noewIndyMojo’s #SpookStaff moseyed down to Nightmare on Edgewood last Saturday evening, and they left feeling eerily elated, and satisfied. Consistently ranked one of Indy’s premier haunts, if not the top-dog, NOEW offers a smattering of freaky frights that will probably hit home with even the bravest soul. Ranging from demented clowns to cannibal butchers, this haunt promises certain fright to anyone who enters.

"It" will get ya!

“It” will get ya!

Situated on the grounds of an athletic compound, this haunt boasts several different components throughout the set-up. This writer can’t give it all away, because the surprise is half the fun, but a few juicy tidbits will be shared. Sections are aptly titled anxiety-inducing names like “Pandemonium”, “Hysteria”, “Old School Fright”, “Schizophrenia”, and “The Last Ride”. Each different portion of the haunt is unique, and each one has its own distinct frightening element. However, one theme remains constant throughout the experience: the scarers can touch.

Not only can the scarers at this particular haunt touch you, but they can also poke you with their machetes, run forks across your throat, and shove you into walls. After experiencing this, this writer will never go to another house where they CAN’T touch you. Its friggin’ awesome. It adds a completely new element to the scare when someone pops out of nowhere and grabs your shoulders. All illusions of safety go out the window, and the sensory scaring begins.

Winding through pitch black mazes, avoiding killers reminscient of “The Purge”, and being caressed by Freddy Kreuger are among many of the memorable events from NOEW. This haunted house is a beastly one, and probably not the best pick for those that are faint of heart. Here’s what the rest of IndyMojo’s #SpookStaff had to say about it:


Mike Myers & Freddy say “Hi!”

Gwen StaffNightmare on Edgewood has done it again! This haunt stands out due to the pure terror of being touched while winding through the twists and turns of its wicked attractions. Edgewood consistently reinvents their ghoulish sets and employ actors who truly love the thrill of scaring the guts out of people. My favorite was a room that everyone was shut in to and nobody truly knew what was going on. - Gwen

dan2I liked that at Nightmare on Edgewood patrons were turned around in the haunt, as well as had to crawl through a portion of it. They were also able to touch us, which made things seem realistic. No one was safe – whether they were in the front or in the back! - Dan


Danielle Staff 2Old School Fright was the clear winner for me at Edgewood this year. The addition of multiple new scenes and rooms, as well as elaborate new lighting effects, took the production to a whole new level. The monsters inside of Old School Fright were especially touchy, which left me paralyzed in hysterical laughter as I repeatedly brushed away Freddie’s metal claws and worked to escape the clutches of a curiously friendly psychopath who wandered with our group for a significant amount of time. - Danielle


Nightmare on Edgewood

Indy’s Most Intense Haunt

6004 Camden Ave

Indianapolis, Indiana

Note: #SpookStaff recommends not using GPS, as you’ll end up in a nearby neighborhood. From 465, take the East St. / 31 exit and head south. Turn left (east) onto Edgewood Avenue and look for the haunt on the right (south) side of the road.

Regular Admission: $20

(includes Schizophrenia, Pandemonium, Hysteria and Old School Fright).

VIP Fast Pass Admission: $30

(includes all four haunts mentioned above, plus The Last Ride, and shorter wait times)

edgewood dates

Read our special behind the scenes interview with Nightmare on Edgewood here.


Haunted Angelus House is more than your run of the mill seasonal haunt. Aside from boasting a creepy haunted journey, it scares for a good cause.

Located on E. Washington Street, this combination haunted house/costume shop offers spooky thrills to help those in need. The Angelus House is a foundation supporting individuals with Cerebral Palsy, and the Haunted Angelus House proudly donates to this charitable fund. Additionally, the scarers at HAH coordinate canned food drives to stock local pantries.

Assisting the community while having a scary good time? It really doesn’t get much better than that.

This haunted house had just the right amount of chill and thrill. It’s moderate course time of about 25-30 minutes made it easy to get in, get scared, and then have the opportunity to grab dinner without it being too late.

This writer and her accomplice!

This writer and her accomplice!

