All Eyes On: sixdollarsuit

Please note: This blog was originally posted in preparation of Mojostock 2011…before encountering a glitch in the interweb. Full Mojostock coverage coming soon. Oh, and you should still check out sixdollarsuit!

Ask any band who has been gigging, recording, and rocking festivals regularly for more than a couple of years and there is a good chance they will tell you that a band is a business. I repeat, a band is a BUSINESS. It can start as a couple musicians who just play together at their friends’ parties, but if they ever want to make it and get paid, the gears have to shift at some point and they have to start thinking about longevity and what they can do to “stay in the game.” Fabian Rodriguez of sixdollarsuit would certainly agree.

After hitting a stalemate about 2 years ago, Fabian realized things with his hip hop group Sell Out weren’t going anywhere and the music he was making with Nick Golder and John Kirby, the musicians backing up that group, was the new direction. Add a new drummer, Adam Eikenberry , and sixdollarsuit was formed…and they’ve been rocking the Midwest scene with their special livetronicajazzfunk mix ever since. In just over a year’s time, they’ve managed to work their way into 8 states with more than just their own music in mind. “We travel as much as we can to promote Indiana,” declared Fabian in a recent phone interview. “In the music scene, we are not a state that is taken seriously. People don’t think we have good music here. It gives us motivation to prove them wrong.” That motivation has also helped keep this Lafayette-based band in the minds of promoters as well.

When Indiana’s own Waldemere Revival decided to call it quits earlier this summer, the IndyMojo crew had a tough choice to make in filling their slot for this year’s Mojostock. When it came down to it, sixdollarsuit had the talent and the appeal to fit in with the already-stacked lineup. Having also been the go-to fill-in for a late night spot at last year’s Wuhnurth Festival, I asked Fabian what he thinks makes sixdollarsuit stand out when there is an open spot. “I think it’s about us building personal relationships with mangers, owners, and bands. You want them to have a positive outlook about you.” He went on to add, “We also do something different; there aren’t a lot of electronica bands with jazz undertones. We offer a musical juxtaposition where we have dance-y songs to get people moving paired with more emotional, mellow songs. That is intentional. It gives people a feel for what we do; it shows them who we are.”

In reference to their spot on the Mojostock lineup, Fabian confessed, “We want to show people we are out there who don’t know who we are and that we are still here making new music to those who do.”

Learn more about sixdollarsuit on their Facebook page. Hear some of their latest music here…and/or check out their podcast here!