Alex Rosales local artist on the rise.

Alex Rosales spends most of his time in one of his apartments’ 10×15 rooms , which he has made into a project studio, making sounds that eventually become songs. Staring at l.e.d lights and lava lamps from which his music jumps, creating rhythms which pave paths for his “humms”to run, skip, fall and sprint briskly on. Swapping instruments on different tracks and staring tirelessly at endless wave files and Protools sessions. His songs are often time landscaped with high volume infectious synth lines and/or pounding drums. Ambitious to perform a collection of songs in a variety of ways has resulted in a treasure chest of instruments being used and abused, with mood creation at the forefront of his happy little brain.

Alex Rosales is currently working on an untitled EP from where the single “Something About U” is being released to radio and is now available on I-Tunes and various digital download websites. On the EP, Alex will be showcasing his productions and will collaborate with Season 1 American Idol contestant, Mark Scott , writing songs.