The Haunted Angelus House is certainly not for the faint of heart, but it is also relatively family friendly. There were terrifying moments that may, or may not, have involved evil clowns. Also, some of Hollywood’s scariest bad guys were seen thoughout the place. However, it was not pants-wettingly horrifying, so take that into consideration when planning.

This writer would recommend this haunted house to anyone searching for a creepy evening. If you aren’t too faint of heart, and don’t want to be touched (it’s a no-touch facility) than the Haunted Angelus House is for you!



Spoon isn’t the average, run of the mill Indie Rock outfit. With a career spanning over 21 years, these seasoned veterans are quite far from the electronic, lo-fi sound that pumps through the current indie scene. Their newest album, “They Want My Soul”, is a testament to just this, and luckily their tour in stopping through Indy this Friday night at Old National Centre.

With memorable tunes ranging from the well-known “The Underdog”, “They Way We Get By” and “I Turn My Camera On”, to their newest single “Do You”, Spoon’s sound is easily accessible. The rock flavored melodies that this quintet creates makes them popular with alternative, rock, and indie fans alike.

Through television shows like The O.C. and movies like Stranger Than Fiction, the band reached commercial success and exposure. However, their material has remained consistent and strong. Their most recent release, “They Want My Soul”, proves that with 21 years under their belts these guys can still rock it. gave it an impressive 8.6/10 on their notoriously picky scale, and the album’s single “Do You” seems to be gaining popularity.



Whether you’re a long-term fan, a convert from The O.C., or just a person who appreciates music, Spoon will be a show to show up for. Classics will be played, and new favorites will be dropped at The Egyptian Room this Friday. These veterans have been around for a while, and at this rate, seem to be going nowhere but up!

Friday, Sept. 12th

Where: The Egyptian Room at ONC

When: Doors 7 PM, Show 8 PM

Cost: $27.50 tickets here


jbrookinzbb6“Can we talk about the Ebola virus?” asked Jay Brookinz with a half-joking smile.

As a self-proclaimed “Man of the People”, there’s never been a better time for this homegrown producer and promoter to be grinning. His dudes in Ghost Gun Collective are putting Indianapolis rap on the map, his sixth Beat Battle is about to take over The Vogue, and he’s actually got a clothing line in the works.  It would be weird if he wasn’t cheesing from ear to ear most days of the week.

The Vogue is hosting the 6th annual JBBB 2014

The Vogue is hosting the 6th annual JBBB 2014

His sixth annual Beat Battle is going down at The Vogue on Saturday the 23rd, and expectations are higher than ever. This grassroots clash of producers boasts every brand of hip-hop style imaginable. From EDM to old-school hip-hop, this 16 man battle will truly test each producer’s chops. Tony Styxx , a JBBB competitor at last year’s event, popped through our interview at Sabbatical and had some wisdom to share.


Broad Ripple native, JBrookinz, will surely need this jacket for his 48 hour camping- promotion!

“Nobody’s beat battle, anywhere, is better than the Jay Brookinz Beat Battle. It’s fair, it’s precise, and there’s no favoritism,” said Styxx as he walked back into the restaurant with a guitar slung over his back.
Starting as an event at the Broad Ripple Music Festival, Brookinz and his friends got the whole thing kicked off six years ago, and have never looked back.

“This is the real deal!” exclaimed Brookinz, “If we don’t make the real deal, than the real deal won’t happen”.
This seems to be the mindset with the majority of Indy’s recent cultural explosion. Microbreweries, artists and restaurants alike seem to be continually founded by Indy natives, because they want to see it happen here. Brookinz has even hung up his artist hat, for the time being, to focus on making the beat battle an enormous cultural event for Indianapolis.

With this night gaining momentum every year, its fair to say that the historic Vogue is the ideal place for it. However, with the recent string of violence looming over the neighborhood’s head, some people may feel skeptical about heading into Broad Ripple at all, let alone for a hip-hop battle. Brookinz and Styxx made it abundantly clear that the JBBB is a drama-free night.

LONEgevity playing at the 2011 JBB. Look for him this year, too.

LONEgevity playing at the 2011 JBB. Look for him this year, too.

