As my first blog since being an intern I am going to share what’s been happening… then go into my life lesson :)

okay so I graduated, with the help of JK and Smitty…. time to enter the real world…. no journalism jobs… okay so I’ll go to job fairs and put my resume into the world – someone will want a fresh college graduate (holla for my IU degree) – right away right? wrong…. months and months of job searching goes by —-

well ok so I slacked a little on the amount of places I put my resume and I took the first job offered to me out of college, a step in the right direction, my foot in the door to many opportunities – which is still the plan in process, but with the economy and oh yea the bill that was passed (the healthcare/education one… yea that one) who knows where my company lies in the future –

if you didn’t know i work for a well known company… a well known student loan company… anyway when I say where.. I usually get the groans and moans and I hate you’s so let’s avoid those shall we?

anyway so daily i hear people stories and i also hear all the fun places i can go or the fun places people say they can pull money out of…. i heard death threats and how the lord is going to be upset with me – i get called name after name all because im asking you for money you know you owe –

anyway i just wanted to say it’s not that hard to be nice on the phone – people act the way on the phone as they do on the interwebs – it’s not face to face so it’s easier to fight and say hurtful things – minus the fact online it can be more anonymous than on the phone considering i have all your non public info in front of my face – i know who you are – and calling me a bitch isn’t going to pay your bill.

another thing having your three year old child pick up the phone saying – drop dead then hanging up – GREAT parenting… ps i could HEAR YOU IN THE BACKGROUND… jackass

just because it is your birthday does not mean you get to skip your monthly payment…

just remember calls are monitored and recorded what you say is on file – so don’t change your story when i call the next time, and if you say you are unemployed that’s fine if you really are but next time tell your wife so that when i call you two are on the same page and she doesn’t tell me oh he’s at work he will be home at 5.. interestinggggg

people make it harder on themselves than they really have to – cursing at someone when you made the mistake is just silly…. i wish i could share the recordings with you all but due to privacy laws I can’t all i can do is try to teach the world to be nicer on the phone – then maybe life can be just a little smoother for all of us :)

Dear Mojo….. This crazy little internship is coming to and end. I just wanted to write a letter of thanks to you guys. Tuesday is my last day being the first official intern. I have to hand in my portfolio and write a paper on what I learned to my sponsoring professor. After that, I graduate and my college career is over. I just want to take this moment to thank Smitty for taking my joke and turning it into a reality. You really are my saving grace for the semester. I had missed all my deadlines for Spring internships (surprise surprise!) and joking with Smitty I said I would work for free if he could really teach me something. This turned into Jk, Smitty and I coming up with a real job that I could do and we ended up working on a proposal to get it approved. Even though my bosses are my friends they still had work for me to do and still taught me some things along the way. Thank you both for that. I still am undecided on where I am going to go with my degree. I will have a degree in journalism May 10th but this internship taught me a little about PR and marketing, now I have interest in all three areas. I plan to still be involved in mojo as much as possible, I will keep my blogs going and still try to get mojo as much media attention as possible. Thanks to all of you who dubbed me “intern from hell” or “worst intern ever” when my camera would die or I would not come totally prepared with my business cards. You saved my butt by giving me Smitty’s camera or extra cards. You guys are awesome…. Tuesday you will see my name change :)



Okay, so since I was a little kid I was always taught to share. Share with my sister, share with my friends etc. and sometimes I just didn’t want to. I was a spoiled brat and although sometimes it seems that I still am I really think that I am not. I just have the tendency to still act out like one.

I remember one time when I was very small at the pool with my Aunt at her apartment complex, I had let some other little girl use my little mermaid floatie ring. I was nice, I shared, I even tried to make a new friend. Well I saw her leaving for lunch with her mommy and telling her that someone gave her the floatie. I threw a fit and my Aunt went to retrieve my toy. That was the moment I decided to pick and choose who to trust with my toys.

I also remember in like 3rd grade not wanting to share my new friend Emily. I had one best friend at one time and when I was sick of them I moved on. Thankfully I grew out of that stage quickly. I became a tomboy and figured out boys were less crazy to be friends with. Granted I still had my female friends.

Granted I was a child, and these are two extremes it is situations and behaviors that had to happen to help shape us into the adults that we are today. For some reason I am that girl that doesn’t like to share her personal space. Any time I go on vacation with someone or someone comes to stay with me for more than 2 days there is bound to be an issue of me getting angry. It is a horrible habit that I do not know how to break. Little things happen and build up until I explode – any other situation I can talk it out. But when I am in such a close vicinity with someone I shut down.

Take New Years in I think it was ’07. My boyfriend at the time and I were just getting serious. I was housesitting for my sister and he decided to come stay with me for a few days. Everything he did irritated me for no reason. I asked him to leave for a bit and go hang with his friends… after he refused I said nothing. Until after the party late that night when I kicked him out at 3am in a drunken rage. Now I know I can be a dramatic drunk and all which is why I have tried to cut down. Thank god there have not been situations as serious as this one lately.

Anyway back to my point, when is the point where you are ready to share a space with someone? How can you live with someone if you get irritated with their existence only after a few days? Is it me? Am I the mean one because I don’t want to share? Am I just not ready for what a real serious relationship will bring? How long does it take to get prepped for this? How will you know?

They don’t teach you these things. You are just supposed to learn as you go and just know when it is right. Well what if it seems right but old habits die hard? What if you want something or someone to work out so bad but you cannot get over your own habits of pushing people away? Why do I have to push people away when all they want to do is make me happy? Why is it that the nicer they are to me.. the meaner I have to be to them?

