Alibabba’s 2: Robot Man

Alibabba’s Thought Bubble, the first cartoon in the Alibabba series, offers a soft introduction to the setting and characters. The viewer adapts to the convenience store atmosphere quickly and easily. Much of the episode hinges on the stereotypical personalities of the shop’s customers and the humor lies within the colorful remarks of Azziem and Habib as they ridicule their customers in the check-out line.

Alibabba’s 2, titled Robot Man, experiments with a different type of humor by placing the characters into random, unrelated scenarios within the convenience store. Episode two opens with Robot Man pestering customers through a gas station P.A. system. After we meet Robot Man, the unnerving theme song plays (more on that later) and the cartoon kicks off by mocking the life-ruling, habitual habits of today’s avid facebooker through the eyes of Habib.