“It pains me that Broad Ripple has a bad reputation now, and I want to combat that. I want to bring back the good,” he stated as he and this writer reminisced about the days when The Village was more than just a party strip.

Back when Broad Ripple was the sole epicenter of Indianapolis art and culture, there seemed to be less booze-fueled confrontation. Maybe an arts revival is just what this little community needs, and maybe the beat battle itself can be a catalyst for the area’s “Stop the Violence” campaign.

“The only thing we’re beating up is people’s ear drums”, he enthusiastically stated.

With the deep and talented music scene that’s rising all across Indy, it’s a boon to Broad Ripple to be the host of such a prominent cultural act. Brookinz dreams of an artistic and cultural renaissance across the metropolitan area, with Ripple at the center.

Music is only one of his visions, though, as he prepares to launch his own clothing line. Stemming from the success of his hilarious 4/20 t-shirt, this line will take on a unique, and slightly more serious vibe. Be sure to grab a hat or shirt while at the JBBB!

By the way, this line-up is stacked. Look for live tunes by local legends such as Grey Granite, Pope Adrian Bless, and Sirius Blvck. Legendary DJ Topspeed will be present, as will be Maxie (Young Tone). There will be plenty of new and old favorites streaming through The Vogue, and going head to head for that $500 cash prize.

Lastly, in the 48 hours leading up to the event, Brookinz will show off yet another area of his creative expertise: promotion.

Grey & J during their bike ride promotion of the 5th JBBB.

Grey & J during their bike ride promotion of the 5th JBBB.

We thought the man had gone mad last year when he and Grey Granite embarked on a bike ride adventure from Broad Ripple to the westside’s Victory MFG, venue for JBBB 2013. Continually setting the bar higher for himself, this year Brookinz has cooked up one of the most unique marketing ideas the flier-lined streets of Broad Ripple has ever seen. He will camp outside the venue for two full days to talk to the citizens and patrons of Broad Ripple and encourage them to attend the sixth annual Jay Brookinz Beat Battle.

Brookinz will be tweeting, greeting, and chatting with the local folks to drum up support for Indy’s most prominent night in hip-hop. His dream is to “do what I love to do” and who can pish-posh that? With an army of talented musicians, music lovers, and culture purveyors in Indianapolis, the time has never been riper for Brookinz, and all of Indy, to follow their wildest dreams and make this city a more vibrant place to live.

Saturday August 23rd

9:00 PM


The Vogue Theatre

Buy tickets:

Forecastle BannerFrom baby boomers to teenagers, Forecastle Music Festival had something in store for every one of its 80,000 attendees. Spanning the entire vicinity of Louisville’s Waterfront Park, this eclectic festival boasted both a rich lineup up, and an equally gratifying locale. For twelve years in a row Forecastle has romanced disciples of americana, folk, electronic, hip-hop, and good ol’ fashioned rock n, roll, and this year it lived up to its reputation.

Day 1: Friday, July 18

Andre 300 - Photo by Katie Simpson

Andre 300 – Photo by Katie Simpson

A little rain never kilt nobody”, shouted Outkast’s Big Boi as he and Andre 3000 pounced across stage late Friday evening. True, it was drizzling on the mob that hugged the stage as Outkast cranked out hit after hit, but it hardly caused a flinch. For over 20 years this hip-hop dynasty has been tearing up popular culture, and for an hour and a half on Friday night they incited the swampiest dance party Kentucky has possibly ever known.

Big Boi - Photo by Bruce Jason Bonham

Big Boi – Photo by Bruce Jason Bonham

Opening with “Bombs Over Baghdad”, Outkast set the pace for an immeasurably funky and danceable night. They gave the crowd their classics like “Ms. Jackson”, “Hey Ya”, and “So Fresh, So Clean”, but they also shouted out to their long-term fan-base. Deep cuts like “Crumblin’ Erb” and “Hootie Hoo” were shouted across a crowd of young ears who may not have heard them before, but were instantly hooked. By the end of their set, Andre and Big Boi had transformed the Forecastle crowd into a bunch of southernplayalisticadillacfunkymusic fanatics.

