40 is Beautiful

Yes, it’s true. I’ve not only whined about the Mom factor..now, I’m old too!

Actually, my recent launch into another decade gave me an excuse to look over my life. It’s actually quite amazing the things I’ve seen and done. I mean, my mother was probably one of the last people I know who owned a reel to reel. Yeah. But, we quickly moved through 8 tracks, though….and LPs, 45s, cassettes and now discs and iPods. My kids don’t know what it’s like to miss a movie at the theatre and then be mad at your parents because you ever get to see it again! (Remember when Stars Wars was gone??!!!)

But, even on a personal level I smile at the urgencies I had at the tender age of 18. I remember thinking that I’d never even get a prom date, let alone get married. I remember sitting in a college dorm room thinking I would never get through another freakin class!! This baby that I through sure would bring me complete bliss was determined to never potty train.

Note: Not only can she potty by herself, she’s a damn good pianist with a lovely personality. Did I mention the braggin part…LOL.

Even some of the sad things remind me that time slows for no man. During the holidays we do a lot of travel between families. Hubby and I have both lost grandparents in the last couple of years. Our parents are not quite as spry as they used to be. Our baby siblings are now married (some of them a couple of times..) with kids of their own.

I remember a lady who turned 100 was interviewed about her life. I will never forget her response to living so long. She said, “I consider myself blessed to have experienced and see all the changes that can take place in 100 years. Not many people get to witness the things I have….it’s truly amazing.”

I feel that way at 40. I mean, I’m in better shape and feel younger at heart than I did at 20. But, I look at all the changes and think, “wow.” With today’s technologies, we go through more changes now than even a couple of decades ago.


I’m ready to party on…