Adam Lambert: Edgy -OR- Obscene?

All right. Let’s talk about this. Nobody else has, so you know I’ve got an opinion. Adam Lambert (runner-up last season on American Idol) performed on the American Music Awards a couple weeks ago, and it was quite controversial. His subsequent performances on ABC were cancelled, and he made no apologies for his performance.

I did not watch the AMAs, but I did make sure to check out this performance. I did this not because I wanted to see 2 guys make out, but I wanted to judge for myself what all the huff was about. I don’t know why everyone was so concerned with the man-on-man make-out with all of the other completely OBSCENE crap going on “for your entertainment.” WOW. This was meant to be a FAMILY show on primetime network television. Let’s just count some of the things I’d be pissed about if I was a network exec:

1. Simulating fellatio (just ice the cake by making the simulation with a male dancer-truthfully that I couldn’t care less about)

2. Crotch grabbing

3. S & M outfits

4. Pole-dancing

5. Flipping off the crowd

6. Oh, and making out (again, ice the cake with it being a dude)

*Please note that I am ALL for gay rights and have lots of gay friends. I want to be clear that for me, if Adam had made out with and/or simulated fellatio with a WOMAN, I would still find it completely inappropriate for network television.*

Adam says that editing his performance for the west coast feed was discrimination. I say I hope they just ELIMINATED it. Frankly, I have no idea what I would have done had my daughter been watching this with my husband and me. I probably would’ve changed the channel and then had a discussion about appropriate behavior in public. Adam defends his performance by saying he was “honoring the lyrics” of his song. I’m sorry, but for me this is about taste. If you KNOW you’re performing on prime-time network television, I think as an artist, you should think about catering to your audience, especially when your album comes out the NEXT day. Isn’t the whole idea to get people to buy your record? Personally, I won’t pick it up, especially after seeing THAT obscene display.

In an Access Hollywood interview he said, “You know honestly, if I offended some people…it’s apples and oranges. I’m not an artist that does things for every single person.” Um, okay? EVERY artist is not for everyone, but there’s no reason to be obscene. I wasn’t offended by his performance, but I was repulsed. He also compared himself (how DARE he) to Lady Gaga by saying that after she “[tore] it apart on stage” that he was inspired and got caught up in the moment??? I’m sorry, but as unique as Lady Gaga is, she’s not obscene. She’s different and definitely pushes the envelope, but it’s TASTEFUL and awe-inspiring. I think Adam could use a little coaching in that department.

For me, this doesn’t come down to gay or straight. My husband mentioned the 3-way kiss between Madonna, Britney and Christina several years back at the VMAs in comparison. I told him what I will tell all of you: that was MTV. It’s expected, and my 7 year-old (someday when I have one) won’t be watching the VMAs. The difference is that this was on network television and a show meant for families. It’s not ABC being discriminatory. It’s ABC protecting its own integrity. Adam said it himself when he said his music “isn’t for everyone.” It’s certainly not appropriate for the daytime audience (in most cases).