Day 2: Saturday, July 19

hunter s thompson

Hunter S. Thompson Puppet

As the overcast clouds loomed above the city, many attendees worried that it would start raining any second. However, as the day progressed, the clouds became less of something to fear, and more of something to celebrate. The clouds kept the temperature in the 70’s, a wonderful hiccup in Louisville’s weather which typically hovers around the 90-100 range in mid-July. With a comfortable breeze blowing, Hurray for the Riff Raff came on to kick off Saturday’s line-up. Their folky, acoustic sound coupled with the lead singers raspy vocals were a gentle transition into what would become a boisterous day.

New Orleans based, The Soul Rebels, unleased their blaring brass later in the afternoon. This percussion and brass fueled outfit livened up the afternoon with original tunes, and a fantastic Jay-Z rendition. Their crowd response was pretty exciting due to the fact that they had a large following, and also that they got the whole group up and dancing.

avey tare

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks

Later in the afternoon, Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks took up a temporary residency beneath the I-64 overpass. The mastermind of this operation is Animal Collective’s Dave “Avey Tare” Portner, while the other two bandmates hail from Dirty Projectors and Ponytail. Trippy visualizers accented the group’s layered and sometimes feverish instrumentation. Dave’s prowess on the guitar was displayed in all its experimental glory, as he hammered out effects between songs and allowed them to accumulate into the next piece. Their single “Little Fang” got the whole crowd bopping around to their jazzy, distortedness.


Band of Horses

Later in the evening, the horde of festie-goers stampeded over to the center stage to catch Band of Horses. Clearly a Forecastle favorite that weekend, Band of Horses drew a massive crowd, which would only multiply by the time wonder-rocker Jack White would arrive. BOH slid into “St. Augustine” as their fans twirled and swayed to the solo stylings of lead singer Brian Bridwell. Following the opening tune, the rest of the band came out, and they happily cruised through several fan favorites. “Is There a Ghost” and “No One’s Gonna Love You” had the whole swarm of sweaty fans singing along at the top of their lungs. The energy was tangible, and every fan had a back story for each BOH song. As their set wound down, people scuttled closer to snag a close spot for Jack White.

Jack White- Photo By Lilian Cai

Jack White- Photo By Lilian Cai

Bathed in light blue, Jack White and his company of musicians, including an electric violin, strolled onto deck. His crowd work was impeccable as he played a plethora of solo, White Stripes, and Raconteur material. His latest single, “Lazaretto” rang out brimming with his signature dirty blues sound. The crowd raged along with him and his crew as though they were under some type of rock induced spell. Everyone writhed as “Ball and Biscuit” played. They wailed along with him as he crooned “We’re Going to Be Friends”. In typical Jack White fashion his encore set was almost as long as his scheduled repertoire. Fans grooved to the jazzy “Steady as She Goes”, and when “Seven Nation Army” was unleashed a sing-along commenced. By the end, the appeared fully satisfied by his damn near “Best of” set list.

Day 3: Sunday, July 20

Boat Art Installation

Boat Art Installation

The venue was slow to fill up on Sunday afternoon, because most people were probably still recovering from their Jack attack the previous evening. Sunday’s lineup was a little softer than the first two days, so many people were found recovering on blankets around Waterfront Park. Blue Sky, Black Death played some dubsteppy beats under the bridge as people trickled past the stage. They played a notable remix of Frank Ocean’s “Pyramid”, and the fans finally started to get their groove on a little bit.

Sun Kil Moon - Photo by Lilian Cal

Sun Kil Moon – Photo by Lilian Cal

Towards the evening legendary singer/songwriter Sun Kil Moon took stage, and bellowed his intimate lyrics across the waterfront. Mark Kozelek, a veteran of some 20 odd years in the industry, projected his detailed lyrics to listeners as they heard stories of life, death, and sex.

As the sun began to set, Ray LaMontagne performed some of his newest and oldest hits. His typically acoustic act took a bluesy tone that evening, as his newer record was producer by the one and only Dan Auerbach. As the clock wound down to Beck’s slot, everyone migrated over towards center stage to catch the last headliner of the weekend.

