a weekend on the water to remember

You know, with all of the incredible qualities that I possess(I actually only have like 2-3 good ones) the one thing that I forget about doing sometimes is just letting myself relax. For all of those who know me, I am known for working a ton and not getting a whole lot of sleep in the process – which can really wear you down sometimes. But, I love all of the things that I’m into right now, so I usually don’t notice the fact that I am in need of some time to just do nothing but chill and recharge my batteries.

Well, this past weekend I did just that. I drove down to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky on Friday night to meet some of my homies so that we could spend the next day out on the water relaxing and just hanging out. No work, no Internet – just some quality time with some beer and some of my best friends.

Luckily the weather held out and I ended up having one of the best times that I’ve ever had out on the water. We all had such a good time and although I am still a little sore from tubing and maybe moving a little slow due to the beer and late night chats with my friends, I feel like a whole new man today and I’m ready to get back to working too damn much again.

You can check out some pics from my weekend over here in the Mojo Gallery. Did you go out and snap some pics this weekend? Post ‘em up in the gallery so that we all can see, too!

God bless the weekend…now, back to work.