Altered Thurzdaze: Where a weeknight REALLY is part of the weekend

Since it’s inception, back in August 2010, Altered Thurzdaze has been packing people in, letting them know that there’s more to Indy than your typical night on the town in a bar with a DJ.

Armed with a regular rotation of some of the best locals in the area, heavy bass, an artillery of lasers, at one of the friendliest and diverse venues in the city – Indymojo has the base ingredients for something special.

Couple that with the insatiable Indymojo grit and determination to introduce people to new sounds and talent that they’ve never heard before, by bringing in regional and nation acts at no cost to the consumer, and the “something special” has WIN written all over it!

And by WIN, we mean they RAGE their faces off!!!

Thursdays have become a day of the week where people can dance, hoop, sling poi, play pool, or chill out on the patio, with a cheap beer while chatting up their friends – FOR FREE!!

What other place in town can say that?

When you’re finished thinking that over, Click this link and find out when the next one is – and come check it out for yourself.