A new beginning!!

I just thought I would involve you all in my progress in finding a new job after my identity theft thingy. I recently accepted a position with Lifestyle Family Fitness. Lifestyle is a new fitness company coming to Indianapolis. If it wasn’t for my knowledge of the fitness industry I wouldn’t have even known that they were coming to Indy, however I was lucky enough to know and applied for the position I was looking for. I am getting in with them while its early in there growth so with good performance I have unbelievable opportunity for career growth and advancement. I will be starting on Monday at their unfinished location at 96th and Meridian. There is a “pre-sale” club at the location to sign up for a membership or personal training. You will be able to work out at the location, however it will not be a full size club yet. The club will be completed sometime during the first quarter of next year. Come and visit me or stop in if you are interested in getting fit!!! Hopefully with the newfound cash that I earn will give me a chance to continue my quest for my own biz. Feel free to check them out at www.lff.com