A quick take on headaches

Headaches are an unwanted symptom of stress or other physiological processes. The most common headaches are tension headaches, migraines, or headaches from a hangover. As a chiropractor I can help 2 of these 3. Tension headaches are caused by overused muscles of the shoulder, neck, and head. These headaches typically triggered by some sort of stress stimuli. Migraines are caused by different paths, but a good portion of migraines can see benefit from chiropractic treatment and/or nutritional means. For instance the natural supplement feverfew is shown to help alleviate migraines. The chiropractic approach increases range of motion in the neck and upper back while decreasing the chronic state of spasm in the muscles. There is also a measurable increase in nerve activity that seems to play a strong role in the effects of chiropractic therapy.


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