Beck - Photo By Lilian Cai

Beck – Photo By Lilian Cai

Beck’s performance left absolutely nothing to be desired. Since he hardly ever tours, let alone in the Midwest, anticipations were enormous. He started the last set of the festival with “Devil’s Haircut”, and the night only grew more insane. He danced and swerved across stage in his black and white bow tied suit like the magnificent entertainer that he is. The familiar riff for “Bille Jean” broke out across the stage and he whipped out a rendition that would’ve made MJ jealous. He wheezed on the harmonica, and strummed his guitar with his backup crew holding steady to every song he played. When the wobbly guitar riff to “Loser” came on the crowd lost it.  The image of a pixelated pyramid on the backdrop blinked on and off as the entire crowd screamed along to this break through hit. Beck’s showmanship, song selection, and crowd interactions have to place him at the top of Forecastle Festival’s best performances.

As the Forecastle fans filed out of the Louisville, a sad but euphoric feeling emanated along I-65 back to Indy. People were bummed it was over, but could hardly believe all the talented acts they had just witnessed. Whether it was a person’s first dip into the festival circuit, or they were a seasoned vet, it can be certain that each person left with fond memories of a weekend well spent on the Ohio River. Maybe someone discovered an awesome new act, or maybe they had the chance to see an old favorite. Whatever the circumstance, Forecastle Music Festival brought together lovers of music both old and new to share in its wonder.

Gonzo Bar

Gonzo Bar

ETE - 12.14.13 - EL REY - DEBI DEL GRANDE - LA RECORD 1Instrumental virtuosos El Ten Eleven are gearing up for IndyMojo’s first sponsored show at the Hi-Fi this Friday, July 25. The LA-based duo showcase an impressive live set that portrays the beauty of manual looping. While many performers these days rely on the click of a mouse to layer their sounds, these guys insist on keeping their loops fresh and live.

Comprised of double-neck bassist and guitarist, Kristian Dunn, and drummer, Tim Fogarty, this indie rock set seamlessly blends a style that is both harmonic and electronic. Despite their lack of lyrics, they succeed at making music that is easily approached and readily admired. They shared some words with IndyMojo regarding this leg of their tour that brings them to Indy’s newest favorite spot, The Hi-Fi, in Fountain Square.ETE - EL REY STAGE PANORAMIC - LO RES - PHOTO BY MARK OWENS

MOJO: The band is on the way up to the Wicker Park Music Festival, have you guys been on the festival circuit much this year?

ETE: No, we’re actually taking a little time off from our normal touring schedule to work on our next record. There’s a festival coming up in the UK at the end of August, and then we’re doing Decibel Fest in Seattle. We are headlining V Elements Fest in San Diego, but we really are trying to take time off to focus on preparing to write and record new music for the next album.

MOJO: This leg of the tour you will be testing some new material, so are you planning to play new songs exclusively?

ETE: No, we’ll play an assortment of songs from all of our records and four new ones.  We tried the new ones recently at the first show of this little tour in Tucson for the first time, and they went over really well. We’re feeling pretty good!

MOJO: Will we get to hear any of your latest EP and maybe some of your crowd favorites?

ETE: Yep!

MOJO: What’s the most challenging aspect of looping all your instrumentals live during the show?

ETE: Timing. We don’t use click tracks, so we have to be very accurate. With the new songs it’s particularly difficult because they are more complex.ETE - 12.14.13 - EL REY - DEBI DEL GRANDE - LA RECORD 2

MOJO: What do you find most rewarding about creating all your music live rather than just pre-programming it?

ETE: Simply knowing that we did it. We don’t just get onstage and press the space-bar on a laptop. It is a LIVE show.

MOJO: Is there anything extra special the crowd can expect from you at The HI-FI?                                                                            

ETE: El Ten Eleven shows ARE extra special!  No one else does what we do!

