A Perfect Getaway

Writer/director David Twohy presents A Perfect Getaway — an action thriller focusing on two newlyweds (Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn) who come across a couple of sinister hikers, played by Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez

I hadn’t seen very many previews for this movie, however what I did see I liked. Didn’t really have any “gotta see it” feelings on this one. But I did enjoy what I saw.

So this couple goes on their honeymoon to Hawaii and does a little island hopping/trail sledging. They find out from a group of folks that a young newlywed couple had been murdered on an adjoining island and they believe the killers and hopped to the island that they are currently on. A lot of suspects throughout the flick.

Decent acting, it was a little different from some movies I’ve seen lately, big twist…however had the twist sorta figured out about 1/4 way through the movie. Very entertaining and did keep my attention through the film. I did find the AT&T call in the movie quite funny but a bit hokey at the same time, could have done without it.

Overall a good movie, I say about 2 1/2 stars on this one. I don’t know if I’d see it again, but I’d definitely probably pick up the DVD, I would have paid to go see it as well. So if you get a chance and don’t have anything to do, go see A Perfect Getaway. You’ll probably enjoy it! Until next time mofo…see you at the movies!