Acoustic Live Challenge 2014!

Love acoustic music? Love music competitions with a panel of well-qualified judges?
You’re in luck!

The Acoustic Live Challenge, hosted by Robert Snodgrass, has just started its 7th run in 10 years at 247 Skybar!

Every Thursday Night Until July 31st Finals. The Musicians who perform are all Indiana Musicians! 1st Round its only $5 general admission.
-Robert Snodgrass, creator of ACL

Featuring solely acoustic sets, ALC chooses to prohibit drum sets, keyboards and any kind of recorded music from making its way to the stage.

“I saw a void in the singer/songwriter market,” Snodgrass says, “and I did not feel that musicians were getting the right type of exposure. So I created the Acoustic Live Challenge.”

As a rule, only 3 people are allowed on the stage at a time, however bands are allowed to have more than 3 people in their group.

“They have to tag in that extra performer when needed. It brings in a whole different dynamic to the acts that may have 4 or 5 people in their group,” Snodgrass says. “Watching them tag in and out is pretty awesome and really entertains the crowd!”

With only two slots left to fill for the Acoustic Live Challenge, some local acts may assume they need a large fan base or a towering discography to enter, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Any Indiana singer/songwriter that performs original music may enter to compete in the challenge!

“Any band that performs original music can strip down their set to fulfill the regulations,” Snodgrass advises.

To learn more about The Acoustic LIVE Challenge and registration for one of the two competition dates still available (June 26th and July 10th) please visit the website!

Special Thanks to all of our sponsors:, RealSceneTV, Jack Daniels, Winn Studios, Chicken Picks,, SHINE Indy, SLAMOLOGY,, MOJOSTOCK, 247 Skybar.
Without the support of these sponsors this show does not happen. If it wasn’t for people who support the local music promoters like myself to create great events like this for our music community, the shows do not go on! I cannot express my gratitude for these companies that support me in my endeavor to showcase this great state’s musicians! The venue is absolutely amazing for live music! 247 Skybar has truly stepped up their sound game for this year’s events!
-Robert Snodgrass, creator of ACL

Acoustic LIVE Challenge

Skybar 247 – 247 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46225

Every Thursday (except June 12th) until finals on July 31st

Doors at 7 pm, contest begins at 8

Admission: $5