A lighter side of me

I was sitting here relaxing and writing all while I’m hanging out on mojo. I thought to myself, everyone on mojo sees the party scene Brandon, but doesn’t really know much more. Well one of my hobbies is writing poetry and I thought why don’t I let the mofos get a taste of the lighter side of me. So here are a few of my latest entries, tell me what you think I tried to select a variety.

My motivation hindered by your simple sigh…
Pardon my direction, my reflection of intensity, my persistence of behavior.
The deployment of energy is often evidence of my movement.
The initiation of a step forward, the desire and willingness to do something.
A temporal and dynamic state that should not be confused with personality or emotion.
My passion neglected by your eye…
Forgive my feelings, my emotions so strong
The less permanent characteristics of my state of being.
The revelation of my heart, the release and unveiling of unknown behaviors
A realization which transcends my human state and reaches my divine intellect.
My integrity ignored by your mind…
Excuse my consistency, my framework of principles
The core set of values often reveal my balance.
The religious sense, a supernatural being, an angel of such
A responsibility designed with a specific outcome in mind.

You whisper in my ear, “dance?”
New and different this foreign language
sexy with accent and an amorous tone

I stare into your beautiful brown eyes anxious with anticipation
I hold my breath getting lost in this moment
The pulse in my chest throbs like a bass drum
as we flow to the beat, lost in time

Our bodies closely entwined as you place your head upon my shoulder
Your Fragrance enchanting
like a juniper breeze
candlelight enhances the glow upon your neck and a bead of sweat runs down your spine
stopped only by the outline of a red dress that covers your frame like a silk sheet

Expressing affection I exhale….
My breath wanders your body
secretly touching your breast, kissing your stomach and
caressing your thigh

You close your eyes as to feel the tingle
pull me close and whisper….

“I miss you!”… kind of selfish isn’t it?

What do you feel, how do you respond?
Do you remember the love, the chemical bond?
Do you get lost in the tingle, the memory high?
The joy and the happiness of the tears you cried.

“I miss you!”… kind of sweet isn’t it?

What do you say, how do you reply?
Do you remember the deceit, the unfaithful lie?
Do you get lost in the pain, the broken heart?
The beautiful memories being torn apart.

With a loss of words I’ve lost my voice!
Once so easy this moment of choice.

If to live is to suffer and pain is love
Lord give me strength and wisdom to rise above
I know at some point my pain will show
Please help me find meaning, stay strong and grow
The walk has been hard even grueling at times
I pray for forgiveness of personal crimes
Please pardon my sins and give your blessings
In times of struggle I’m still second guessing
You know me, a teddybears soul, but a real fucking hard ass
Shining with talent, the shimmer of crystal glass
An unselfish heart with a weathered shell
In my journey to heaven I’ve traveled through hell
Jesus show me the way to a happy home
I am older now, but I’m still not grown
I know through experience only I can stop the rain
Help me understand it all the pleasure and the pain

“Take your time, take a moment, don’t rush and go.”
“Time flies by so fast, relax, move slow.”
“I’m so fucking nervous, does my anxiety show.”
“Calm down, take a deep breath, let the words just flow”

The initial first touch, the texture of your hand
“Take your time”, but time seemed to stand
“What a perfect picture with an amazing frame”
My temperature rises, my heart to flame

Some smiles, some laughs and a great conversation
I’m lost in another world between curiousity and infatuation
A glowing smile with beautiful eyes
“Here we go again, my how time flies”

“Don’t hurry, don’t leave, please take your time”
“We met for some reason, there is rhythm in this rhyme”
“I’m not sure what but I would love to know”
“So please take your time, don’t rush and go”

I hope you enjoyed the lighter side of me!