El Ten Eleven

The Pass, Kodak To Graph

Fri, July 25, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


$12.00 Tickets HERE

ForecastleOn the banks of the Ohio River resides Forecastle Music Festival, one of the Midwest’s most anticipated musical extravaganzas. It will occupy scenic Waterfront Park, the festival’s home since its inception in 2002, and purvey its sonic glory across its 85 acre expanse. This musical melee will also be found under Interstate overpasses, and aboard wooden ships. During its 3 day run, this festival brings in industry favorites for both the newest batch of music lovers and those with more seasoned palettes.

forecastle-lineupNow, the term forecastle isn’t just any old name. It has meaning and relevance to the port city of Louisville, Kentucky. The forecastle is the front part of a ship where its crew worked hard during the day, and would party during the evening. With this in mind, anyone interested in attending should heed that this is a masterfully planned event. From world renowned headliners to a Bourbon Lounge, Forecastle Festival is bringing a smattering of art, music and, culture.outkast

Headliners Jack White, Outkast, and Beck are a few of contemporary music’s most respected names. For some people in the Midwest, this will be their first chance to catch Outkast live since they started listening to them as teens. For most others, it will be a chance to help this legendary hip-hop duo, Andre 3000 and Big Boi, celebrate their 20th year creating music. For everyone, it will be the only time this summer to catch all three of these acts in the same city for such an affordable price.

With Jack White’s recent release, Lazaretto, and Beck’s latest full-length drop, Morning Phase fueling their respective summer tours- it can be certain that their sets will both be festival highlights. These evening performances won’t be ones to miss, as they will likely mix familiar, nostalgic tunes with newer pearls from current albums.  However, Forecastle is stacked from top to bottom with exciting musicians- whether they’re the new kids on the block, or well-known acts, there’s something for all music lovers.


Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr.

For those who can make it to this urban festie early on Friday, electronic act Mimosa and rapidly rising blues star Gary Clark Jr., are two of the younger acts to add to your schedule. Missing out on Indie groups Local Natives or Spoon would be nearly sinful. Electronic legend Nightmares on Wax kicks off his rare, live set at 6:30- one that would be difficult to pass up without deep regret.

On Saturday, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings are bringing their sound to Waterfront Park. Their retro-soul sound has quickly gained popularity for a live act that is wildly entertaining. Also on Saturday afternoon, Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks is slotted to play a live set. This group consists of the main vocalist for Animal Collective, a gal from the Dirty Projectors, and Ponytail’s old drummer. This electric triad should have an intriguing – if not creepy – performance. Indie rock heroes, Band of Horses, will be one of the last performances before Jack White hits the stage, so be sure to catch these sentimental fellas, too.

Sunday, sadly, brings the end of the festival, but with it comes some artists worth sticking around for- and it’s not just Beck, either. Sun Kil Moon (of previous Red House Painters fame) will be playing some material from his newest release, Benji, which has been one of the most lyrically satisfying albums of 2014. Progressive acoustic group Nickel Creek will be an act worth catching as will be Ray LaMontagne just before Beck.

The banks of the Ohio River will be flooded with hippies, hipsters, and music fanatics between the dates of July 18 to July 20.  Kentucky has invited the world into its bourbon-soaked metropolis for music, culture, and a weekend of entertainment. May all attendees have safe travels, and the festival of a lifetime!Forecastle_2014_Logo_Vert

Fireworks? Check. Patriotism? Check. Beer? Check. If you’re looking to add a little more action to your standard Fourth of July agenda, then we at IndyMojo have got you covered. Come peep our handpicked selections of some of Indy’s most happenin’ local offerings!

Thursday July3rd

Kick it off with Breaks: Elite Force at Altered Thurzdaze

One of the biggest acts at Burning Man every year is Elite Force. This Thursday, July 3rd, you will have the chance to witness him at Indy’s very own Mousetrap. The event will be a steam punk/burning man-themed show, so make sure to bring out your best desert gear. Additionally, a second stage has been added so you can move from inside to out and still enjoy the sounds. Come out and see this musical magician at work and let’s get dusty!

Read the rest of our preview of this event here.

If bass music isn’t your thing, we’d also recommend Bear Hands at Radio Radio.


