aren’t we running?

As the inimitable Hup has suggested I’m going to update this blog with what’s going on with my fancy pants other blog.

The goal for my blogspot page since I started it recently was to cover a variety of topics that are interesting to me, and I’ve been preoccupied mostly with music in my spare time.

In Melonhead I talk about my all time favorite band deciding to reunite without the heart and soul of the old band, Indiana’s own Shannon Hoon.

In this cat is a landmine I do a bit of proselytizing for my favorite instrumental band with odd song titles.

In what was a pretty crazy weekend involving a double birthday celebration a fantasy draft, and a lot of drunken couch sleeping I managed to survive even after very briefly sideswiping some of the mojo people at Pepper’s on Saturday night. Hopefully I can make it out for a more direct involvement in such shenanigans soon enough.

My name is Craig, I’m from the internet.