Are we more attractive because of who we date?

So according to a recent study the people we date can make
us more attractive or less. Kind of. The above statement was shown to be true for women more than men, so let me explain. If a man is considered “average looking” and is dating a woman considered “attractive”, then other women, according to the study, find the “average looking” man more attractive than if he was dating an “average looking” woman. On the flip side this didn’t apply as often with men. Men considered an “attractive” woman the same no matter who she was dating. So again men are simple to understand and women have to make things complicated.

So the author of the study goes on to speculate that you can use this to help in singles life. According to this line of thinking if you are looking for someone you find attractive and that can hold a conversation outside of Jersey Shore gossip, then ideally you can date someone you find more attractive, who may not be your true match, to draw more attention to yourself and attract others of the oppisite sex that may be more down your line of a good relationship.

Does this study hold any water from you dating experiences?