Are The Sinking Ship's days are numbered?

From The Sinking Ship:

Hey Guys and Gals,

The Sinking Ship needs your help! The liquor license of the bar is up for renewal and a contingent in the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood association is trying to make them lose the license because they think its bad for the neighborhood, if the license goes, the business goes too.
If you live within the boundaries of the Meridian Kesller Neighborhood (Meridian to the Monon and Kessler to 38th Street) please email the Neighborhood Association and tell them you support the Sinking Ship! Even if you don’t and are just a concerned citizen who thinks the ship is the coolest thing since sliced bread, we need your support too!

We have to act fast! The hearing is Monday July 18th! Please try and email by Friday!

Some points to mention:
- Its one less abandoned building in our neighborhood which already has plenty
- It gives the neighborhood a place to go and meet their neighbors in a social setting that is comfortable for any demographic.
- Creates jobs and brings revenue into the neighborhood, as well as plenty of tax dollars into the city, county and state.
- They support other local businesses, causes, and groups
- They provide a unique venue which differs from the other available establishments in the area.
- Already we have seen people moving to the area to be closer to the ship, there is something to do in our neighborhood now! We dont have to go to Broadripple or Downtown we can support a business in our neighborhood now!

So here is who to email:
The Association:
The Zone Leader the zone the ship is in:
The instigator of the issues:
Please include Damon in your email as well so he has a copyy of your support as well

We need your help fast. The hearing is Monday, feel free if you can attend to come and show your support in person, but if you cant, email these people and tell them you think The Sinking Ship is good for our neighborhood!

Feel free to post other suggestions of how we can show support, points to include in your email, and let us know if you email them!