4/3/13 That 1 Guy at Radio Radio


Magic was the theme of the night. That 1 Guy made sure to spread his tricks out so that he had some left in his bag until the very end. Even the venue, Radio Radio and the opening act, Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club made sure to keep something up their sleeve. It’s always great to see adults with such great imagination and creativity that you cannot help but be inspired.


I was not lucky enough to make it in time to attend the That 1 Guy magic show, but those I chatted with said it was an intimate affair. The magic show started a few hours before the opening act took the stage and That 1 Guy, was kind enough to allow everyone to join for a q & a session after the magic show was over. Those who attended the magic show could be seen during the concert proudly wearing their t-shirt and laminate they received by attending the special performance.


Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club is a gift to humanity. Cory McAbee,  who is the only member of the club , seems like something ripped from a San Francisco coffee house circa 1950’s, with a modern touch of brilliance. Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club (C.A.M.C) allows his fans to create beats and send it to him, with those that he likes being played as the backdrop to his theatrical performance. His wise lyrics and catchy hooks truly have him ahead of his time. “I wear my invisibility cloak so I can hide from the rain drops”, he sang, followed by poetry that dives deep into that philosophy and by the time he repeats the invisibility cloak phrase, you realize not only is it the same song, but Cory McAbee is somewhere in the magical realm of genius that you have not have had the pleasure of seeing in person before. C.A.M.C is theatrical drama even Shakespeare would be proud of. It has to be a great feeling knowing each night you are giving the audience art they have never seen before.


That 1 Guy (Mike Silverman) brought everyone in Radio Radio front and center as soon as he took the stage. The crowd was in awe of his magical pipe, which was created by Mike and consists of electronically rigged steel pipes and is shaped like a harp. We all thought that was as good as it was going to get until up came the magical duck, which was a sock puppet That 1 Guy uses to transform his songs onto a whole other level. It is hard to outdo a magical sock, unless you have a magical boot to use as a drum machine, and yes it was an actual boot. The most successful song to date for That 1 Guy is his hit “Butt Machine” and it did the trick making everyone turn their butts into a machine. That 1 Guy’s magical stage presence and props are matched completely with his lyrics and his cover of Cameo’s  “Word Up” could not have been a better match of wit and way to show off That 1 Guy’s crafty nature.


Even Radio Radio seemed to be in the magic spirit. The videos playing on the screens though out the venue seemed to go along with the performances from time to time and the walls seemed to change from orange to red before the night was over. Fountain Square, a part of Indianapolis where Radio Radio is located is a magical place all in itself and special treat that everyone should visit at least once. I do not think C.A.M.C and That 1 guy could have performed at a more magical place in Indiana Wednesday night.


Words by Tyler Muir

Images by Aaron Lingenfelter of Wide Aperture Images