As of late, you may have seen and heard kyu-bik’s (pronounced “cubic”) name popping up in various places around town: opening for Ana Sia at Altered Thurzdaze, appearing in Track Hound’s weekly bass music roundup, or dropping mixes left and right on Soundcloud. I recently took a few minutes of his time to get the scoop on this new-but-not-so-new Indianapolis DJ.

MOJO: What kind of history do you have in the Indianapolis EDM scene?

kyu-bik: I’ve been involved in the Indianapolis EDM scene since 2003. I’ve been twiddling around with the music since then but have only been DJing shows for the past three years. Honestly, I’ve had my hand in about every cookie jar the scene has had to offer. Pushing for a greater tomorrow for something I love.

MOJO: Tell me about you recent move back to the area.

kyu-bik: Well…. I was facing a lot of criminal charges in Indiana. *pauses* I’m kidding! I initially moved down to Cincinnati, this past year, as a restarting point for myself. A break from Indianapolis, the scene, and everything that comes with it; I was due for some space. Now, I’m back in the area and intend to put a large chunk of my time and focus back into the scene and the music circuit. It’s really nice to see that things have been continuously on the rise in Indianapolis.

MOJO: How did you manage to get on the bill for the recent Ana Sia show?

kyu-bik: As soon as I heard about the event from [ Promotions Director] Matt [Ramsey] I started hounding him that I wanted to play that show. To me, Ana Sia really stood out at DEMF 2010 as one of the top 10 performers I saw. I had heard of her before, but never had the chanceto see her before last year. She was playing some really deep tribal-like dub and her energy was out of this world! Also, I really enjoy seeing female artists push themselves in a culture that is mainly dominated by men. There really aren’t too many women in the EDM world, so when you see one that is truly talented and dedicated, they stand out.

MOJO: How do you define your sound?

kyu-bik: Some people might consider me to be a “confused DJ”. I like to play a little of this and a little of that. I hate feeling as if I should stay tongue-tied to just one genre. To me, that’s boring. A truly unique sound will always distinguish the artist and that’s all I try to bring to the table- something different.

MOJO: Now that you’re back in Indy, what kind of goals are your pursuing?

kyu-bik: This year I’m really looking to get into production a lot more. In 2010, I wrote my first track entitled “Fade to Grey.” It has a really psychedelic feel to it, influenced by artists I had my mind wrapped around such as Trentemoller, Gui Boratto, and Shpongle. I really like writing music that best suites my emotion, no matter the genre.

Check out kyu-bik’s latest mix streaming from Soundcloud below & (if you dig it) like him on Facebook.

ky젼-bik presents: Abstract Sessions Vol. 3 by ky-bik