A Classy Affair: Audiodacity Prepares to #SUITUP


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Indy-based funk and hip hop rock band Audiodacity to release their first full length album on Friday March 20th at The Vogue.

Audiodacity is celebrating proper with a stacked lineup featuring some of Indy’s finest local talent presented under the theme of #SUITUP. Guests will arrive at The Vogue’s doorstep by way of a red carpet, assuming they make it past the paparazzi with no issue, and are encouraged to dress to impress.

Audiodacity – a six-member band – was built from an eclectic mix of backgrounds and instruments (vocals, guitar, sax, trumpet, bass and drums make up the band’s arsenal of talent) and that converged diversity is apparent on their debut album, On A Roll.

From the jammy guitar solo and dreamy melodies on “Double Take” to the warm, Caribbean flavor of “Tide” to the chill vibes and rapped vocals on closer “Vicious” – this album has something for everyone. Sure to be favored on the new album, “Never Sober” is pure rock’n’roll gold while the title track “On A Roll” finds a perfect hybrid of funk and brass that’s impossible not to groove to. And if your body isn’t moving by the time “Reign” plays, please check your pulse.

The evening of the CD release, 50 lucky VIP ticketholders will enjoy a pre-show VIP party from 7-8pm featuring live music from The Rob Dixon Trio and hors d’oeuvres from Lazy Frogg–a brand new Bar & Grille/Music Venue located on the shores of Morse Lake in Cicero, IN. VIP tickets have sold out, so if you don’t already have one, you should plan to arrive before 9 to catch the synthy five-piece known as Party Lines.

Chicago Loud 9 will follow, and you’ll not want to miss the funk, grunge, reggae and hip-hop blend that Indy Mojo writer Wes Ogden once described as having no boundaries. “They play what the moment calls for, and they do it damn well,” he wrote.

Check out the latest from cLoud9, the lead single off of their upcoming EP that serves as an introduction to their new vocalist Aya Smith and Cellist Geoffrey Kartes. “Punk Soul” has a groove that is reminiscent of 80’s funk and blends big vocals with jazz and hip hop.


Shine Indy Presents: SUIT UP!!! The Official AUDIODACITY – CD Release Party

Friday March 20, 9 PM, $10

The Vogue Theater

With special guests

Chicago Loud 9
Party Lines
The Rob Dixon Trio

Buy tickets!

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