Actual Conversation

Okay, so this is an actual conversation that I had with a coworker on our way to work the other day. It made us both crack up right after we said it.

J-Yoh, it’s going to be dark when we get home from work today.
A-Yeah, and what’s your point?
J-It’s dark outside now!
A-Is it that big of a deal?
J-Yes, we’re going to be inside, with no windows, for fourteen hours!
A-Oh, is the artificial light bad for your skin or something?
J-No! I just don’t like to be inside, and have no sunlight, for an entire day!
A-Hey listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was that big of a deal. I’ll make them take the work shops to the park next time. I’m sorry.
J-Oh what do you know. Just make sure it has changed before I see day light again.
A-So Monday’s good? We have meetings straight through the weekend!
J-Get out of my car! I quite!

And then proceeded to leave me on the side of the road down town for two hours until she felt sorry for me and came and picked me up.

It was a great day!