A Mass Ave sidewalk chalking adventure

So as many of you have seen before – I am a HUGE fan of busting out some clever sidewalk chalk as a way to spead some Mojo love around Broad Ripple. Well, after driving back from some bowling/steak-n-shake action last night(this morning about 2am) I was driving through Mass Ave on my way home and started thinking about getting my sidewalk chalk on right then and there.

I mean, I always have fun once I bust out the chalky-chalk and I haven’t really ever hit Mass Ave before, so why not? Well it wasn’t long before I was out in the cold, running around Mass Ave, chalking up a storm and having a blast doing it. I try not to do too many of these mojolicious chalk designs because I don’t want them to be completely overwhelming and I always make them relevant to the area that I’m chalking so that I’m never just slapping our URL on the ground and leaving it at that. Believe it or not, I actually want people to read the chalkie goodness and maybe even get a little laugh out of it, with the best case scenario being that they actually come check us out and join up. But hell, if all else fails it’s a lot of fun to do and it will definitely create some awareness for us tomorrow when people are footing it down Mass Ave to work, lunch, etc.

So – with no further ado, here are the sidewalk chalk masterpieces that I left on Mass Ave on this cold November morning:

the tools of the trade

in front of Yats (IndyMojo.com – no creole, but just as crazy)

in front of Rathskeller(IndyMojo is very good, yes?)

in front of the chatterbox(hey jazz fans…CHAT it up at IndyMojo.com)

in front of stouts shoes(kick off your shoes and relax at IndyMojo.com)

I guess that we’ll soon be finding out how Mass Ave reacts to these chalk-filled IndyMojo messages – hopefully they don’t get too mad at us. Heck, they might actually end up liking them. :)

If you ever want to get your sidewalk chalk on, just let me know – I’m almost always game! Talk to you all soon – hit me back with any thoughts on the sidewalk chalk adventure if you get a few – holla!