Asked to take of ourselves?

Over the past week the British gov’t made a public announcement asking the citizens of its country to take care of themselves. This is a very novel idea that apparently offends some people. Now we are not in England, but the same concept will fit in almost any western country. Soaring rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer, metabolic disorders, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, etc., etc., are the current health trend is western civilizations. All these diseases can be avoided with simple lifestyle choices, and new research even shows us how to live longer. Exercise, healthy eating, controling stress, social interaction, and finding avenues in life that bring satisfaction will lead to a better life mentally, physically, emotionally, and physiologically.

Having the ability to add years to one’s life, but not following through with that is hard to fathom. Imagine having the decision to add 5-10 healthy years to a lifespan (not sitting in a wheel chair barely able to breathe) and deciding it isn’t the right choice. As a logical, idea forging human being it should be an easy choice, but with people content with the status quo, things won’t change. As things stand now our nation will be 75% overweight by the year 2015. The military forces have stated that due the poor health and physical status of our youth they are having a harder time findind adequate recruits. That is disturbing, when we aren’t able to adequately defend our country because we don’t have enough healthy people!

Health is a privilege that we are born with and if not maintained it will wither over time. Ask any elderly American what they wish they still had from their youth, and health and quality of life will be in the top 2. We have the knowledge and ability to have a longer and better life for ourselves, and people in there 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, even 70’s can start living a healthier life and still see long term changes for the better.

It is an individual choice that we all get to make, hopefully people take responsibility for their lives and realize the power they hold in themselves.


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