A vision of my Destiny

destiny… We all believe we are here for one reason or another, to accomplish some hidden goal we are unaware of… is it possible to become aware of the path your life will lead you down. I spent awhile in a deep meditation, I needed answers I was unable to get from anyone else. I needed to know what I must do, not what they are going to do. An image appeared to me, a lonely soldier walking by himself. No loved ones to support him, no friends to watch his back, just rifle in hand and gear on back. I could feel a deep sense of love but no where to put it, a kind hearted soul with a lust for blood. The soldier walked down his path, head raised high, pride in no short order. The end of the path, which was a faint glow on the ground in a void of blackness faded away. The soldier’s chest burst open, blood, guts, bone fly everywhere… he drops to the ground with tears running down his face… the feeling of love never leaving, never changing… still no where for it to go. The spot of blackness beneath the soldier sucks the blood in, every last drop… slowly blades of grass become visible, small flowers start to bloom. The vision sorta flickered here… but when it became clear again there no longer lay the body of the dead soldier, however a tall healthy tree surrounded by life. Birds singing within the branches, deer laying in the shade… Now as a child I had a dream, I’ll keep it short, but basically I died in World War two, like I said I was only a kid, but the details I gave to my mom, it pretty much described WWII. I died with my best friend, side by side, both of us lay dead. However the end of the dream I was born again to live with my friend again… not so long ago my brother Nastious told me of a dream he had. Both me and him were fighting in a war as marines, I was shot and died in this dream of his… that same night I had a dream where I was shot in the chest and watched myself bleed to death. Along with a couple other things… I ‘ve pretty much put these peices together and I figure the soldier in my vision is me and I will have to sacrifice my life in order to preserve another life. This does not bother me much, I failed a suicide attempt once… I’m more then willing to look death in the face again. Only this time I will grab it by the balls and make it my bitch.