My theory on this was that the relationship I had in my formative years was so disfunctional that it has conditioned me to be a heartless bitch. I promise you that kid has ruined my psyche forever.

Anyway, just some thoughts and of course ramblings… the answers will come in time.

I’m sitting in the computer lab… Carrie Underwood’s song Wasted is playing in the background. The lyrics got me to thinking… “I don’t want to spend my life jaded, waiting, to wake one day and find that i let all these years go by wasted…. ”

I graduate in May as you all know. And I am very unsure of what I am going to do with myself. First I was moving to Texas, then Pittsburgh, then Denver, then South Carolina. These decisions all within 6 months, I didn’t commit to any of those because as much as I want to leave I don’t think I would be able to stay away. I have so much here yet I don’t know what to do with it all. My lease is up in July and Blake and I have talked about moving in together, but I don’t know if I’m ready to live with a boy. The smart thing to do would be move back in with my rents and save up some money so that I could buy a new car. The car I drive now is theirs and they will probably want it back (even though I have torn it up to all hell)

I don’t want to waste any time though, which is why moving away would probably be a bad idea. Yea it would be a good experience, but why waste time away from those I already know and love? My family is here… and yea some of my good friends have moved away but at least they are pretty decent vacation spots.

I just want to figure it all out.

So you say you love this addiction known as and you don’t have your halo yet?

Maybe you don’t understand the benefits of being a member of the inner circle… Allow me to let you in on a little secret to get that pretty halo over your head

It’s always so hard to buckle down and get my school work done when the weather starts getting warmer. It doesn’t help that I will be on a beach this time next week. I am graduating in May…. I don’t know what life is like without being in school. I always make my schedule so busy that I run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I don’t know what kind of big girl job I really want to do… and I don’t know where I want to go when my lease is up in July. This next week should prove an interesting one… we are going with one of those college spring break tour groups – South Padre should be crazy.

Hosting an event in your home for people you have met through an online website may seem like a crazy idea to some, but to Amanda Miller, 26, it’s just another party with her friends from, a local networking site dedicated to creating connections in the Indianapolis area, hosts local events and has online discussion forums giving members the chance to interact with each other and create lasting real connections.

More than likely most females ages 18-40 have had some sort of interaction with an online community. Although IndyMojo has been compared to sites such as Facebook and MySpace, there are features setting it apart and making it a safer social networking option for members. With options such as blacklisting, abuse buttons and moderators that consistently watch the site, there leaves little room for anyone

Dear Guy who left flowers for me at Starbucks;

Thank you for making my morning fabulous. I walked in today at 5am all grumpy… then as I hung up my coat.. flowers wrapped in green tissue paper caught my eye. Wandering over to see who they were for and silently curse them I read “To: Andi – Hope these make you smile.” I thought to myself… “WAIT… I’m the only Andi here…. these must be for me!!!” I looked all over for a FROM: but there was none. The whole day turned into a starbucks game of “Where did Andi’s flowers come from???” I then decided to question the shift on duty from the night before. I waited until an acceptable hour to call, but he had no details to tell me. Except that it was not a florist that delivered the flowers, it was a guy who wished to remain nameless and leave the flowers for me. Ugh why couldn’t a girl have been on duty.. she could at least have given me details on what he looked like!

But i know you are out there and maybe you are reading this, I thank you for the GORGEOUS flowers! Also Thank you for taking the time to pay attention to a girls favorite flower! And yes, they make me smile!

P.s. Please tell me who you are!

Hello Mr. Pasty Legs I’d like you to meet my friend February. You know, the month where it’s still winter and there is a foot and a half of snow on the ground. It is 24 degrees without wind chill today. (12 degrees with) Yet, you are so persistent on strutting through the wintery goodness in your shorts.

Now, I can completely see wearing shorts in the winter if:

*You are inside
*You are playing a sport
*You have tights on under them

Now, some of you are sitting there thinking

Quote from sex and the city:

Carrie: People say ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ These people are usually women. And these women are usually sorting through a break-up. It seems that men can get out of a relationship without even a ‘Goodbye,’ but, apparently, women have to either get married or learn something…

Thoughts in my brain….

Now, “everything happens for a reason” happens to be a quote I have always lived by. In a relationship/post relationship/hating men/all the flipping time – but seriously it is mostly women who use it.

Is it my ever perpetual optimistic tendencies popping out?

I try to be a realist but I really do believe that things do happen for a reason. Otherwise why would they happen? One thing leads to another right? So why does this one thing happening for a reason mean we have to be overly optimistic just to believe that’s why that certain thing is happening? Is it just a hope for something better? A way to cope? most girls I know going through a breakup just want the bastard to get what he deserves – its usually the friend who is trying to cheer her up by saying there is something out there better waiting for her – it is the girl going through the breakup who thinks that is bullshit.

It is different in every case of course this is just a little bit of my cynicism shunning the “ever so girlie love-cheerleader” hoping for more in the back of my mind.

We say guys get away without so much as a goodbye and sometimes that is true but sometimes it isn’t. If the relationship was worth something the guy is feeling it, he just has alternative methods of coping. We sit around and think while they are busy forgetting, us being overly emotional – we get offended.

but yes I do feel in relationships women do have to get married or learn something – but that should not be something negative – I learn something from every individual that crosses my path – whether a positive or a negative learning from other people is what shapes you into the person you become – you learn how to work with others – how not to get hurt – what pushes your buttons – what type of person not to go for – that just because someone can give you butterflies that doesn’t mean they are a good match for you. its okay to have feelings for someone who does not have the same ones back….

you can love someone with all you have and it doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have