A Decent Proposal

It all began as a humble meeting between 2 people. A mutual friend introduced them after they had both asked him about the other.

It’s funny how these things happen. Two people, both frustrated that their friends were too busy to hang out that night, both lonely and bored, decide to head to the same familiar place. She was looking for a place to sing, and he was looking for a good game of cards…and they both found each other.

About 6 weeks went by, and they couldn’t get enough of each other. They’d spend their days texting and talking on the phone while at work (shhhhh), and their evenings together, whether it was a game of darts and a cold beer or a quiet evening at his place or hers. Although this sounds like the sweetest couple you’ve ever heard of, they were just friends.

She had just come out of a nightmare relationship and wasn’t looking to get involved with anyone anytime soon. She enjoyed her freedom, her quiet time, and her life as it was. But he was persistent, and due to this fact, she finally agreed to an actual date with him.

It was the perfect evening. It began with his ex wife arriving at his house while they were getting ready to leave. (It’s okay folks, she was FINALLY coming to clear her crap out of the house to make room for someone new) He took her to Maggiano’s for an amazing dinner, complete with wine and great conversation. Following dinner, they decided to head to the place where they met for a little karaoke action (and a few more drinks of course). Well, as you all know, tequila speaks the truth, and as such, gave the lady a little liquid courage (or idiocy) and she proposed a quick trip to Vegas involving Elvis and a couple rings. He, being the gentleman that he is, told her he thought that was very sweet, but should probably be discussed at a later time-one in which they were both sober. It was about that time that she passed out in the booth and he took her home to sleep it off…
The following morning she made good on her promise and asked him again at breakfast, to which he said he didn’t realize how serious she was and didn’t think she would remember half of that part of the evening. They both smiled at each other and agreed to discuss it at a later date, being that he wasn’t officially divorced just yet and that they’d only known each other just over a month.

So they had been officially “dating” for a month, when that fateful night came…they were living together now, in his cozy house, now devoid of all of the ex-wife’s things. It was perfect, just the two of them and their dogs. They had come home from yet another night of karaoke (a weekly ritual by now) and were laying next to one another in the living room in between the futon and the Jeep seat (aka “the love seat”), when he asked her. After almost a month with no furniture but a bed (well 2 if you count hers), they realized they could live forever with nothing but each other. So he looked her in those big green (and I’m quite sure bloodshot red) eyes and asked her to be his wife. And she just looked at him, confused. “Well, will you?!” He repeated, and of course she said yes!

And if you know this girl at all, then you know that the story couldn’t possibly end there! The following afternoon, that gentleman did what the perfect gentleman would be expected to do in order for this to be considered any sort of decent proposal: he went to Kohl’s and bought a $10 ring, came home and got down on one knee and asked the lady again, of course promising her this wouldn’t be THE ring, but instead, a symbol of their love and a promise of what’s to come. The lady accepted again, on the premise that THE ring would actually fit her left ring finger, to which the gentleman agreed. She wrapped floral tape all over that $10 ring and wore it proudly for a month, and she smiled as bright as that CZ on her left hand just knowing that this was finally it!

And as that month came to a close, and the real ring came in, the gentleman got down on one knee and proposed yet again…and again, the lady said yes.

And so…we learn from these two, that they are quite sure they will spend the rest of their lives together, as they have pledged to do so 4 times thus far.