A blizzard can’t keep us away from a birthday party

On Saturday, Stephanie and I headed down in the snow-filled state of Keeeeeentucky(insert your own hillbilly accent here) for the latest monumental event of the family, the first birthday of my twin nieces Reese and Riley. Up until about an hour after we got there, Kentucky was under an official blizzard warning(see my sister’s snow covered car here) but it didn’t come close to stopping me and the rest of the fam from making the trek down for the bash. We hopped into dad’s Yukon, slapped ‘er into 4-wheel drive and actually had no problems making our way down once we were on the road.

I can’t wait to see the twins tear into their first birthdays cakes…get after it, kids and make this uncle proud.

Until I get the video done for Saturday’s birthday goodness, here is a Mojo Gallery of the action and be sure to check out my nephew Mason’s first birthday video below or over here on YouTube.