Friday July 4th

4th of July ICB

4th of July ICB

Local Music & Local Beer: 2nd Annual Fourth of July Fest: Indiana City Brewing Co.

2 PM, tickets here

The fine folks at Indiana City Brewing Co. will be helping you embrace your inner-American at 247 Shelby St. this 4th of July. Tapping into their golden, hoppy “Independence IPA” will only be a portion of the fun to be had at this local Indy favorite. Delicious grilled tamales and the like will be served by Tlaolli.  As if the drinks and eats weren’t enough, there will be live, Indianapolis music aplenty. We Are Hex, Sirius Bvlck, Pravada, Andy D, Apollo Mono, and DJ Andorid will all be serving up some of the city’s finest tunes. As if all this awesomeness isn’t enough, be sure to stick around for a great view of the city’s fireworks. Buy your tickets early for $5, or grab ‘em at the door for $7, either way, it’s gonna be all about ‘murica y’all!

Local Noms & Alternative Folk Music: First Food Truck Friday: Old National Centre

5 PM, tickets here


Per usual, this event kicks butt. Five bucks get you: Live music, ice cold booze, and some of Indy’s tastiest mobile food vendors. This month’s won’t be one to miss, because it happens to fall on the nation’s most celebrated day, July 4th. This event will be offering a fabulous vantage point for Indy’s renowned firework display. With over 30 food trucks present at this monthly event, and a stunning view of Indy’s traditional firework display, this FFFTFF should be on everyone’s lists. Oh yes, and Rusted Root will be playing there, too. Remember that “Send me on my waaayyy” song? From Matilda? Well, yes, they will be there in full force, helping you honor your independence in their peppy, folksy fashion.



Alt Rock, All Day: Fountain Square Music Festival

12 pm, $7

After a successful inaugural event last year, this local single-day festival is sure to be populated with the who’s who of the Indy music scene- both on stage and off. Billed as a non-profit established to benefit the Fountain Square Arts Council, you can rest easy knowing your hard-earned dollars will stay within the community you know and love.

Bands on the entertainment agenda include Verdant Vera, Jenn Christy, Bonesetters, Ampersand Blues Band, Train Company, The Steepwater Band, Hero Jr., Brandon Whyde, Sweet Poison Victim, and The Last IV.

Get the set times here and then make plans for the official after-party.

Local Fundraiser Boasting National & Regional Acts On Georgia St.



2 PM, $20 tickets here

The INDYpendence Day is a fundraiser for cancer awareness that rocks. Last year this event raised over $50,000 for the St. Francis Patient Assistance Fund. With this in mind, by attending this event, you can not only honor our beloved country with rock n’ roll, but you can also help your fellow citizens in need!   With Filter, Dirty Heads, Fuel, Midwest State of Mind, Standout Story, Pragmatic, and Phosphene listed as the music block, there should be a sound present for any alternative music fan.

Max Allen Band at The Mousetrap

Max-Allen-Band-Friday-July-4thLocal mainstays The Max Allen Band will be exactly what you need after spending the day with your relatives and their children. Read our MAB profile where front man Max Allen tells about the inspiration for their 2013 release Everyone Thinks You’re Weird to get ready for a heady-good time with this talented rock/jam/blues band.


Saturday July 5th

And the Beat Goes On ’til Saturday at Indy CD & Vinyl

2 PM, Free

Indy CDMusical Family Tree presents the gentlemen of Blue Moon Revue the day following the 4th. There’s no reason that our greatness should be toasted to on Friday only, so lets keep this party swinging on through Saturday! Come catch some of Indy’s finest perform a free set at one of Indy’s best establishments, and shampoo away your hangover with some delicious local brews.

Bookended by bass: Magnetic, Manitoa, Kodama & Indigo Child

9 pm, $5

event-poster-2790699If you kick off your holiday weekend with bass music as we’ve suggested above, why not end it on that same note? With four fantastic local DJs billed for a show that costs just $5, it works out to be $1.25 per set- a bargain you can’t afford to not take advantage of.






