Always welcome

Many of the wonderful people I met when I joined Mojo welcomed me warmly to the Bahama party at Landsharks Wednesday night. It meant the world to me seeing how they havn’t heard from me in a long time. I also met some newer Mojo members who made me feel truly welcome as well.

I havn’t been to any events in several months. I had to stop going out so much for several reasons. First was my health. I was told I would be diabetic if I didn’t get my blood sugar under control and my insulin levels. I had to start exercising alot more, and eating right, and most importantly cut the drinking. I have only drank more than one drink in a night maybe four times since he told me that. Now, not all mojo events are at bars, but on top of the medical, I also had to start focusing on some financial issues.

I had to start focusing at work, and getting enough rest to be in at 8am fresh and ready. I have a dream. Assuming I don’t meet that special someone to settle down with here, I want to live outside the country for a few years. I am aiming for either Australia or Germany right now. I started building my career, saving to pay off all my debt by March of 2009, and then I need to build a nest egg to survive while I find work there. In the event of going to Germany, I have started learning German. So, saving money has been important to me as well.

I want to try to start making it back to some Mojo events again now. At least the occasional movie premier and weekend events. I have two weeks off from this weekend to the 5th of January. So, I hope to see more of you all soon.