a lake, my homies and some good times

I made it down to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky this morning around 3:00am after getting lost for a while and basically driving 2 hours out of my way. I’ll admit, getting lost sucks, but I must say that for some sick reason I enjoy hitting the road solo, rolling down the windows and pumpin’ some tunes while I cruise the road at night. I always know that I’ll eventually make it and it’s always great rolling up and getting greeted by 15 of my closet homies. This is going to be a fun(and most likely crazy) Saturday. I’m getting giddy like a school girl.

Well, we are all up and at ‘em and it’s only barely 9:00am down here in the sweet southern end of Kentucky. We are packing up the boats, the beer(bring your own – it’s a dry county!) and the peeps and we are about to head out the always beautiful Lake Cumberland. Sunburn and beer buzz, here I come.

I will try to update a little later on, this day will only get more interesting and will make for some great IndyMojo content, I’m sure.

If you are feeling frisky, post up a blog with a few paragraphs about what you’re getting into this weekend – we’d all love to know what’s going down.

Talk to you all soon. Keep it real, mo’fos.