Photos by Aaron Lingenfelter of FX Media Solutions and Wide Aperture Images

The funk was knee-deep last Thursday night at the Parliament Funkadelic show. The balconies were brimming and hummed in anticipation of the evening’s set. Earlier, a line of people snaked around the front of the building as fans waited in the rain to be admitted. Once they stepped foot into the vicinity, these lightly drizzled fans were greeted by the warm rhythms of the opening act, Sun Stereo.

Built with a strong brass section, Sun Stereo supplied a heavy hit of electronic-based funk. The lead singer was the focal point of the band, and his deep vocals were the perfect ingredient for the group’s synth and bass elements. Equipped with an onstage LED hooper, this band was the ideal pregame for the noise that George Clinton would soon be sharing.

After Sun Stereo had loosed up the crowd with their own tunes, it was time for the patriarchs of this blessed funk genre to grace the stage.  It was like Sun Stereo was standing in the shadow of their own grandparents. As the whole Parliament Funkadelic clique docked the stage, the crowd scooted closer. The entire ensemble was on stage tuning their strings and tapping their keys, while the room waited for George Clinton’s presence.

Photos by Aaron Lingenfelter of FX Media Solutions and Wide Aperture ImagesFinally, the familiar tune to “Flashlight” pumped over the speakers, and Clinton hopped onto stage. He and the gang rocketed into the song, and the show began. During a stretched out jam, Clinton’s granddaughter came out on stage, as they proceeded to spark and share a joint. The entire venue cheered as the members passed it around the band on stage. After a while, Clinton stepped back and lounged on stage, as various members of the collective took the limelight.

Each member was extraordinarily talented, whether it was a guitarist melting the fretboard, or a female singer with a goddesses voice. Every participant contributed to the intricately woven quilt that is Parliament Funkadelic, even the guy in the fuzzy Stetson wearing what looked like a dildo on his nose. During “Knee-Deep”, the building entered a groove like trance, where most everyone stayed, and grooved for the remainder of the set.

Photos by Aaron Lingenfelter of FX Media Solutions and Wide Aperture ImagesFor rock n’ roll classics like George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, there was nothing more that could’ve been desired by the crowd. Even though they only played a handful of songs, they jammed them for long periods. They packed the house, and definitely tore the roof off the mutha-sucka harder than any other 73 year old alive. Hell, they rocked the Vogue harder than most recent acts could. It was an evening of pure, funky vibes, and for that Indianapolis thanks the granddaddies of funk, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic.

Photos by Aaron Lingenfelter of FX Media Solutions and Wide Aperture Images

Photos by Aaron Lingenfelter of FX Media Solutions and Wide Aperture Images. Click here to see the full album.

George Clinton HeaderAll hail George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic! These Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will be gracing The Vogue Thursday June 26th, and anyone who wants to get funked up has got to be there.

This rock, soul, and funk collective is famous for their rambunctious and infectious live performances. From their Star Trek influenced costumes to their psychedelic sounds, this group’s show is wild.

Having been active for over 40 years in some way or another, this outfit has influenced genres across the board. The early 90’s G-Funk style, crafted by Dr. Dre, owes much of its deep groove to the rhythms of Parliament Funkadelic. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have attributed much of their funk to the “P-Funk” themselves.

Spearheaded by George Clinton, one of the most creative and charismatic musicians of the past 50 years, P-Funk has strong credibility. This group was ranked number six by Spin Magazine’s “50 Greatest Bands of All Time”.  The band has claimed six number one hits on the Billboard charts during their career, and 15 members have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Retro P-Funk

Retro P-Funk

With all title-dropping aside, this group has rocked into everyone’s ear-buds whether on purpose or not. “Atomic Dog” remains one of hip-hop’s most sampled beats of all time, and “Flashlight” remains a staple on almost any respectable classic rock station.

So there it is ladies and gentleman, one of the most influential rock bands will be at The Vogue in two weeks, and there’s no excuse to stay at home. “Aquaboogie” your booty on over to The Vogue to partake in what most certainly will be an entertaining evening. Don’t be a sucka!

The Vogue Theatre

6259 College Ave

Doors at 8 PM

Show at 9 PM


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George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Live!

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Live!