Are you a shitty tipper??

Prepare for a good ole Ashley Anne styled bitch session:

I’m f***ing tired.

I worked my butt off the past couple of days. I made alriiiight money for the most part.

I’m going to have to get used to the different class of people that I’m working with and for and around. But other than that its pretty dope being at an new store.

Something I’d like to bitch about though, is tipping.

I’m starting to think that most of the people that go out to eat don’t realize that the people that are taking care of them, bust their asses. I’ve been bitching about shitty tippers for a while now, and it never gets any better. I know that my one single voice isn’t strong enough to let the world know that 80% of them are ignorant in the ways of tipping their resturant servers.

I have found that there are those people out there that are standard $5 dollar tippers. I’m sorry but WRONG!! Do you people not realize that the all the sales I make at the end of the day go on record? That I have to claim at least 10% of my sales? That, when I sell $1200 in food on a weekend, I have to claim $120 dollars even if i didn’t make that? Granted I made more than that this weekend, it just bugs the fucking shit out of me.

And lets not forget that I have to tip out 3% of my sales to the host/hostess and bussers. So by there is another $35 bucks out of my pocket. Yet you people out there bitch about every fucking thing you can. There was a lady in the store this weekend that bitched because there were too many people in the damned resturant. I’m sorry ma’am but you’re at Fridays. On the weekend. If you’d like a more quieter place EAT AT HOME YOU WHORE!!

Pardon me

I’m just over it…

TIP!!! ALL THE TIME!! Make your servers day and over tip if you can!! They could be having a shitty day, have the want to go home and blow their brains out. And here you come along and tip them 35% of your bill. That would have them singing a different tune.

ONE MORE THING!! If you are paying seperate, you still tip according to what you spent. 20% is standard now. EVEN @ LUNCH TIME!! Just because its lunch you you don’t tip less!! TIP MORE! Its SLOW for us and you might be our only table. And if you split your check, You tip according to what you spent…

Do I need to post examples??

I mean seriously, if your bill comes to $72.83 What do you leave?? $5 dollars? $2 dollars? Think of it this way 10% is about 7 dollars… What do you think 20% would be?

Now I must go to sleep, for I have to work a Monday lunch tomorrow and make $35 bucks…

you fucking shitty tippers…