another thursday down

well, it seems that we can scratch another thursday off the list. going into the kickball game with high hopes of winning… (since we won last week with 4 people and an x amount of “fill-ins”) this week we had a crap ton of people, and we played a great game. sadly, we lost 2-1. the team we played had the greatest attitudes, we trashed talked them almost the entire game, but maybe we should just remain quiet next week. maybe being the gentle giant will work. everyone played great, and i think we ALL had a blast, afterwards some of the team headed to the monkey’s tale to grab a couple beverages, then off to the vogue to catch hum v’s cd release concert/party… must say TONS of fun. thanks to vip indy and the access he gave us at the the vogue, made for an eventful evening. every week something else more amazing happens… what’s to come for the rest of the summer..

if you want or are part of the team make sure you join

the mojo kickballers live group