition, riches, league and Super Bowl MVP, not to mention the big ring — which he would without hesitation tell you is a TEAM honor — he doesn’t need a stupid patch on his chest.

Not that much going on for the weekend. Friends spent Friday night at the Whoosier Network (local Doctor Who club) meeting (was working Friday night so didn’t even consider ArtVsArt). Saturday did some shopping, and Sat. evening and Sunday caught up on DVR stuff and watched some football.

One nice thing Saturday was that we made a point to chill for a few minutes along the canal at Broad Ripple before the rain came on.

Tuesday we plan to commemorate by having dim sum (on 9/11 we did lunch at Yummy’s [now Shen Yang] on the westside while watching the news on their big screen) but want to save money by having it at home. Hoping we can find some friends to come over and share it with us.

Today is the big show, and I’m sittin’ here at work in my blue-with-horseshoe business-casual shirt, and tonight I’ll likely be watching the game — at home on TV like the rest of the country.

Only those totally devoted to seeing the performers and/or those with tickets to the game should venture into downtown today. I know the pregame concerts are free, but is it worth the crushing crowds and parking hassles (would have to consider taking the No. 8 bus in, glad I have that option) and how good are the accoustics around Monument Circle anyway?

While it’s nice to go to the dome on occasion (I’ve seen games there), it’s good to see it nearly-free in the living room, where the seats are bigger and comfier and the beer is cheaper.

I’m anticipating a real roller-coaster year for the Colts, a team that is always one injury and one defensive player under- or overperforming away from either greatness or disaster. Severely doubt there will be a Superbowl repeat, but don’t want it to be from lack of trying. The really interesting thing will be to see if the Saints are for real, whether they can build on their success last year or if they peaked in ’06.

Found a photo of me made last year when a photographer I work with wanted to try out his new equipment. So it’s up, and the only actual photo of me posted to one of these social networking/blogging sites. Enjoy. =)

Done with Labor Day weekend. Actually spent it doing NOTHING — that was fun. And a bunch of stuff is off the DVR.

Saturday and Sunday were spent with the IndyFringe Festival. We saw 11 shows — would have been 12 but Phil Van Hest (“Phil the Void”) went overtime since he was the last show on the Phoenix stage, and he was too good to leave early. Overall a great selection of plays and magic shows this year.

This month will be busy as usual, with deciding what to do for my Birthday (the 19th) adding to the stress. Since it is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day (really!) the theme is obvious. I just need to know where to set sail for, so to speak, for an evening of plundering (or at least Captain Morgan shots). I’ve got ideas, so will update later as they flesh out.

Just getting started here on the Mojo. Not a whole lotta photos of me out there so my pic may be a while in coming.