Arctic Monkeys Ditch Festival Crowds for Indy Stop


Arctic Monkeys: Matt Helders, Jamie Cook, Alex Turner, Nick O’Malley –

Arctic Monkeys have risen through the demanding and saturated ranks of the music industry holding their own as a notable act; mainly because they have succeeded in doing what all artists hope to do: evolve publicly and profoundly.

The foursome began in Sheffield with pioneering roots in post-punk. Ten years in the making, Arctic Monkeys have transformed their measure and image – album by album – as widely as their audiences. Their just-left-of-center mainstream sound is lined with a fan base built largely by the powers of the interwebs, infiltrating the industry from the underground up.

Promoting their fifth studio album titled AM, Arctic Monkeys will see crowds from Glastonbury to Outside Lands this summer; the massive tour of duty makes their success seem easy and, more importantly, relevant. AM reads like, and feeds off, the highlights of any modern romantic trying to make it through the day (or night for that matter), dealing primarily in ideas of knowing and then not knowing.

Love and drugs are the backbone for the album – drinking too much and then calling too late, only then to have nothing to say; lyrics that sound like texts layered with beats that make you move your feet. The curves of the album may outline cigarette jeans and next generation blues, but the overall mood proves to remind you why you aren’t still with so-and-so.

At this level of popularity one may wonder, “What’s next?” Arctic Monkeys has clearly worked past the wide-eyed rigmarole of a no bullshit mantra to expand within the blurry-lined confines of a rock and roll era where there’s only room for one thing…reinvention.

White Denim

White Denim’s middle name may as well be “Experimental”. The Austin based threesome-turned-foursome has been well received at proving the unproved. With the help of producer Jeff Tweedy, Corsicana Lemonade (the band’s sixth release) opens to rooms filled with psychedelic, soul, jazz, funk and math rock fusion- all of which together never sounded so good, nor made as much sense.

(Guys and their guitars: Austin Jenkins, James Petralli, and Steve Terebecki of White Denim. Photos: Kirsten Cohen Photography)

The album profiles American dreams tangled with the marvels of irony; using music to knock down the walls of any place we’ve never known.  Corsicana Lemonade is a full-bodied punch with guitar for days- a true mixture of elements resulting in an undoubtedly conclusive explosion. White Denim prevails with tour dates in the U.S and Europe this summer, playing everything from small clubs to large festival crowds.

White Denim at Southgate House (Newport, KY) :: June 15th

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Arctic Monkeys with White Denim at White River State Park (Indianapolis, IN) :: June 24

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