Ascension Event by G9 Collective

Ascension was a unqiue music event, that was put on by G-9 Collective aka. our own G9 Matt, on Friday, August 21, 2009. It started at 9pm at a sports bar called Bentley’s in Fishers.
I arrived at the bar at about 9:30pm to a good chunk of full parking lot and could seeing the people streaming in. I went inside and was greeted by Matt himself as he waived me cover-free to the bouncers. I saw many familiar faces from the EDM (electronic dance music) scene in the area. Most noteably was the guy at tables, already getting people moving, local Indy DJ Taylor Norris. He was putting together a great combination of mellow sounds that progressively got more intense and tribal esq, as his set went on. He ended up playing till 11pm, which is when Graflin took over, and by the end of it people were all very into it with dancing everwhere.
Right off the bat, I noticed the bar tenders were VERY friendly and got to your order very quickly and efficiently. I tried one of their in house specials, a ‘Bentley Bomb’, which consisted of Jager, rootbeer, and a splash of Redbull. Pretty tasty stuff! Im not sure if any of you tried the Jager Barrels (rootbeer and Jager)from the Jager tent at Mojostock, but it was very simliar and just the right mixture of all the indgredients.
The bar itself was actually a really decent fit for this kind of event. I didnt know what to expect from a sports bar but Bentley’s was roomy, nicely air conditioned, and the sound was good too! Matt and crew set up all their own equipment, which completely filled the room with a great combination of sound and bass.
As Graflin took over, there was no stop in the thumping music. Taylor put on some samples and Graflin merged right into it, never missing a beat. I actually missed the exchange completely while glancing back at a fine little lady for 2 seconds. Turned back to see Graflin in the headphones, headin groovin, sounds intensifying, people’s faces melting. Now Taylor Norris is amazing, dont get me wrong….but Graflin was a step above. It was apparent. He looked and acted like he had been doing it his whole life, which he has, and the sounds layering on one another made that completely evident. He was a slightly different style and used the assistance of vocal samples, unlike Norris, but very faintly and it wasnt anything too trance like. This guy knew how to make people move. The glowing wrist bands with attached glowing numchucks were swinging around, people were getting down up front, and the people in back were all swinging the heads around and having a great time.
I had to leave just after the transition to EuroTrash, so he was still mixing with what Graflin left him spinning, but I can only imagine how crazy it got in there. I wish I could have stayed the whole night, but I was driving and the party was starting to really suck me in. I can only sit back and wait for G-9 Collective’s next event-‘Inertia’ in the mean time, in hopes of seeing some more of what I missed out on at the end! I hope to see some of you out there!!!