Another great event in Indy that you probably don’t know about

Masterpiece in a Day 2007 is this Saturday, September 22nd in Fountain Square and most likely it’s probably an event that you have never heard of before. Am I right?

The event starts early in the morning and lasts all day as artists(music, paint, writing) creat works in one day in hopes of winning a cash prize at the end of the day. It’s an event that is also cool even if you don’t participate as well – Fountain Square will be crawling with creativeness all day long and it’s definitely a cool thing to see.

I have actually been thinking of participating this year, most likely in the writing competition, but I haven’t decided yet. It will probably depend on where my night takes me and what time I make to my bed. Creativity definitely takes a hit with a hangover…but, either way you should make your way out to Fountain Square at some point tomorrow to catch some of the artistic creation that will be going on all over.