An Open Letter

Last Saturday)

To the four ‘gentlemen’ in the restaurant I had breakfast in yesterday:

I saw you sitting there, enjoying your breakfast as I too was enjoying mine. Your little group had caught my eye when I first was seated for I heard you laughing with each other over parts of whatever conversation you had going on.

I smiled to myself at how well mannered you each were for all of you were using decent table manners. Each of you were dressed decently, were well groomed, and weren’t conversing loudly as I have noticed some young gentlemen doing lately. It seems they WANT you to hear their popinjay stories of braggetery and conquest peppered well with profanity, horrid grammar and smug giggles.

I do thank you for not inflicting us with such brashness.

You were all maybe in your early to middle twenties, which is a good age for men, they have left their boyhood behind and are right there on the brink of being men and your future is such a bright light ahead of you. As my son is 23, I could see him in each of you and it made me twinge with missing him a bit more for a moment. I saw promise at your table. Promise of at least four young men who would do well for themselves and others, who would go far in many things and I smiled to myself thinking that while I didn’t know anything of you, you portrayed yourselves to be rather wholesome and decently polite gentelmen.

I really enjoyed seeing how comfortable you were with each other. Your ease of interaction made me think again of my elder son and his friends and how great they are to and with each other. It made me also think of my friends Steven and Joey and how they while being different men in different ways, are good friends not only to me, but they mesh well with each other despite their being different on many levels of their lives and selves.

I was enjoying my outing with my friend Beth and her daughter Morgan and as we sat and shared our food and our time and our thoughts.
I tried to not eavesdrop upon your conversations (for of course, this is quite a rude thing to do) however, I did overhear a few comments made by your party for it is quite impossible to not overhear but this is unintentional as eavesdropping is and therefore forgivable. But I paid no heed to what was said by your party, I only heard your voices, not actually did I hear your words.

My party sat probably longer than we should have, but I don’t see Beth that often and we were making up for time lost. Her daughter napped on the bench with her head on my lap as I held her close, for we have no idea of how much longer we have with her, riddled with cancer as she is.

The waitress didn’t mind tho, she knows us and is familiar with out situation and Morgan’s. She is also used to us coming in and spending more time than is polite but we are forgiven b/c we always make up for it in generous tips.

While my friend went to warm the car and take her daughter there, I finished up reading my paper, and coffee and counting out the tip;

I didn’t notice your party leaving.

Neither did the waitress.

Or the manager.

But I am sure each of you knew you left.

Just as I am sure each of you realised that as all of you left-

That not a one of you…..

paid your bill.

SHAME on you.

SHAME on every one of you.

I was shocked and the waitress was floored too. She wouldn’t’ have to pony up the bills you left behind for the restaurant will write it off as a loss; but she will have to do without a tip from any of you and again I say.. SHAME on you and I am sure your parents’ would be mortified to know you did this.

I will have your group know that I picked up your bill despite the manager and waitresses protestations for someone had to pay for it along the way and since you four ducked out, it may as well be me. If not, the cost of the loss would have been calculated into the prices on the menues along the way and in the end everyone would have had to pay for your meals.

I just hope I run into one of you somewhere in town or elsewhere so I can smack the crap out of you.

I really couldn’t’ afford to feed four hungry, growing men folk like that but I spent the money I had allotted to myself for my bi-Monday Lunch outing with my friends, and the ONE Sunday Suds I had planned on attending since I hadn’t done so since I think Christmas time or thereabouts.

So now, thanks to you slippery, shameless twits, I can do neither this week. I realise that I won’t die without my Monday lunch outing, but I am not going to be very happy without it either. Monday Lunch is a download time for me and I dont get to see my friends as often as I want to anyway, and now, I am just another day short.

But as I always say, it is ‘only money’, but you see, this was my ‘fun & play’ money and so really, not so easily replaced.

I wanted to simply tell you here, that YOUR breakfast yesterday-
was on me and I hope you all enjoyed it.

I also hope that somewhere along the line you remember and realise that sometimes what goes around, does come back around and sometimes it is returned threefold.

Beisides, if you are going to skip out in your life on something as commonplace as breakfast- are you going to skip out on the larger, more important things in your life?

Think about it…

And BTW-

I dont expect to be repaid for it is after all, only money but EVERY ONE OF YOU still owe the waitress a very hefty tip AND the manager an apology.