5 Websites-Change Your Life

So, a while ago, I was watching one of The Today Show, and they did a segment on “5 Websites To Change Your Life”. I love the internet, and if it can change my life… I’m all for it!

The list of sites are:

Kayak-A travel site similar to Expedia:

Expert Village-A site of how-to videos that, instead of reading directions, which I hate to do, you just watch a video!

Fat Secret-A social network/resource for individuals trying to lose weight!

One that is not active anymore.. I bookmarked all of them, and the fourth is gone…

And my newest guilty pleasure-Lemonade

This site is so cool, and I hope it starts paying off. What you do is, create a store (lemonade stand) and name it whatever you want to name it, and then you select items from a list to add to it! You can search items based on a keyword, or you can choose from a category. Then if people buy from your store, you get a commission of 5-15% of the sale!

Go try it; it’s fun!!!


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