AND….it’s over.

Well I know you all came out (I mean you had to be there SOMEwhere in the mix of the bajillion AMAZING Colts fans) to the concert. Unfortunately I was unable to tell anyone an exact location where I’d be because I was literally running around like crazy all night.

I said I would post if anything cool happened, but the only real amazing thing was being able to talk to Faith Hill, who is seriously the nicest entertainer I’ve ever dealt with. She even made it out to our crew pre-party the night before the event. She just sat there talking to all of us, taking pictures, I don’t think she had any free beer, but she was amazing.

Didn’t get to see much of Hinder, they were pretty much in and out. Kelly well Miss Kelly is quite the diva and that’s all I’m saying. At one point security told me I wasn’t allowed to walk by a certain area of the crowd because I was causing a group of tweens to get a little rowdy. I asked him why and he said they all thought I was Lindsay Lohan. Ahh, so cute those girls are. I definitely had a headset on, credentials, etc. but I’m flattered. Or wait, should I be flattered?

All in all, the week of crazy work to get everything ready for this event was awesome. All the crew and talent kept commenting on how nice the people of Indianapolis were and they were stunned, absolutely stunned by the amount of people who came out. So be proud guys! We DEF know how to show people a good time. Hopefully, we’ll see them all next year. That is all.