an indianapolis tennis event

So, this is my third year driving the professional tennis players around town. Might I add, not the most exciting, but still a blast. The tournament was half the size this year, only having a 32 player main draw. This made for no first round bye’s (like normally). Hopefully, next year, will be back to normal (at least it is planned). Again, I drove James Blake, (kind, sweet, quiet, guy) and Roddick (typical, smartass, sarcastic, funny man) and even some “no names”, one of those no names being one of them gentlemen that made it to the finals. It’s funny to get those people who aren’t as famous, because they strike up conversations in the car, we laugh, we cry, we hug. After a week, I feel like I get to know some of the players and coaches really well. I drove on championship Sunday… most of them being “airport runs” the boys going onto either Toronto, Vancouver or Washington DC. While, some of the Brazilian boys go home (because there is a US Open warm up tourney down there). The last guys I took, two boys that live in So. Cal. One originally from NY and the other from Oklahoma. One of the guys, Scott Lipskey was anal, ontime, in the car right when he said he would. (mind you they were headed to the airport) and then David Martin came down. Bagel in his mouth, 10 minutes late, bags falling all over the place, and sat in the car and was so excited. He wondered why he didn’t take more early rides since I was driving at the butt crack of dawn. He even took in, the Indians game, went to the Eiteljorg, and the State Museum. He enjoyed his stay. Maybe I’ll hunt him down on myspace and see if he would want to come hang out with some badass mojers.

So, only 354 more days until I hop into another Mercedes. Maybe I will drive a car more expensive than the $104,000 S550 I was in this year… and here is my baby.