a “career” fair

Okay… okay.. so granted I just graduated not even a month ago, and I thought I would be on my toes and apply to a crap ton of places in Indy, Atlanta, and Florida. Check mark next to those. Now, a white upper middle class gal needed to head to the Indianapolis Star/Career Builder Job Fair. I went into it with a positive attitude, thinking maybe I will meet my future employer. I am a nice girl, so I won’t judge appearances of others as I walk in [although I really wanted too] I bit my tongue, went in alone and thought YES this is MY time. Okay. I’m having one hell of an inner monologue. I walked in with people wearing sweat pants, untucked shirts, and sadly people that forgot to brush their teeth this morning. I’m still trying really hard not to turn around immediately and walk out the door that I haven’t fully walked through yet. I walk in… and first of all almost passed out due to the fact the building was all of 2,000 degrees. I am in my nice suit, a white button now, pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a beautiful coach bag. I was flossin’ everything I had. First table, Army National Guard? or maybe just the Army? I respect all people in the military, even thought about joining the Air Force, but this isn’t what I’m hoping for as in Career Fair. I walk around, needless to say, no one wants a graphic designer/photographer/i can really do anything because I am fully trainable. Saw a temp agency, they were nice, no jobs, and then I talked to some other place called Bucher + Christian. I liked their sign so I stopped to say hello. After 30 seconds of conversation the gal I talked to pretty much said we have nothing for you, even though they contract their design jobs out, so I could easily have done SOMETHING. She was not friendly, and had really horrible English Grammar. I keep strolling, Ivy Tech [no thanks], Embry-Riddle Flight School [no thanks], ITT tech [no thanks], Wendy’s [NOOOO thanks], Target [no thanks]… I felt like a picky bizznatch after I left, but seriously nothing even appealed to me. I spoke to one really nice lady that worked with Organ Donors, since my mother is in the medical field [as were my grandma, great grandma and many other family members] I thought now is your chance to shine even though I am someone with creativity I can still work with medical Stuuuff. She was kind, professional, nice, but had no jobs available. Not her fault, but I am glad I left with some sort of smile on my face. So as I was walking back to my toaster [the sexy honda element], I made two phone calls, 1. to my mom, saying this was so worthless, but hey at least I went and tried… she agreed. and 2. to my tennis boss, saying hey at least you know I’m still going to be teaching tennis for a heck of a lot more money than working at Wendy’s. I seriously cannot believe that was called a “Career Fair”. Maybe next time will be more successful. I would LOVE to hear from others if they were attending this same fun fair, and well agree or disagree with me? Wow, I must say. I feel so much better after releasing that from my innermost being. :)