And A Blanket

Muncie’s Springfest was the real deal. I was lucky enough to see Michael Jackson in his prime with an unknown Sheryl Crow singing back up and James Brown a few months before he died. I saw Bruce Springsteen give an earth shattering and “short” show of 3 and half hours. I have played so many small clubs across the United States, to the tips of Tunisia, that I know when it’s good and Springfest was better. Yes, we have our heroes that leave us speechless, but I think what I found this weekend was a community of musicians, fans and crew being so cool to each other. The official staff at Springfest was so kind. I was actually trying to see if someone would be a jerk to me and no one was. NO ONE. Even as we were running sound for the tremendous band the POST SCRIPT, and I had a run in with an audience member who was criticizing the mix, we ended up hanging out, talking AND he helped us later in the evening with late night jam. And when bigger local bands like the always impressive Midwest Hype finished their set, they came to show their friends support by visiting the smaller stage. Yes, it was awesome, the food, the falafels, oh the falafels. I think And A Pickle fueled Ethan James’ late night jam fantastic on the bass.

But, let us not forget the temperature and the fashion statement of the spring that it brought. BLANKETS! It was so cold that I saw cool cats, not the Twin Cats although they are very cool, in fleece blankets, wool blankets, baby blankets!!?!?!? draped around their bodies like Superman just out for a leisurely stroll in Metropolis. I saw children clinging to their parents’ legs in hopes of another comforter or a croshayed hat. I saw Will the bad ass conga player from Afrodisiacs talk to me with a straight face as he was wrapped in a pink flowered duvet and I saw Colby from Sour Mash and Matt from the Post Script set up a stage in matching blankets as if they were Tony Soprano’s men setting up for a night of debauchery. And now that I’m back home and starting to get feeling back in my fingers I will always be reminded of a weekend of great music and people whenever I look at Ethan’s baby blanket hand made by his grandmother. Now that’s rock and roll.