A roller girl's guide to balancing rink rash, reviews and revenue

Check out this article written by Jen Stovall Parcell about Circle City Socialites’ roller derby player Jackie Bauer (Gina/HauntedFlower) and her husband Dan’s business, Haunted Flower and her side work with movie screenings for IndyMojo.com! Jen did a fantastic job summing up what we do and why we love it, thank you!!

A roller girl’s guide to balancing rink rash, reviews and revenue
by Jen Parcell, Roller Derby Examiner

If you’re a fan of anime, comic books, sci-fi, WWE, Star Wars and/or Star Trek and attend a Circle City Socialites (CCS) roller derby bout, chances are, you’re going to recognize #2400. Gina Wagner, who skates for CCS under the derby name “Jackie Bauer,” (thus explaining her choice of derby number) is such a huge fan of the above genres, she’s turned that love into a successful career that keeps her busier than Kiefer Sutherland with a pipe bomb.

Wagner and husband Dan opened Haunted Flower, LLC in March 2007 with an initial investment of $300. “We have never invested another dime,” Dan shared. One soon realizes that the question “So, what IS Haunted Flower, LLC, anyway?” can’t be answered in just one sentence. Or two. Or… “Haunted Flower, LLC is a licensed apparel business. We have thousands of t-shirts from movies, TV shows, video games, comics, anime, nature and sports. You can find us online at ‘www.HauntedFlower.com’ as well as well as on ‘www.Amazon.com,'” explained Jackie (since there are two Wagners in this article, Gina Wagner shall be recognized by her derby name, “Jackie,” from this point forth).

As busy as this roller girl is, she still finds time to act as a full-time movie/television/anime critic and has her own site, “www.HauntedFlowerReviews.com.” Jackie is also a member of the Indianapolis Film Journalists Association (IFJA) and voluntarily runs movie screenings for “www.Indymojo.com,” a social networking site in Indianapolis. Impressively, this site recently won NUVO magazine’s contest for “Best Website in Indianapolis.”

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